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Alex Cataford Hit by Car in Arizona

by pedalmag.com
Alex Cataford  ©  Andrew Rogers
January 24, 2014 (Tuscon, AZ) – Pedal has learned that reigning Canadian U23 ITT champ, Alex Cataford, 20, who recently signed with Italian-based continental road team, Amore & Vita-Selle SMP, has had a rough start to his season as he was hit by a car yesterday in Tucson AZ during a training ride… see photo on the team’s FB page here (warning graphic photo).

Cataford, James Piccoli and Mike Woods all signed with Amore & Vita for 2014 – read our coverage here and our interview with Directeur Sportif, Phil Cortes who is also Canadian here.

Pedal joins the cycling community in wishing Cataford a speedy recovery.

Thanks to Pasquale Stalteri for sending in this news.


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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    So sad and it may have been avoided.

    84, MILLION cars are produced by this unimaginative, unprogressive “one trick pony” planet every year and are put on the roads to share on an equal basis with cyclists. One ton versus 170 pounds. What the effin f?

    There has to be a massive common sense, but aggressive world wide movement to make ALL roads SAFE for all cyclists all the time. Massive, angry, street blocking bike demonstrations.

    Every road (except super highways) should have a well marked BIKE LANES. Duh.

    Just by kids safely riding to school on their bikes instead of being driven could save the environment and save enough money to paint those white lines.

    The cycling population has to get angry and demand common sense bike safety for all of Canada (and the rest of the world must do it also) before we lose some cycling stars or innocent kids to the obsolete PLANET DESTROYING CAR WORLD we blindly worship and support (marketing hypnosis). Wake up world.

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