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Alberta Provincial Road Youth Championships

September 4, 2007 (Madden, AB) — Here are some brief final GC results from the Alberta Provincial Road Youth Championships, criterium and road race, held September 1-2 in Madden, Alta.

Criterium Circuit (1,000m)
– U15 Male and Female 20 laps
– U17 Female and Junior Female 25 laps
– U15 Male and Junior Male 35 laps

Road Race
– U15 Male and Female 40 kms
– U17 Female and Junior Female 60 kms
– U15 Male and Junior Male 90 kms

Final GC

U13 Male
1. Samuel Beaudoin (Elicycle Sports Experts)
2. Trevor Kisel (Synergy)

U15 Female
1. Annie Stadnyck (Bicisport)
2. Isabelle Lam (Velocity Cycling Club)

U17 Female
1. Ellen Sparling (Bicisport)
2. MacKenzie McCormick (Juventis)
3. Samantha Grover (Juventis)

Junior Female
1. Jessica Kisel (Bicisport)
2. Krystyn Ong (Juventis)
3. Lauren Lankester (Bicisport)

U15 Male
1. Jesse Marans (Momentum)
2. Zack McAllistar (Headwinds)
3. Michael Lankester (CMC Bow Cycle)

U17 Male
1. Colter Young (Blizzard)
2. Graham Courtney (Synergy)
3. MacKenzie Carson (Juventis)

Junior Men
1. Alex McCormick (Juventis)
2. Neal Gregory (CMC Bow Cycle)
3. David Larson (Juventis)

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