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Axiom’s 2006 Saddles Feature SQ-lab Technology

October 13, 2005 – Axiom is excited to announce the integration of SQ-lab technology into its 2006 line of saddles. For the last 200 years saddle design has remained basically unchanged. Despite recent improvements such as gels, cut-outs, and gender specific models, most riders know that no matter how “˜comfortable’ a bike seat is advertised to be, after a long ride you’ll always be a bit saddle-sore. However, SQ-labs, in partnership with a professional Urologist, has developed “˜pelvic shelf technology (PST)’ to relieve the pressure that eventually causes riding discomfort. By elevating your sit bones above the nose of the saddle, PST relieves the pressure on your pelvis. Translated, this means you’ll now be sitting on the parts of your body that were best designed to hold your weight.

Axiom H-Spec Race LX Features
– SQ-lab Pelvic Shelf Technology
– Super-light closed cell foam padding
– Leather cover Elastomer bumpers for dampening
– Titanium/Alloy rails 275 grams
– 13cm $80 CND/ $80 US

In addition, SQ research found that there is no significant difference between male and female saddle fit, so Axiom chose to market saddles for individual riding styles rather than gender. The Axiom SQ-lab saddle line features 8 ride specific models from freeride & high-performance XC, to comfort & trekking.

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