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ACS Distributing is Exclusive Canadian Distributor for RockyMounts

release by ACS Distributing

October 13, 2016 – ACS Distributing is pleased to announce that we are now the exclusive Canadian distributor of RockyMounts out of Boulder, Colorado. “We know that RockyMounts will be a welcome addition to our other high quality lines, Gemini Lights, Bryton Computers, Leatt Protectives and ESI Grips,” said Stuart James of ACS. “Check out RockyMounts commitment to cycling and a review of their popular SplitRail rack.”

The SplitRail folded up and lower profile  ©  Russell Eich / Immediate Media
RockyMounts' SplitRail hitch rack works with 20-29in wheels, including Plus-size tires  ©  Russell Eich / Immediate Media
In 1993, founder Bobby Noyes ventured from New Jersey to Colorado to feed his addiction to bicycling. Recognizing the need for a better bike rack, he set up shop and began producing high-end bike racks crafted by hand. Those first racks, which were sold out of the back of his truck, became a huge hit locally and quickly made their way across the United States.

Tilting the rack allows for the vehicle's rear hatch to be opened. It's surprising how much thios feature gets used.  ©  Russell Eich / Immediate Media
Today, RockyMounts offers a full lineup of bike, ski, and cargo racks. Our innovative, high quality, and colorful designs will get your prized possessions to your destination safely and with style. Every member of the RockyMounts family is committed to creating innovative cargo accessories to make your next trip unforgettable.

The devil's in the details. A little nub holds the rear wheel strap out of the way for easier bike loading  ©  Russell Eich / Immediate Media
“Twenty years after our start, and still locally owned in Boulder, we’re stoked to support the outdoor culture that sets us back to our roots. We still remember what it’s like to be an aspiring cyclist, ski bum, climber, outdoor enthusiast, etc., which is why quality, innovation, and stellar pricing come easy to us,” said Noyes.

This little handle is a real highlight. Raising and lowering the rack happens a lot and the SplitRail is easy  ©  Russell Eich / Immediate Media
The Bottom line:
You’re in good company with us if your bike costs more than your car, your skis are your significant other, or you own more climbing and camping gear than you do furniture,” he added.

When really cranked down over the bike's front wheel, the release button takes a bit of strength  ©  Russell Eich / Immediate Media
For more information, please contact ACS Distributing at 1-800-668-2531 or info@acsdistributing.com; or visit our website here.

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