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Gibson, McKnight Win TT at Banff BikeFest Stage 2 – Report, Full Results

report by Banff Lake Louise Tourism

June 15, 2013 (Banff, AB) – The riders awoke on Saturday morning knowing all too well that the 21km Individual Time Trial was going to be anything but a scenic ride around Lake Minnewanka. For the GC hopefuls and stage hunters, this stage was going to be all business, and everything they had in them was going to be left behind on the course.

First up to challenge the course were the Cat 3 through 5 Men. Dressed in skin suits, aero helmets and riding TT-specific gear on their bikes, they headed out of town in 30-second intervals with the wind at their backs, and a mix of sun and cloud above their heads.

After fighting that same wind on the final stretch up Banff Ave. to the finish, the fastest times were established. Our Cat 5 Men’s winner was Micah Medinski (ERTC) in a time of 31:18; the Cat 4 Men’s winner was Kurt Hauser (Team Saskatchewan) in 30:29; and the day’s Cat 3 Men’s winner was Dalton Fayad (Regina Cycling Club) with a fast time of 28:20.

The Open Women’s category had the potential for total domination in the Time Trial by the group of women racing for Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes – all are strong racing against the clock. Kristine Brynjolfson, having won this race in convincing fashion last year, was looking for another great ride which could potentially put her on the podium again, or even in the GC leader’s jersey.

Yet today was something special for a young rider out of Edmonton, Kinley Gibson, riding for her Juventus club. Gibson had the ride of her cycling career, crushing the field with a time of 31:18 – a full 40 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Brynjolfson. “It was a nice day to race. The temperature was good and the wind was not too inhibiting. I felt good on the bike, and caught four riders in front of me,” explained Gibson as she tried to catch her breath post-race.

When asked about her improvement in Time Trials, Gibson added “I spent many hours on the Computrainer last winter working on my TT fitness. The hard work paid off today.”

Not only did Gibson win the stage, she also moved up in the overall standings to become the new race leader. “This is the first time Kinley has been a GC leader. She is hoping to get selected to represent Canada at the Junior Road World Championships and hopefully this will help her get there,” commented her mom Linda.

With the team of Trek Red Truck filling in second through fifth in the overall standings, it’s going to be a David and Goliath battle until the end. Trek Red Truck has a strong team of five riders, while Gibson is riding solo without teammates. “We are working well as a team right now,” said Brynjolfson, “We have many different people who can win these races, and we will need a strong team effort to win the GC.”

A similar situation was unfolding in the Cat 1/2 Men’s race. Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes has the strongest team, many of whom are also strong in the Time Trial. Team rider Bailey McKnight, who is sitting 2nd overall explained, “Both Jesse Reams and Craig Ritchey are strong in the Time Trial. Even I have improved. It’s like magic. This year I have learned how to ride a TT bike.”

On paper, the rider to beat was Kris Dahl (Team H & R Block). Dahl won this event in convincing fashion in 2012 and was planning to do the same this year. This was not only for the stage win or for the GC, but for the Tour of Alberta team selection prize as well. Those chasing him were well aware of Dahl’s strengths.

Colter Young, a Fort St. John native riding for the Saskatchewan Business College Cycling Project p/b Red Goat sports, and sitting second behind Dahl commented, “My goals for 2013 are to do well in the Summer Games, and more importantly, to beat Kris for the UCI spot.” Michael van den Ham (Russ Hayes Accent Inns p/b Paciic Cycling Centre) also had plans of his own. Sitting in third place for the UCI race prize, van den Ham stated “It is Kris’s spot to lose. I am on a borrowed TT bike with a borrowed disc wheel. If I can be within 30 to 60 seconds of Kris, I will at least have a chance with two stages to go.”

Post-race the results tent featured a crowd of anxious riders, waiting for their TT times to see where they sit going into tonight’s Criterium. After a short delay, the final placings were posted with most of the contenders present. Chris McNeil (Soulsportif), who has quietly been going about his business, took the stage in an impressive time of 26:57.99. The pair from Trek Red Truck, Craig Ritchey and Bailey McKnight, finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Once the numbers were crunched by the top-notch timing services of Zone 4, the new GC leader was McKnight. When asked about his great Time Trial, McKnight jokingly said it helped starting behind Dahl who finished 7th, “I felt like I had a great ride today. It sure helped having a quick bunny ahead of me to catch.”

With only a few hours to rest and recuperate, the riders will be center stage once again in the heart of downtown Banff for the Criterium. If the weather continues in its pleasant fashion, a great evening of racing is in store for the huge crowds of spectators expected to be on hand for Stage 3.


Cat 5 Men
1. Micah Medinski  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  31:18.0
2. Lorne Dmitruk  (Juventus)  28.141
3. Mark Faas  (Central Alberta Bicycle Club)  31.533
4. Darren Schmidt  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  33.686
5. Robert Crane  (Synergy Racing)  45.746
6. Mark Schwan  (Team Mito Canada)  1:14.100
7. Jacob Howard  (Synergy Racing)  1:23.480
8. Glenn Miles  (Calgary Crankmasters)  1:24.227
9. Dougal Owen  (Bicisport)  1:27.453
10. Mark Michalski  (Speed Theory Cycling)  1:28.355
11. Tom Kenny  (Speed Theory Cycling)  1:32.430
12. Walter Loeppky  (TCR Sport Lab)  1:46.543
13. Pierre Benetreau  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:47.536
14. Adam Zinatelli  (Speed Theory Cycling)  1:48.787
15. James Clark  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:56.795
16. Dale Parker  (Velocity Cycling Club)  1:59.727
17. Ron Fiell  (Calgary Crankmasters)  2:07.346
18. Murray Oshanyk  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  2:11.532
19. Mitchell Fennell  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  2:13.455
20. John King  (Calgary Crankmasters)  2:33.954
21. Clayton Stafford  (Juventus)  2:34.912
22. Kunio Tsuyuhara  (TCR Sport Lab)  2:48.562
23. Michael Sametz  (Bicisport)  3:01.466
24. Bob Richkum  (Calgary Crankmasters)  3:11.139
25. Tara Kabatoff  (Team Mito Canada)  3:22.538
26. Mike Burton  (Juventus)  3:44.905
27. Richard Norton  (TCR Sport Lab)  3:50.164
28. Rhys Chappell  (TCR Sport Lab)  3:52.813
29. Jacek Kasprzyk  (Calgary Crankmasters)  4:01.843
30. Ryan Moody  (Team Mito Canada)  4:09.921
31. Sonia Utting  (Team SPAN)  4:57.716
32. Mike Healy  (Speed Theory Cycling)  5:05.375
33. Marc Dupuis  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  5:14.353
34. Adam Holcombe  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  5:16.550
35. Tristen van der Voort  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)  5:21.694
36. Tim Johnson  (TCR Sport Lab)  7:26.329
37. Robert Bruce  (Team Niklas)  9:05.413
38. Tania Dean  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  12:39.240
DNF  Chuck Johnstone  (Speed Theory Cycling)
DNF  Ryan Kennedy  (Speed Theory Cycling)
DNF  Bill Hewson  (TCR Sport Lab)
DNF  Michael Urquhart  (Wild Rose Brewery Draughters)
DNF  Darren Gibbons  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
DNF  Pat Weinmayr  (Independent)

Cat 4 Men
1. Kurt Hauser  (Team Saskatchewan)  30:30.0
2. James Janzen  (Bicisport)  2.943
3. Colin Croston  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  11.413
4. Houston Peschl  (Cafe Racers)  15.28
5. Philip Williamson  (Bicisport)  32.506
6. Wilson Tran  (Escape Velocity)  33.862
7. Bryon Howard  (Team Niklas)  34.682
8. Simon Dove  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  37.823
9. Peter Swart  (Bicisport)  38.89
10. Brad Dixon  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  42.524
11. Darryl Parry  (Speed Theory Cycling)  48.695
12. Bevan Moss  (Escape Velocity)  49.843
13. Kurtis Bond  (Cafe Racers)  1:04.143
14. Stephen Kenny  (Speed Theory Cycling)  1:10.287
15. Peter Regier  (Speed Theory Cycling)  1:13.471
16. Pete Dean  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:17.825
17. Lukas Adomonis  (Juventus)  1:25.915
18. Phil Puurunen  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  1:38.837
19. Stuart Smith  (Revelstoke Cycling Association)  1:41.466
20. Matt Dean  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:49.603
21. Barrie Furlong  (Independent)  1:52.310
22. Oliver Walls  (Velocity Cycling Club)  2:01.634
23. Noah Epp  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)  2:02.686
24. Lukas Conly  (Team Saskatchewan)  2:04.882
25. Bill Burtnik  (Juventus)  2:06.614
26. Shane Munro  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  2:09.600
27. Jason Britton  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  2:12.531
28. Alan Sutherland  (Central Alberta Bicycle Club)  2:16.350
29. Brent Rosvold  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  2:17.730
30. Peter Doig  (Independent)  2:23.567
31. Kyle Potts  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  2:29.562
32. Dean Wolansky  (Glotman-Simpson Racing)  2:33.157
33. Darcy Gullacher  (Speed Theory Cycling)  2:52.931
34. Ian DeWolfe  (Independent)  2:59.961
35. Michael Godfrey  (Speed Theory Cycling)  3:09.610
36. Jeff Pachal  (Regina Cycle Club)  3:54.206
37. Mike Macklem  (Lamprey Systems)  4:17.800
38. Jorn Schumann  (Team Saskatchewan)  4:40.932
39. Colin Aspen  (Team Saskatchewan)  5:12.750
40. Christopher Schweitzer  (Regina Cycling Club)  5:20.367
41. Loy Sullivan  (Speed Theory Cycling)  5:40.204
42. David Johnston  (United Cycle Racing)  6:27.310
43. Marilyn Taylor  (Speed Theory Cycling)  10:05.304
44. Jalen Kropf  (Team Saskatchewan)  10:28.700
45. Sean Germaine  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  11:40.957
DNF  Grant Hvizdos  (Cafe Racers)
DNF  Kelly Amberson  (Regina Cycle Club)
DNF  Jason Doornbos  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)
DNF  Mark Cosslett  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
DNF  Alec Cowan  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)
DNF  Rob McCarty  (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNF  Geoff Rackette  (Velocity Cycling Club)
DNF  Stephen Pickett  (Speed Theory Cycling)

Cat 3 Men
1. Dalton Fayad  (Regina Cycle Club)  28:20.8
2. Evan Burtnik  (Juventus)  10.948
3. Stephen Paiano  (Pedalhead Road Works)  22.513
4. Scott Lundy  (Serious Cycling)  36.662
5. Nathan Elliott  (Hardcore Cycling Club)  1:16.843
6. Andrew Rockwell  (Bicisport)  1:30.293
7. Aaron Sands  (Rundle Mountain Cycle Club)  1:32.370
8. Samuel Ratzke  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)  1:34.486
9. Arturo Suarez  (Todds Racing p/b Hootsuite)  1:39.849
10. Brody Loster  (Team Niklas)  1:40.447
11. Kevin Stafford  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:58.287
12. Dylan Pinter-Findlater  (Bicisport)  2:10.472
13. James Dean  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  2:19.219
14. Matthew Bennett  (Pedalhead Road Works)  2:21.824
15. Cory Dickinson  (United Cycle Racing)  2:24.895
16. Mason Burtnik  (Juventus)  2:32.269
17. Matthew Joss  (Speed Theory Cycling)  2:49.697
18. Nicolas Andrichuk  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)  2:53.550
19. Cody Godlonton  (Team Niklas)  3:00.259
20. Samuel Beaudoin  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  3:01.538
21. Tristan Dimmock  (Independent)  3:02.123
22. Clarke Ellis  (Team Niklas)  3:12.651
23. Joe Stankevicius  (Pedalhead Road Works)  3:14.390
24. Jeff Neilson  (Terrascape Racing)  3:33.390
25. Michael Waldhuber  (Speed Theory Cycling)  3:38.278
26. Terence Dahms  (Pedalhead Road Works)  3:42.000
27. Thomas Auer  (DeJong Design p/b ROAD)  3:43.293
28. Matt Neumann  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  3:45.480
29. Craig Fraser  (DeJong Design p/b ROAD)  3:50.600
30. John Rilett  (TCR Sport Lab)  3:58.418
31. Isa Amistad  (Pedalhead Road Works)  4:28.685
32. Masa Higuchi  (Bicisport)  4:30.408
33. Ryan Campbell  (Bicisport)  4:35.810
34. Rob Micklethwaite  (TCR Sport Lab)  4:37.697
35. Robert Starkey  (Team Niklas)  4:50.504
36. Sean Sinclair  (DeJong Design p/b ROAD)  4:51.526
37. Emmanuel DeLos Reyes  (Bullseye Bikes)  6:04.697
38. Stephen Andrichuk  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)  19:43.576
DNF  Reinier Paauwe  (Speed Theory Cycling)
DNF  Greg Dycke  (Team SPAN)
DNF  Devon Moonie  (Independent)
DNF  Clinton Bialas  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
DNF  Joel Goralski  (Team Niklas)
DNF  Isaac Beall  (Speed Theory Cycling)
DNF  Craig Verrier  (Team Niklas)
DNF  Kevin Coghlan  (Velocity Cycling Club)

1. Kinley Gibson  (Juventus)  31:18.4
2. Kristine Brynjolfson  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  0:40.584
3. Allison Beveridge  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  0:54.773
4. Megan Rathwell  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  1:04.960
5. Jenny Lehmann  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  1:29.171
6. Trina Van Dyck  (Cranked)  1:58.503
7. Nik Vogler  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  2:03.394
8. Kirsti Lay  (Bicisport)  2:16.837
9. Meghan Grant  (Escape Velocity)  2:19.591
10. Christina Smith  (Team Feminin Languedoc Rousillon Sud De France)  2:31.419
11. Sarah Coney  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  2:48.526
12. Brittany Webster  (Team Mito Canada)  2:52.798
13. Liah Harvie  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  3:07.764
14. Erin Taylor  (Independent)  3:11.187
15. Kristin Baker  (Pedalhead Road Works)  3:18.366
16. Lindsay Aspen  (Team Saskatchewan)  3:41.877
17. Hilary Wille  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  3:48.935
18. Sara Poidevin  (Cafe Racers)  3:53.991
19. Marg Fedyna  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  3:58.895
20. Kendra Fergusson  (TCR Sport Lab)  4:08.741
21. Melanie Tait  (Bicisport)  4:23.108
22. Margie Smith  (Independent)  4:26.572
23. Sheila Summers  (TCR Sport Lab)  4:34.269
24. Holly Ackert  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  4:38.637
25. Juliette Wheler  (Team Saskatchewan)  5:16.232
26. Erin Redl  (Steed Cycles)  5:16.774
27. Aleksandra Macklem  (Lamprey Systems)  5:47.879
28. Terra Manca  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  5:57.233
29. Marina Aspen  (Team Saskatchewan)  6:09.774
30. Erin Ruttan  (Independent)  6:11.415
31. Evangeline Fletcher  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  8:16.928
32. Kaylynn Purdy  (Bicisport)  8:40.270
DNF  Sharisse Kyle  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)
DNF  Suzanne Hamilton  (Bicisport)
DNF  Kerry Spearing  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)
DNF  Tori Spence  (Independent)

Cat 1/2 Men

1. Chris Mcneil  (Soulsportif)  26:58.0
2. Craig Richey  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  0.95
3. Bailey McKnight  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  0.702
4. Jordan Cheyne  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  15.41
5. Evan Bayer  (Team Niklas)  15.695
6. Marc Enter  (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training)  28.132
7. Kristofer Dahl  (Team H & R Block)  31.551
8. Michael Van Den Ham  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  43.951
9. Zach Heskett  (Independent)  51.784
10. Adam de Vos  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  52.116
11. Ian Auld  (Soulsportif)  58.159
12. Robin Clegg  (Team H & R Block)  58.79
13. Emile De Rosnay  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  59.906
14. Sean Crooks  (Soulsportif)  1:00.752
15. Geoff MacDonald  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:11.679
16. Warren Muir  (Soulsportif)  1:16.727
17. Aaron Schooler  (Team H & R Block)  1:17.111
18. Cuylar Conly  (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports)  1:18.936
19. Brian Countryman  (Velocity Cycling Club)  1:21.843
20. Trev Williams  (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training)  1:21.924
21. Brad Clifford  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  1:28.957
22. Justin Kerr  (Team H & R Block)  1:34.811
23. Jared Green  (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training)  1:36.834
24. Dan Wood  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:37.492
25. Connor Wilson  (Rideokanagan.com)  1:40.430
26. Josh Krabbe  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:44.799
27. Eric Jensen  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  1:45.709
28. David Strasser  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  1:48.667
29. Mackenzie Garvin  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)  1:49.629
30. Dustin Andrews  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  1:52.968
31. Stephen Mundy  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  1:55.867  4
32. Scott Manktelow  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  1:57.445
33. Nicholas Jendzjowsky  (Pedalhead Road Works)  1:58.730
34. Tavish Taylor  (Kryki Sports / Audi)  1:59.677
35. Fraser Mills-Connery  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  2:01.430
36. Ben Wortelboer  (Team H & R Block)  2:08.925
37. Ty Andrews  (Cyclemeisters/BowCycle)  2:10.134
38. Jesse Reams  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  2:12.729
39. Cid Martinez-Arroyo  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  2:19.435
40. Patrick Paquette  (Independent)  2:25.897
41. Mark Bouthillette  (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports)  2:29.730
42. Luke Koolman  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  2:29.919
43. Colter Young  (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports)  2:31.502
44. James Kendal  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  2:41.312  20
45. Henri De Boever  (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)  2:43.701
46. Jeff Perron  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  2:45.616
47. Frank Woolstencroft  (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training)  2:45.820
48. Tyson Smith  (Independent)  2:46.256
49. Jevon Almond  (Team Niklas)  2:48.679
50. Darren Anderson  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  3:01.394
51. Douglas van den Ham  (Nine2FivePro.com)  3:03.320
52. Jonathan Wood  (Garneau Evolution)  3:05.953
53. Shawn Bunnin  (Deadgoat Racing)  3:08.514
54. Chris Taylor  (Soulsportif)  3:15.207
55. Clayton Meisner  (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports)  3:15.795
56. Andrew Cullingham  (Synergy Racing)  3:19.397
57. Dennis Bland  (Calgary Crankmasters)  3:34.850
58. Kevin Rokosh  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  3:40.986
59. Thomas Yip  (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training)  3:42.486
60. Raph Lalumiere  (Russ Hays Accent Inns pb Pacific Cycling Centre)  3:47.258
61. Jason Proche  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  3:50.421
62. Peter Lawrence  (Soulsportif)  4:15.856
63. Charles Bougie  (Calgary Crankmasters)  4:41.418
64. Dan MacDonald  (Rideokanagan.com)  4:47.210
65. Dave Holmes  (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training)  5:09.141
66. Rob Reid  (Soul Ski & Bike)  5:09.480
67. Kevin Boje  (Team Niklas)  5:20.814
68. Markel Cherenkoff  (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports)  5:49.605  20
69. Harley Borlee  (Speed Theory Cycling p/b The Doctrine Training)  5:57.324
70. Shaun Adamson  (Velocity Cycling Club)  5:57.846
71. Drew Rapoch  (Team Mito Canada)  6:09.240
72. Anthony Killick  (Rundle Mountain Cycling Club)  6:13.122
73. Scott Peever  (Edmonton Road and Track Club)  6:28.334
74. Paul Berry  (Soulsportif)  7:06.238
75. Blair Chapman  (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports)  7:17.595
76. Brett Person  (Team Niklas)  7:32.889
77. Geoff Power  (Team SPAN)  8:16.260
78. Kevin Bernstein  (Independent)  8:29.706
79. Scott Laliberte  (Saskatoon Business College pb Red Goat Sports)  10:12.230
80. Mark McConnell  (Synergy Racing)  10:32.730
81. Stephen Flanagan  (Rideokanagan.com)  15:12.403

GC after Stage 2 – results not available at this time

1. Kinley Gibson (Juventus)

Cat 1/2 Men
1. Bailey McKnight (Trek Red Truck Racing pb Mosaic Homes)

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