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Attention Junior Track Cyclists and Coaches – Upcoming CCA Projects

release by the CCA

May 11, 2010 – Hello Junior Track Cyclists and Coaches. We are working on developing more opportunities for junior riders to race and gain international experience and would like to pass on some information about upcoming projects – the Junior Pan American Championships and the Junior Track World Championships.

Junior Pan American Championships:
The Junior Pan American Championships will be taking place in Mexico City June 20 to 27. The program will consist of the World Championship events and athletes from across the Americas will be competing, providing a fun and competitive environment to improve on race preparation, tactics, and skill. The costs associated with participating in this project are estimated at $1500 and we would like to ask that any Canadian Junior or second year Cadet track rider who is interested in participating at these championships send a racing resume to Petrina at track@canadian-cycling.com by May 24th.  We are waiting for confirmation of the ages of the riders that are eligible to compete, but would like to hear from all young riders who are interested in racing outside of Canada.

Junior Track World Championships:
Athletes have until June 30th to attempt to make the time standards as set out in the Junior Worlds Selection Criteria.  Some of the events where athletes can attempt to make the time standards can also be found in this document, but as long as a commissaire is present and electronic timing has been used, then the times will count. Athletes are asked to forward the times achieved, the name of the commmissaire, the date, and location of where the standard was met to Petrina at track@canadian-cycling.com by June 30th.  The team will be chosen the first week of July and will be asked to attend a training camp in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania the last two weeks of July.  The World Championships will take place August 11 to 15 in Montichiari, Italy with the tentative travel date of August 7.  If you have questions please contact Petrina.

The selection criteria can be found at: here.

Other Racing:
We are working on inclusion in to other events that will be beneficial to the progression of junior athletes. If you are a cadet or junior rider who is interested in racing outside of Canada please let Petrina know and we will make sure you are kept in the loop!

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