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BC Juniors Head to Santa Rosa for Warm Weather Training Camp

release by Cycling BC

February 7, 2011 (Santa Rosa, CA) – The BC Development Team is currently in Santa Rosa, CA for a warm weather road training camp, where the riders plan to log some long miles in the saddle to build both endurance and motivation for the season to come. Read on for first-hand rider accounts of the initial days of the camp.

I awoke at 7:30 this morning to a blaring alarm clock. Coach Jeff had planned a ride before we finished off the last stretch to Santa Rosa that afternoon. The weather looked promising with clear skies and temperatures that were supposed to rise throughout the day. We climbed for a good three quarters of an hour before turning around. Some of us hit over 75 kph on the descent, it was a great short ride and we are all very lucky to be given this chance to train down south, THANKS!

We were packed up and ready to hit the road shortly after our ride. The team travelled for over 5 hours with a stop for lunch at Subway. We trekked on and finally reached the house in Santa Rosa just after 18:15hrs. Coach Jeff explained to us a bit of housekeeping and the objectives to our stay here in Santa Rosa while we got organized. The team headed out for a filling dinner at a Mexican outlet in town before heading to the grocery store to get our sustenance for the next couple days. – Henri De Boever

Today we woke up at 7:30 and then had breakfast. At 9 we left Ashland to head up into the hills for a spin to get the legs going. The ride started cool but then at a certain point going up the hill I noticed I was getting hot. We climbed through a nice area then turned around for a 15-20 minute descent which was pretty fun. By the time we got back it was starting to get even hotter, which I was so happy about. I felt really good during the ride and I think it will be a good camp, thanks you all for making this happen….

The landscape was so much more interesting with the snowy mountains and the flat plains. Soon as we got to the house I was in shock, it was so nice. I think this camp will be a good base and preparation for this season. – Trevor Pearson

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