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Armstrong Defends On Larry King

August 26, 2005 – Amidst allegations stemming from the French paper, L’Equipe, that USA’s Lance Armstrong tested positive for the blood booster EPO in 1999, the Texan has been adamant in denying such charges.

Although the tests have not yet been ratified, and the actual protocol has been called to question by several sporting bodies, as well as Armstrong and his camp himself, the sport was thrown into a state of shock over the past 48 hours.

Armstrong appeared on the American talk show Larry King Live last night. In the hour-long interview, Armstrong explained what he feels are the problems behind the accusations.

“A guy in a Parisian laboratory opens up your sample, you know, Jean Francois so-and-so,” Armstrong said. “And he tests it – nobody’s there to observe, no protocol was followed – and then you get a call from a newspaper that says `We found you to be positive six times for EPO.’ Well, since when did newspapers start governing sports?”

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