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Amino Vital Bicycle Races at Downsview Park

September 13, 2005 – Lock your doors and hide the kids, baby! Full throttle, balls to the wall, shoulder to shoulder bike racing is back to Downsview Park this Sunday. On the legendary (some say “classic”) John Drury circuit at the corner of Keele and Sheppard in that once subjugated industrial neighborhood of Downsview, Ontario. One day only, Sept 18th Parc Downsview Park hosts the 2005 Amino-Vital Bicycle races in conjunction with the Downsview Park Fall Fair (details http://www.pdp.ca).

Brief History of Downsview Park
July 28, 2002: Pope John Paul II holds mass for 800,000 Catholics at
Downsview Park.

July 30, 2003: The Rolling Stones, Rush and AC/DC entertain thousands
to support the SARS afflicted city of Toronto.

September 18, 2005: Parc Downsview Park Fall Fair hosts the 2005
Amino-Vital bicycle races. Cycling fans rejoice.

Races begin at noon, with the Open race featuring local celebrities
like Matt Hansen (cycling journalist and winner 2000) and Heath
Cockburn (personal stylist and winner 2005) and angry Masters with
late-season form and a chip on their shoulders. Kids Races begin at
1:55pm, and Toronto’s fastest bike messengers will take to the course
for the Courier Challenge at 3:50 pm for a chance to win a new track

One day permits are available for unlicensed riders for $5.00. If
you’ve put off racing this year, this is your last chance in 2005 to
get a race in.

Riders who register at Hershey Centre this Wednesday (Sept. 14th) will
receive Free entry for the Wednesday Night Season Finale (Handicap
race, start time 6:30 pm).

Reminder: Riders may participate in more than one race, but Sr. 1 and
2 riders are restricted to riding the Open event.

Special thanks to Parc Downsview Park who are excited to host Amino-Vital Bicycle Races at the 2005 Fall Fair and are motivated to be a key location for the development of bicycle racing in the GTA.

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