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Arofly the World’s Smallest and Lightest Power Metre Launched

by Chris Redden

November 25, 2016 (Taiwan) – A great stocking stuffer this holiday season for every cyclist is the new Arofly, billed as the smallest and lightest power metre on the market. Weighing just 10 grams and only 2cm in diameter the unique thing about this power metre is that is attaches to the valve stem of the inner tube and measures the change in air pressure to determine the power being applied by the rider.

Arofly world's smallest power metre  ©  Chris Redden

The Arofly can be moved from bike to bike in less than a minute and it comes equipped with a gravity sensor, a pressure sensor, a bluetooth module and an antenna. The novel device communicates with a smart phone app and the information is displayed real time where is shows cadence, speed, power and distance.

Arofly packaging  ©  TBS Group Taiwan
Arofly on 2cm  ©  TBS Group Taiwan
Handlebar display  ©  TBS Group Taiwan
Made by TBS Group Taiwan, the Arofly can be used on any bike and in any weather conditions. It runs on a small button battery that is easily replaced as needed. The best part about the Aerofly is the price – at $129 USĀ  this may just be a game changer in the power metre category.

Learn more about the Arofly here
Dealer inquiries welcome.

George Wood owner of TBS Group Taiwan  ©  Chris Redden

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