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Baystate Cyclocross Day 1 Report, Results, Photos – Elliott 11th

release by Verge NECXS

November 29, 2014 (Sterling, MA) – Top racers exhibited boundless skill on a snowy, frozen course today in Sterling, MA, for day one of Baystate Cyclocross Weekend, also Round 5 of the Verge New England Cyclocross Series presented by Stan’s NoTubes and Cycle-Smart. Today’s edition of Baystate will surely be the stuff of legend, some racers saying they haven’t seen conditions like this in recent years.

Natasha Elliott  ©  Meg McMahon

A thick blanket of snow covered the course today, making every corner tricky and every straightaway a power drain. Conditions changed lap by lap throughout the day as ruts formed and froze, while winter sun softened the ground into mud in a few spots. Snow limited line selection, making passing riders difficult in many places. Course designer and Race Director Tom Stevens included his trademark off-cambers on today’s course, especially tricky with the snow and ice.

Ellen Noble (JAM Fund/NCC) came into the weekend wanting badly to claim her first UCI victory after coming so close to achieving a win last weekend. Her goal was clear from the start straight: she charged up the pavement, then continued onto the tricky course with fierce determination, leaving her competition behind almost immediately. As Noble quickly grew a gap, Libby White (UVM Cycling) and Mo Bruno Roy (Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles) chased, but Noble’s riding was so strong that even great riders with such technical skill as White and Bruno Roy couldn’t bring her back.

Women's podium (l-r)  White 2nd, Noble 1st, Roy 3rd  ©  Meg McMahon

Cassandra Maximenko (Rare Vos Racing/Van Dessel/PowerBar), within reach of the Verge NECX Series lead today, fought for position with Kate Northcott (NESS Team New England) and Corey Coogan Cisek (The Fix Studio) behind Amanda Carey (Team Rhino Rush). White surged with one to go, but couldn’t get within ten seconds of Noble, as Bruno Roy rode smooth and strong in third spot. Noble claimed that much-deserved win with a great ride, White second, and Bruno Roy finished third. Carey claimed fourth, while Northcott crossed the line in fifth ahead of Maximenko in sixth and Coogan Cisek in seventh. Maximenko’s finish wasn’t strong enough to claim the Series lead; however, Noble’s tremendous win means she now wears both the U23 and overall Series crowns.

Curtis White wins  ©  Meg McMahon

The Elite Men hit the course as the sun descended lower in the sky, icing up the corners and freezing ruts in the snow. Leading the charge were Series leader Dan Timmerman (House Industries/SimpleHuman/Richard Sachs), Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com), Jerome Townsend (Joe’s Garage CX p/b BikeReg.com), Christian Favata (TRT Bicycles), Justin Lindine (Redline Factory/NBX), and Kerry Werner (Optum Pro Cycling). Groups broke apart as quickly as they formed, with the course changing lap by lap and the challenging conditions causing bobbles and crashes left and right. After Timmerman led the group for a few laps and fell back to follow a wheel, Werner and White escaped the group and forced Timmerman to chase. Werner and White bobbled up a tricky climb, and the group was together again.

Men's podium (l-r)  Lindine 2nd, White 1st, Favata 3rd  ©  Meg McMahon

White attacked again, this time with Favata, permanently shattering the group and gapping the chase. Lindine and Livermon chased with Timmerman behind them. Lindine motored up as Favata fell back, making contact within the final two laps. White’s lead grew as Lindine and Favata traded blows, while Timmerman moved into fourth with the hope of retaining his Series lead. White claimed a solid victory, while Lindine charged for second. Favata was third, and Timmerman took the fourth place finish he needed to retain his lead. JAM Fund’s Scott Smith, having a consistently strong season, was the next U23 to finish after White. Smith reclaims the Series leader’s jersey in the U23 category.



1. Ellen Noble (USA) JAM Fund / NCC  0:34:47
2. Elizabeth White (USA) UVM Cycling  0:22
3. Maureen Bruno roy (USA) Bob’s Red Mill p/b Seven Cycles  0:53
4. Amanda Carey (USA) Team Rhino Rush  2:30
5. Kate Northcott (USA) NESS Team New England  2:49
6. Cassandra Maximenko (USA) Rare Vos Racing/Van Dessel/PowerBar  2:55
7. Corey Coogan Cisek (USA) The Fix Studio  2:56
8. Brittlee Bowman (USA) House Industries  3:25
9. Jenny Ives (USA) Verge Sport-Test Pilot  3:34
10. Rebecca Fahringer (USA) JAM Fund / NCC  4:35
11. Natasha Elliott (Can) Cycle-Smart Elite Team  4:37
12. Jessica Duppler (USA) Colonial Bicycle Company  4:38
13. Victoria Gates (USA) JAM Fund / NCC  4:40
14. Joanne Grogan (USA) Cyclocrossracing.com  4:43
15. Erin Faccone (USA) GPM Sport  4:48
16. Jessica Cutler (USA) Jamis Bikesport p/b WA Bike Law  5:17
17. Emily Shields (USA) Ken’s Bike Shop  5:28
18. Julie Wright (USA) B2C2 p/b Boloco  5:40
19. Christin Reuter (USA) NYCROSS p/b Craft  5:44
20. Emily Reynolds (USA) Ladies First Racing  6:03
21. Jauron (roni) Vetter (USA) Blue Steel Cyclery/Mad Alchemy Ride  6:09
22. Nicole Pisani (USA) Bikeman.com  6:24
23. Melissa Seib (USA) Bikeman.com  6:26
24. Stacey Barbossa (USA) MidAtlantic Colavita Women’s Team  6:40
25. Catherine Sterling (USA) Bikeman.com  6:41
26. Samantha Runnels (USA) ATC Racing  6:42
27. Melody Chase (USA) Gus cx / Raleigh  6:52
28. Vicki Barclay (USA) Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team  7:54
29. Vickie Monahan (USA) NYCROSS p/b Craft  8:59
30. Michele Smith (USA) Hup United  0:11:08
DNF  Leslie Timm (USA) Ladies First Racing


1. Curtis White (USA) Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld.com  1:00:58
2. Justin Lindine (USA) Redline Factory / NBX  0:08
3. Christian Favata (USA) TRT Bicycles  0:12
4. Dan Timmerman (USA) House Industries  0:44
5. Travis Livermon (USA) Mock Orange Pro CX  0:47
6. Jerome Townsend (USA) Joe’s Garage CX p/b BikeReg.com  0:48
7. Anthony Clark (USA) JAM Fund / NCC  1:03
8. Ben Frederick (USA) Hefler Performance Coaching pb Bicy  1:05
9. Joachim Parbo (Den) Challenge Tires  1:20
10. Kerry Werner (USA) Optum PRO Cycling CX Team p/b KBS  1:30
11. Robert Marion (USA) American Classic Pro CX Team  1:58
12. Kevin Noiles (USA) Voler/Steven’s Creek B.M.W./HRS/Roc  2:07
13. Scott Smith (USA) JAM Fund / NCC / Family Bike  2:20
14. Tristan Uhl (USA) 787 Racing  2:30
15. Nate Morse (USA) Cyclocrossworld.com Devo Team  2:46
16. Jeremy Martin (USA) Rocky Mountain Bicycles  2:55
17. Dylan Mcnicholas (USA) Polartec  3:02
18. Adam Myerson (USA) Cycle-Smart  3:06
19. Eric Thompson (USA) Mt. Borah Epic Team  3:24
20. Lewis Gaffney (USA) American Classic Pro Cyclocross Tea  3:26
21. Alex Ryan (USA) Mock Orange Pro CX Team
22. Bradford Perley (USA) Champion system/cannondale  4:09
23. Kyle Russ (USA) Brazen Dropouts Cycling Team  4:15
24. Nicholas Keough (USA) Keough Cyclocross  4:45
25. Jake Wells (USA) Stan’s NoTubes Elite CX  5:21
26. Jules Goguely (USA) Rhode Island School of Design
27. Josh Thornton (USA) Giant Regional On Road Team  5:56
28. Michael Wissell (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2  6:07
29. Michael Mihalik (USA) Freddie Fu Cycling Team  6:35
30. Austin Vincent (USA) CyclocrossWorld.com Devo Team  6:44
31. Charlie Schubert (USA) CUPPOW/Geekhouse/B2C2  7:23
32. Josh Dillon (USA) Joe’s Garage CX p/b BikeReg.com  7:57
33. Cary Fridrich (USA) JRA Cycles  -1Lap
34. Chris Algar (USA) Cape Cod Racing/C4  -2 Laps
35. Trent Blackburn (USA) Mock Orange Bikes Pro CX Team  -2 Laps
36. Aaron Oakes (USA) NYCROSS p/b Craft  -2 Laps
37. Joseph Clemenzi (USA) team POC+Ritte  -2 Laps
38. Colin Reuter (USA) crossresults.com  -2 Laps
39. Derrick St john (Can) TRP Racing  -2 Laps
40. Jonah Meadvancort (USA) KMS Cycling- Killington Mountain Sc  -2 Laps
41. Cory Small (USA) CCB Racing  -3 Laps
42. Dylan Postier (USA) Evoke Racing  -3 Laps
43. Jean-philippe Thibault-roberge (Can) Trek Cyclocross Collective  -3 Laps
44. Adam Sullivan (USA) Grinta Cycling Team  -3 Laps
45. Ian Schon (USA) Cuppow/Geekhouse/B2C2  -4 Laps
46. William Johnson (USA) Deluxe/No.22/Cadence  -4 Laps
47. Nathan Dugan (USA) CRCA/Chimps in Training  -4 Laps
48. Andrew Loaiza (USA) Thump Cycling p/b Turin  -4 Laps
DNF  Jesse Keough (USA) Keough Cyclocross
DNF  Jonathan Anderson (USA) Fort Lewis College
DNF  Alec Hoover (USA) Table Rock Tours
DNF  Tyler Berliner (USA) Joe’s Garage p/b BikeReg.com
DNF  Devin Wagner (USA) NYCROSS p/b Craft
DNF  Daniel Chabanov (USA) House Industries

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