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BC Cyclocross Championships 2017 Results

by pedalmag.com

November 27, 2017 (Abbotsford BC) – The 2017 BC Cyclocross Championships were crowned this past weekend at Mill Lake Park in Abbotsford, BC. Sandra Walter (BC) Liv Cycling Canada took home the Elite women’s title while reigning national champ, Michael Van Den Ham (AB) Independent, won the Elite men’s race.


U19 Women
1. Sarah Van Dam (BC) Tripleshot Cycling
2. Elizabeth Gin (BC) Cannondale pb F
3. Case Garrison (BC) Tripleshot Cyclin
4. Jessi Maitland (BC) Tripleshot Cyclin
5. Sally Haaheim (BC) Independent

U19 Men
1. Carter Woods (BC) Dodge City Racing
2. Elliot Jamieson (BC) Cycling BC
3. Kieran Nilsen (BC) Trail Bicycles
4. Ethan Pauly (BC) Tripleshot Cycling
5. And Mcdonald (BC) Richmond Flyers
6. Sage Parikh (BC) Tripleshot Cycling
DNF T Laframboise (BC) Tripleshot Cycling
DNS Tamate Westby (BC) Independent

Elite Women
1. Sandra Walter (BC) Liv Cycling Canada
2. Mical Dyck (BC) Naked Factory Racing
3. Natasha Cowie (BC) Steed Cycles
4. Helena Coney (BC) Fluevog’s Crit Na
5. Emily Unterberger (BC) Independent
6. Emil Johnston (BC) Naked Factory Racing
7. Kelly Jones (BC) Steed Cycles
8. Denise Mahon (BC) Pro City Racing
9. Joele Guynup (BC) Independent
10. Joelle Delhaes (BC) Jukebox Cyling
11. Clair Anderson (BC) Independent Fluevog’s Crit Na
12. Anne Ouellet (BC) Fluevog’s Crit Na
13. Maggie Coles-Lyster (BC) Lares-Waowdeal
14. Lindsey Von Bloedau BC) Steed Cycles

Elite Men

1. Michael Van Den Ham (AB) Independent
2. Craig Richey (BC) GARNEAU-EASTON
3. Ma Mcconnell (AB) Independent
4. Benj Chaddock (BC) Escape Velocity
5. Parker Bloom (BC) Broad Street Cyc
6. Nathan Killam (BC) Moustache Mafia
7. Terry Mckall (BC) Broad Street Cyc
8. Bret Wakefield (BC) Team Giant Vanc
9. Nicholas Kupiak (BC) Broad Street Cyc
10. Garrett Mcleod (BC) H&R Block Pro C
11. Nichola Geddes (BC) Independent
12. Carter Nieuwesteeg (BC) Tripleshot Cyclin
13. Matt Hornland (BC) Mighty Cycling
14. Sherwoo Plant (BC) Langlois Brown R
15. Alex Schmidt (BC) Independent
16. Kelle Viznaugh (BC) SMART SAVVY+Garneau
17. Connor Wolff (BC) Independent
18. Jacob Rubuliak (BC) Red Devils Cycling
DNF Dre Mackenzie (BC) Independent
DNF Jackson Lovett (BC) Independent
DNF Garrett Kryt (BC) Independent



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