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Alberta Provincial Road Race Champs

August 21, 2006 – Here are the results from the Alberta Provincial Road Race Champs, held this weekend in Bentley, Alberta.

Women’s A & B results – 68 kilometres

1 Alison TESTROETE CMC/Bow Cycle 2h11m01s gold
2 Mical DYCK Terrascape st silver
3 Amy WOODWARD CMC/Bow Cycle st bronze
4 Heather OSWALD ERTC/redbike st
5 Tanya SALOMON TRS Racing st gold
6 Tanya BAGNELL ERTC/redbike 2h13m08s
7 Marg FEDYNA ERTC/redbike 2h13m09s
8 Christine MISSEGHERS Mountain Bike City 2h13m12s
9 Jill HUNT TRS Racing 2h15m18s silver
10 Joanne BREAU bicisport st
11 Joy MEKECHUK Juventus st
12 Jenny TREW Kenda Tire st
13 Anna ROGERS ERTC/redbike 2h19m31s bronze
14 Lyne LIBOIRON Independent 2h19m35s
15 Amber FINLAY Deadgoat Racing 2h21m20s
16 Michelle BEVERIDGE bicisport 2h26m31s
17 Liane ANGERMAN Synergy 2h27m00s
18 Krystyn ONG Juventus 2h42m37s
19 Kendra MIDDLETON Juventus 2h42m40s
20 Mackenzie MCCORMICK Juventus st
DNF Heather RACHAR CFM Cycling

Category 1/2 Results – 126 kilometres

rank Name Club time
1 Jesse James COLLINS bicisport 3h23m39s
2 Shawn GOULET Pedalhead Roadworks st
3 Anthony STEENBERGEN Team H&R Block st
4 Cyrus KANGARLOO Synergy st
5 Nick FRIESEN Pedalhead Roadworks 3h25m23s
6 Per STROM bicisport 3h25m26s
7 Tim HEEMSKERK United Cycle 3h25m31s
8 Mark WEBSTER The Bike Shop st
9 Matt USBORNE Pedalhead Roadworks st
10 Jamie SPARLING bicisport st
11 Neal STOUGHTON Simple Green/Volvo/Trek st
12 Bruce COPELAND Juventus 3h25m37s
13 Shawn TAYLOR Team H&R Block 3h27m17s
14 Peter LAWRENCE Team H&R Block st
15 Harley BORLEE Team H&R Block 3h28m56s
16 Devin ERFLE Deadgoat st
17 Jeff BOLSTAD Team H&R Block st
19 Ryan HOPPING ERTC/redbike 3h29m27s
20 Bob VEROBA bicisport st
21 Graham RUDGE ERTC/redbike 3h32m00s
22 Trev WILLIAMS Speed Theory 3h33m22s
23 Craig DEBELLEFEUILLE Synergy 3h33m43s
24 Stephen MUNDY ERTC/redbike st
25 Devon SMIBERT Synergy 3h33m49s
26 Zane WESTERBEEK Team H&R Block 3h38m56s
27 Steve GERMAN TRS Racing 3h39m48s
28 Guri RANDHAWA Pedalhead Roadworks st
29 Brian BAIN CMC/Bow Cycle st
30 Jared GREEN TRS Racing st
31 Shaun ADAMSON Juventus 3h42m12s
DNF Chris REID Midweek CC
DNF Dan WOOD ERTC/redbike
DNF Chris WRIGHT Juventus
DNF Ted DAHMS Pedalhead Roadworks
DNF Greg FULFORD Juventus

Category 3 Results – 126 kilometres

rank Name Club time
1 Erik BAKKE Deadgoat 3h35m31s
2 Mark RUMSEY Hardcore st
3 Spencer SMITHEMAN Juventus st
4 Brennan BAGDAN Pedalhead Roadworks st
5 Chris MCNEIL Canary Cycles st
6 Brian KULLMAN Synergy st
7 Kyle ANDERSON ERTC/redbike st
8 Keith BAYLY Deadgoat st
9 Phil MCDONALD Calgary Cycle st
10 James PURDY bicisport st
10 Andre SUTTON Hardcore st
11 Kelly SERVINSKI CMC/Bow Cycle st
12 Carson BANNON TRS Racing 3h35m50s
13 Steve MARTINS Hardcore st
14 Phil RAYNER Headwinds 3h36m05s
15 Kevin NOBLE United Cyle 3h36m12s
16 Frank WOOLSTENCROFT TRS Racing 3h36m50s
17 Michael JOHNS CABC 3h37m00s
18 Jack VANDYK Terrascape st
19 Tommy MAK Eurotech Cycle st
20 Dan BIERD bicisport 3h39m15s
21 Sandy HILTON Pedalhead Roadworks 3h41m25s
22 Aaron CHAPPELL ERTC/redbike 3h43m08s
23 Rod MCALISTER Crankmasters 3h43m56s
24 Reid CUMMINGS CMC/Bow Cycle 3h52m08s
25 Wayne LONG United Cyle 3h53m17s
26 Frank KOVACS Synergy 3h56m20s
dnf Anthony STADNYK bicisport
dnf Evan FIRTH-EAGLAND bicisport
dnf Brys FRANCIS United Cyle
dnf Chris HOOPER Synergy

Category 4 Results – 81 kilometres

rank Name Club time
1 Graham SHRIVE Pedalhead Roadworks 2h10m30s
2 Donald KING CMC/Bow Cycle st
3 David LARSON Juventus 2h13m39s
4 Gideon KRISHTALKA Team H&R Block 2h13m45s
5 Aaron SCHOOLER ERTC/redbike st
6 Jason PROCHE Pedalhead Roadworks st
7 Jeff NEILSON Terrascape 2h18m57s
8 Craig SCHMITT Independent 2h19m03s
9 Mike MCKEE Deadgoat 2h21m56s
10 James MOLLISON bicisport st
11 Doug URNESS CABC st
12 Dan HUNKA Juventus st
13 Rob FOUND Freeskool st
14 Chris STIPDONK United Cycle st
15 Geoff CLARK Deadgoat st
16 Rob REID Crankmasters st
17 Tracy SHEARER Juventus st
18 Nic HAMILTON bicisport 2h21m57s
19 Jason WALL Independent 2h24m21s
20 Mark FEDOROSHYN Independent 2h26m18s
21 Justin MIDDLETON Juventus 2h27m09s
22 Brad FEHR Pedalhead Roadworks 2h27m25s
23 Jon MAYNE Pedalhead Roadworks 2h28m52s
24 Henry YAU Deadgoat 2h29m01s
25 Scott BOOK ERTC/redbike 2h32m36s
26 Lance ADAMSON Juventus 2h32m58s
27 James LYON Cycle-Logic 2h36m32s
28 Kyle HARRIS Juventus st
29 Lev KRIVITSKY Terrascape 2h37m33s
30 Bruce WICK CMC/Bow Cycle 2h40m43s
31 Carlos SALAS TRS Racing 2h41m56s
32 Sherwood PLANT Synergy 2h41m57s
33 Tim BREWSTER Juventus 2h51m18s
34 Scott OSINCHUK Pedalhead Racing 2h57m12s
35 Jeff BELL Highwood Cycling 2h59m53s
36 Chris CHECK Pedalhead Racing 3h06m34s
37 Bill BLONSKI bicisport 3h30m00s

Category 5 results – 68 kilometres

rank Name Club time
1 Michael HOLOWACK Calgary Cycle 1h59m59s
2 Kobe DAVIS Café Racers st
3 Larry WELSH Independent st
4 Adam BOYKO Team H&R Block st
5 Bradley KENNEDY Schmoe Racing st
6 Martin DAY CABC st
7 Ryan CAMPBELL Singletrack st
8 Travis BOWER Cranked 2h00m23s
9 George IRWIN River Valley Cycle 2h03m09s
10 Paul CONNOLLY Speed Theory 2h03m37s
11 Travis ANDERSON ERTC/redbike 2h05m10s
12 Joe STANKEVICIUS Pedalhead Roadworks st
13 Stan RACHAR CFM Cycling st
14 GERHARD JACOBS Cranky’s Bike Shop st
15 Steven REID Hardcore 2h05m46s
16 Chris DITTRICK CMC/Bow Cycle 2h07m09s
17 John ENCARNACAO United Cycle
18 Michael GODFREY Crankmasters 2h10m52s
19 Alan UNDERHILL Pedalhead Roadworks st
20 Jason BUIJS Eurotech Cycle 2h11m21s
21 James TALLIAN Crankmasters 2h11m37s
22 Jason DYCK Aerobic Power/Fresh Start 2h12m31s
23 Andrew SCHIETSZCH Juventus 2h15m02s
24 Stephen ANDRICHUK CMC/Bow Cycle 2h15m12s
25 Sherman CUTKNIFE Cycle-Logic st
26 Alex MCCORMICK Juventus 2h17m07s
27 Warren SCHMITZ Aerobic Power/Fresh Start 2h19m52s
28 Eric WONG Singletrack 2h20m11s
29 Lance HARRIS Juventus 2h23m06s
30 Stuart MCCORMICK Juventus 2h23m10s
31 Antonio BILOTTA Pedalhead Roadworks 2h23m22s
32 Emils MUEHLENBACHS Pedalhead Racing 2h23m41s
33 Dave KAY Grande Prairie Wheelers 2h26m14s
34 Mark JONES Cycle-Logic 2h31m11s
35 Connor WITZKE Juventus 2h34m12s
37 Richard CAIRNEY ERTC/redbike 2h39m17s
36 Cole MURPHY Synergy 2h35m51s
38 Bradley NIXON bicisport 3h15m52s
39 Arthur BLAND Independent 3h17m30s
dnf Doug JAMIESON CoachChris.ca/Ted Velikon

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