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All Seasons Sport Challenge Report

September 26, 2005 – Lots of spectators, Lots of riders equals a perfect weekend of racing at the Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario.

Although the track record was challenged, Zach Bell’s 8.17 seconds still stands as the mark to beat in the coming months of racing. Over the two days of racing a total of 53 riders took part in the All Season Sports $10,000.00 Challenge. Keith Thoranson from Vancouver set quick time of 8.37 seconds for the flying lap. Many of the racers set personal bests over the weekend event. Many other events were put on including Scratch races, Keirins, Sprints, Devils, and of course the Nas-Track Madison Team Races. Race results can be found later in the week at www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca

Many of the racers were racing for the first time as they have graduated our “Learn to Ride Program” earlier in the summer. All racers had a “Blast”, held their line, and raced very hard. It’s a credit to all of our Volunteers who teach all of our riders how to ride and race on our 138m, 50 degree Velodrome in a safe manner.

The Velo-Kids put on a great show with four of our under 12 year olds making it through to the Handicap finals – “I kind of set it up that way, by giving the Kids a lead that they held to the end”. “I didn’t hear any complaints from the spectators or the Hot Shoes who came a little short during the heat races. It’s really neat to hear the crowd cheering for the underdogs. Now we just have to have 30 Kids out on a Saturday night.

Next Race – Ontario Cup #1 Saturday October 1st 2pm Finals beginning at

Velodrome News:

We have made arrangements with FixedGearFever.com to make a “Forum” for our
Velodrome members to register and communicate together is now live, there
is a link form: www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca .

New Ride Times are now available check the website for an up to date list.

Oktober 6 Day Festival will be run over two weekends Oktober 21st – 23rd &
Oktober 28th – 30th London Track League and Nas-Track Madison Team Racing

Festa Italiana – London, November 19th “More details to follow”

Race Night Scoring – The F.C.V. are in need of volunteers, If you can help
please step forward.

Yours in Sport
See you at the track

Rob Good

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