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Aurora \’Cross and National \’Cross Championships Preview

October 5, 2005 – With less than one month to go until the National Championships, cross racing across the country is on the rise. There are exciting things happening in Quebec and BC with new provincial series and in Ontario and Alberta the number of new riders is going up, with some familiar old names back in the results. This all adds up to a fantastic 2005 Cross season.

The two highlights of the season are the National Championships at Hardwood Hills in Ontario and Canada’s first UCI cross race in Aurora, Ontario just 45 minutes South of Hardwood Hills. Both events are on the same weekend in November, with the Nationals on Saturday the 5th and Aurora Cross on Sunday the 6th.

Online registration is available for both events at www.eventsonline.ca The entry fees for both events increases on October 25th, so make sure you register early. There will be no race day registration for Cross Nationals. Race day registration is available for the Aurora Cross for an additional $5.

Information for both events is available @ www.bikeraces.info

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