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Atlantic Pedaler 2007 Cyclist Choice Awards

March 8, 2008 – Here is an update from Atlantic Pedaler, including a call for nominations for Atlantic PedalER’s third annual Cyclist Choice Awards. Also, read up the AMEN: Atlantic Major Event Network free targeted marketing program, and how you can support Atlantic Pedaler.

Nominations are being accepted for the following awards:
– Provincial Sponsor (PEI)
– Provincial Sponsor (NS)
– Provincial Sponsor (NB)
– Provincial Sponsor (NL)
– Atlantic Sponsor
– National Sponsor
– Event of the Year
– Youth Club of the Year
– Photo of the Year

As the years in the past, you can nominate as many different sponsors or submit as many photos as you wish. The deadline for nominations is March 15 at midnight (AST)

All the nominations will then go through a week-long voting period. Unlike years in the past, however, you will need to log on and be a member of the site to cast your vote. So, nominate away but only members of the site will have a vote: one vote per member. (PS: If you are receiving this email, you are a member)

Click here to place your nomination today.

Top Cycling Events of Atlantic Canada (AMEN)
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new and extremely exciting targeted marketing opportunity for cycling events in Atlantic Canada.

If you have ever thought about how difficult it is to promote your event to the many cyclists in different areas of Atlantic Canada . . . then . . .


Finally, there is now a way for you to do so. No, I really mean, AMEN: Atlantic Major Event Network.

AMEN, like Atlantic PedalER, is founded under the principles of common ground and collaboration for the common good. AMEN is a new service of AP and is a mechanism to help major cycling event organizers gain a foothold in the hundreds of cyclists who participate annually in cycling events in Atlantic Canada and may not little — or nothing — about your event.

Enter AMEN and targeted marketing that is FREE

How does AMEN Work?
Briefly, as an event representative, you send a professionally edited (by myself) and colourful AMEN Top Cycling Events Brochure (in a .pdf document) electronically to all the riders who have participated in your event. You simply send your past riders a copy of this document and show them that your event is listed as a Top Cycling Event in Atlantic Canada.

And, all the other member events do the same.

Let’s say each member event has 200 previous riders and there are eight member events; therefore, your event will now be promoted to 1,600 riders who have participated in major cycling events in Atlantic Canada.

At no cost to the event.

The Specifics
Specifically, here is what you, as a representative of a major cycling event (60 or more riders annual participation), need to do:

1. Send me a draft 300 word description of the event before March 31 annually. You may include one photo and one logo image. Please remeber to include all contact information, fee structure, and the total unique riders that have participate in this event in all the previous years.

2. I will combine all the event descriptions of the member events and send a draft of the AMEN Top Cycling Events to you. You will need to review this document and if you are requesting any changes, you will have to send the changes within 48 hours of the draft being sent.

3. I will then send you the final copy of the AMEN Top Cycling Events brochure. You will then send this final brochure to all riders who have participated in your event in the past.

4. In addition, you will agree to place all promotional material from member events in your registration package if the member events send you the information 10 days before your event.

5. I will list all AMEN member events on the Atlantic PedalER website as well as the AMEN Top Cycling Events brochure.

6. I will give your event 5,000 free ad impressions on Atlantic PedalER (a 200 x 200 banner). If you wish, I can design the banner for a nominal $25.00 fee.

Why is it free?
It has been suggested that I could use this network as an opportunity to make money. The simple answer: I value the promotion and advancement of cycling in Atlantic Canada.

Please clik here for detailed information on this network. Members of the network will be announced following the deadline of March 31, 2008.

Supporters of Atlantic Pedaler – Atlantic Canada Cycling Community Fund
Based on the feedback of our members, it was suggested that since all the services of AP are FREE that we may wish to put in place a mechanism to allow people to financially donate towards cycling in Atlantic Canada.

It is the hope that initial financial support will cover the costs of hosting and software to purchase new service development. Beyond that, it is the hope that Atlantic PedalER will have the resources to develop an Atlantic Cycling Community Fund and award each province $500 for the development and / or sustainability of a community bicycling project. Supporters can also designate which province they would like to see their support pedaled to by writing your province of choice in the comments section.
Supporters will be recognized.

To this end, you can click here to see how you can become a supporter of cycling in Atlantic Canada by contributing as little as $1.00.

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