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Atlantic Winter Cross – Currie and Chase, Masters of Snow

February 10, 2008 – che weather and the amount of snow were certainly different then the previous years, but some things stayed the same at the 3rd annual winter-cross championships: The rider’s enthusiasm, and the winner. On this sunny afternoon, the once almost icy course became really soft once the temperature increased more then 10 degrees to plus three in less then four hours. But Jeff Currie again proved no one could beat him in the snow.

This year, the challenge came from a young talented rider, Ryan Belliveau. He led the race for three quarters of the race and was taken by Currie in the last minutes of the event. “I realized everyone was panicking with the course deteriorating due to the warm weather. I did everything to stay calm, and told myself it’s a bike race, and I’m going to ride my bike as much as possible to conserve energy while everyone is trying to run as fast as possible” said Currie after crossing the finish line.

This strategy certainly paid off as he went from 7th place to catch every rider one by one. “When I finally saw Belliveau on the finishing stretch with a lap to go, I knew I had saved enough energy to get him on that lap.”

On the women’s side, Michelle Chase took this year’s title on her brand new single speed bike. “It was a gamble to ride that bike, but with all the running I had to do in the soft snow, gears were no longer a major factor” mentioned the winner not too long after crossing the finish line. She was followed by Mélanie Bordage and Caroline Pellerin.

The event once again attracted many curious spectators from the City of Dieppe Friendship Carnival. It was a perfect type of event to attract the photographers and media, including Don Ricker Photography.

A special thanks goes to the St-Anselme Park staff (City of Dieppe) for the enormous help while building the course. Also thank you to Mike’s Bike Shop, Shimano and Giant who greatly contributes to the success of such event.

Here are the complete results:


1. Jeff Currie
2. Ryan Belliveau
3. Mike LeBlanc
4. Jean-Richard Cormier
5. Marc Andre Deslauriers
6. Charles Cormier
7. Stuart Wight
8. Patrice Boudreau
9. Andrew Arsenault
10. Guy Pellerin
11. Alain Goguen
12. Pablo Vergera
13. Rene Julien


1. Michelle Chase
2. Melanie Bordage
3. Caroline Belliveau
4. Sasha LeBlanc

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