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Absa Cape Epic 2008 – Stage 3 – Full Results – Sydor and Sundstedt in Charge

March 31, 2008 (Riversdale, South Africa) – Cannondale Vredestein assumed the lead on Stage 3, Calitzdorp to Riversdale, 133km, of the Absa Cape Epic presented by Adidas providing thrilling surprises and excitement, with overall leaders Songo.Info dropping out of the race, and the first three teams crossing the finish line within seconds of each other. The Cannondale Vredestein team — Roel Paulissen (Belgium) and Jakob Fuglsang (Denmark) – took a second stage victory, finishing just one second ahead of the South African team of MTN Energade (Kevin Evans and David George).The German Bulls team of Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm crossed the finish line in third just five seconds back in Riversdale.

Although Karl Platt (Bulls) was the first to cross the finish line, the rules of the Absa Cape Epic stipulate that both riders from a team need to cross the finish line before the official time is allocated, with Sahm’s 4:16:07 used as the stage result. He was still struggling from gastric problems, which no doubt caused a loss of energy and took its toll.

The South African/Swiss team of Songo.Info, the overall leaders after stage 2, dropped out of the race during Stage 3. Burry Stander (RSA) suffered from a knee injury and had to withdraw at waterpoint 2, which also meant the end of the road for his teammate, World and European marathon mountain bike champion Christoph Sauser (SUI).
1112 riders still in the race.

Stage 3 of the Absa Cape Epic saw riders complete their stage journey from Calitzdorp to Riversdale, with a distance of 133km and climbing of 2 340m. Of the 1198 riders who left Knysna on Saturday, 1112 were still in the race this morning. 15 riders were competing with a blue number board, meaning they can still ride the Absa Cape Epic, but can’t compete for overall results, because they haven’t completed one of the stages.

The teams were taken up a 13 km steady drag on smooth dirt roads over Rooiberg Pass. It was a long climb that steepened to 9% before a 70kph decent into the valley. After some sharp, rolling hills, riders crossed game country, where antelope, giraffe, leopard, and caracal watched the riders charge through. From there on the terrain was tough. Maximum concentration was needed to preserve bike and body. The rock formations were as geologically fascinating as they were race threatening (should riders have chosen a bad line or made a bad tyre choice). Even after riders survived the punctures and the heat, there was still a long slog on dirt roads before Garcia Pass. They welcomed the tarred, gentle climb and fast descent that took them into Riversdale, for a hard-earned rest.

Paulissen and Fuglsang now in yellow
Fuglsang says that despite the stage win, which also gave them the overall lead for the yellow jersey, he was not feeling good during this stage of the Absa Cape Epic. “I especially struggled with the technical climbs and loose rocks, but fortunately Roel felt strong. The stage was partially very flat, but quite hard as it was very bumpy at times and I don’t particulalry like that.” Paulissen says that he is now feeling much better after struggling for the first part of the event, saying that he can see how he gets stronger by the day.

David George and Kevin Evans were eager to win this stage, but “with only a second between us and Cannondale Vredestein, I don’t think we did too badly.” The MTN Energade team says they managed to ride with the leading teams throughout the race, which gave them a boost of confidence as “we could see the potential we have when we’re feeling well”. Both say that if they didn’t have a bad day during stage 1 (where he fell ill), they would still be competing for the leaders’ jersey, but that it falls into the “could have, what if” category.

Commenting on fellow South African rider Burry Stander’s injury and subsequent withdrawal from the race, George says “Burry is an extremely talented guy and has the ability to push himself over and above, and that clearly took its toll. When you are young and inexperienced this sometimes happens. But he has a big future ahead of him and he mustn’t be too disappointed.”

Brandon Stewart and Max Knox take a chance
For most of the stage race, the South African team Usn with Brandon Stewart and Max Knox, who came fourth, took the lead. On top of Rooibergpass they were already leading by 45 seconds, a gap that built up to 6 minutes later in the race. The leading teams in the overall ranking didn’t feel threatenened as they were no danger to them and allowed the Usn team to shine. At Garcia Pass, Bulls and MTN Energade sped up and pushed harder as they were eager to win the stage and catch up on their overall ranking. Usn was eventually caught on the top of Garcia Pass when the top three teams took the lead for the remainder of the race.

Alb-Gold Mountainbike now in second position overall
The German Alb-Gold Mountainbike team (who crossed the finish line in fifth position) encountered their first flat tyre 50 metres into the race, riding over a thorn. By the time they fixed it, 300 amateur riders had passed them. It took them 20 minutes to get back to the leading bunch. 60km into the race, Hannes Genze started to experience a loss of energy and had to let the other leading teams go, which left them between 30 to 60 seconds behind for most of the time. Approximately15 to 20 km before to the last waterpoint, they caught up with the Dolphin team and worked together to close the gap between them and the leading bunch. “We realised at one point that we couldn’t catch up, so we just rode at our own pace to keep our energy for the next stage – and rode to the finish with team Dolphin,” Genze says. Still, their pace was fast enough to claim second position overall.

No smooth start for the ladies
It was a hattrick for the Rocky Mountain team, Pia Sundstedt (FIN) and Alison Sydor(CAN), when they crossed the finish line first in their category for the third stage in a row, at an impressive time of 4:58:00. South Africans Erica Green and Hanlie Booyens, the Absa Ladies, managed for the first time to take the runner-up honours in this category, at 5:16:49 (they were fourth for both Stage 1 and Stage 2). Dolphin-Trek Mtb Racing — Fabienne Heinzmann (SUI) and Katrin Schwing (GER) – arrived third at a time of 5:25:13.

It is therefore no surprise that Rocky Mountain will wear the leader jersey yet again for Stage 4, with an overall time of 17:31:30, almost an hour ahead of Dolphin-Trek Mtb Racing at 18:29:11. Close on their heels is Trek/Vw Wsd at 18:29:39.

Despite their continuous success of winning every stage thus far, Sydor says that they are greeted with obstacles every day. “Not a single day seems to run smoothly. Today, only 2km from the start, we had a big crash that involved many of the top females including myself, Pia and Fabienne of Dolphin-Trek Mtb Racing. It almost took out a good portion of the top female riders!” She explains that in a descent with a little hump in the road, coupled with excessive dust from other riders which made it difficult to see, the crash was inevitable. “You could feel it coming, but there was nothing you could do about it — in a situation like that you can only try not to ride into someone else or at least only their bike in order to minimise the damage.” Sydor fell and hurt her knee, a similar injury to her riding partner Sundstedt’s knee injury which she had from even before the race. “Now that we truly feel each others’ pain, there is no reason to complain.”

Despite the dramatic start to the day, Sydor said that this stage was far more of what she expected from South Africa in terms of terrain and scenery. “It was super fun, especially all the jeep tracks. It was of course still a tough route and we really enjoyed the tar section towards the end where we could relax our muscles a bit. We are delighted that we won again, of course, but apart from that we are also very happy with the riding experience.”

Jennifer Smith (NZL) and Susan Haywood (USA) of Trek/Vw Wsd, who secured the fourth position, lost almost six minutes at the 71km mark. “We got a bad flat in the rocky terrain and we first pumped it up with air, but it was not working. We then changed the tube, without luck, and had to re-change it again for the second time. After that we were on our own, paddling against headwinds during the downhill to make up for lost time,” says Smith. Arriving at the finish line completely out of breath, and with paramedics assisting her immediately, Smith added that she was worried when her heart rate on route wasn’t bad, but she experienced muscular fatigue. “But at least it is easier to recover from muscular problems,” she says.

Absa Masters continue to dominate
The Absa Masters, Doug Brown (RSA) and Barti Bucher (SUI), continue to dominate in their category for the third day in a row, boasting with a stage win of 4:46:10. Pragma Masters, M.C.Franken (RSA) and Peter Buggle (IRE) managed to secure the second position in this category for the first time, completing their stage race at 4:47:22. They were followed by Adidas Williams Simspon who up to now secured the second spot in every stage (4:50:52).

“It certainly was a good day for our sponsors Absa and adidas,” says Kevin Vermaak, founder and director of the Absa Cape Epic. “We had the Absa Masters, Absa Ladies and Absa Mixed, as well as the adidas teams, all finishing within the top five positions. I am sure it must have been a thrill for them to see their teams perform and receive recognition on the podium today.”

Unofficial broken chain record
For the first time since Stage 1 of the Absa Cape Epic, Joybike Guided by Vmt and Maloja had to not only see Cyclelab Toyota steal their usual stage win position (which they claimed during the previous stages), but also a slip of three positions to only secure the fourth place in today’s stage. Cyclelab Toyota, Yolande de Villiers (RSA) and Johan Labuschagne (RSA), took top honours at a time of 4:58:09, followed by Absa Mixed, Kobus Barnard and Fienie Barnard (RSA) at 5:13:07, and Adidas Fourie Kotze, (RSA) and Amy Mundy (RSA) at 5:14:31. Ivonne Kraft (GER) and Nico Pfitzenmaier (GER) of Joybike Guided by Vmt and Maloja completed their stage at a time of 5:20:24.

Pfitzenmaier comments their gap as follows: “My chain broke no less than four times today. Ivonne waited for me initially, but later on I told her to just go on without me and I would catch up with her and the group of riders. As fate would have it, I would catch up with them, just to have my chain break again moments later.” Despite the misfortune, he says that he doesn’t believe that it is bad luck. “It is just the nature of sport. Anything can happen in terms of equipment failures, especially during a mountain bike stage race. I won’t let anything spoil my enjoyment of this experience.” He concluded by saying that everyone was thrilled to see Yolande de Villiers of Cyclelab Toyota still in strong form, despite her shoulder injury from the day before.
Although only securing a fourth position for Stage 3, Joybike Guided by Vmt and Maloja still walked away as the overall leaders in the Mixed category (17:55:12), followed by Cyclelab Toyota (18:06:35) and Absa Mixed (18:42:23).

Absa Cape Epic nurtures developing teams
The ever-present Kenyans are never content to sit passively in the bunch, a tactic that has almost earned them a stage win in the past. David Kinjah Njau and Davidson Kamasu Kihagi, riding as the Absa Safari Simbaz, are sure to again make an impression this year, however with the world-class field of riders it has become far more difficult than in previous years. Their faces appear everywhere. They are also on the cover of the newly released Absa Cape Epic coffee table book, Guts and Glory.
In the past, this team has always teased the pro riders by breaking out and taking the lead. Unfortunately they have never made it to the podium, but have always had strong moments during the previous events. In the very first Absa Cape Epic five years ago, Davidson just learned how to ride a mountain bike. Since then, they have become extremely professional and are riding the race in a professional environment, sponsored by both Absa and adidas. An outsider would see them as pro-riders, but actually they are not. The only major race they ever participate in is the Absa Cape Epic, after which they go back to Kenya, lead normal lives and hope to be re-invited by sponsors to ride another Epic the year after.

The team has done all the Absa Cape Epic events to date and is an integral part of the Epic family. “We feel like we’ve represented the rest of Africa from the very beginning as it’s mainly South Africans that participate,” David Kinjah says. “We’re very happy to see more teams from the rest of our beautiful continent such as the teams from Rwanda and Zambia. . Competing in this race has been very good for us — we’ve made a name for ourselves, both at the race as well as in our country. We’re heroes to the kids back home and that really inspires us to help them. We’re seen as the Galion figures of cycling in our village. What’s so great about this event is not just the experience I gain. The actual value is way beyond that as it’s the people we meet and relationships we build that make the world of difference. I’ve met a sports scientist who offered to help me for free on how to train children, compile training programmes and monitor these.”

Participating in the Absa Cape Epic has resulted in a snowball effect affecting more lives on their return to Kenya. Even their MP has contacted them because he wants to become involved with the youth and cycling could be one of the best ways to develop them. “And he’s interested in cycling himself!”

It’s almost unbelievable to think that earlier this year — due to political unrest and civil war in their country — that these guys could not train as it was too dangerous. “We feared that people would knock us down and steal our bikes.” They have now been so empowered that their government approached them to discuss cycling as a key to reaching and developing the youth, and also to fight corruption within cycling federations. “There are still not equal chances for everyone in terms of the selection processes,” says David.

In Jupiter we Trust
Team Zambia consisting of Jupiter Nameembo (25) and Trust Munangandu (25), has also been doing well. For the first time ever in a racing event, they had to fix a chain 70 km before the finish. Both come from a road cycling background and they have only done two other mountain bike events before this year’s Absa Cape Epic, of which one was the Sani2C. “We only started riding mountain bikes two months ago and the above mentioned events were our preparation for this race.” The team was created by Jasper Lublinkhof, who participated in last year’s Absa Cape Epic. Lublinkhof’s famiily lived in Zambia for 40 years and he came across these young talented cyclists. Due to their outstanding results in road racing, they were accepted at the UCI Continental Cycling School. In order to compete in this year’s Absa Cape Epic, they loaned bikes from Lublinkhof and the head of the school, Pieter van Zyl. Jupiter commented that he is enjoying the race tremendously and loves mountain biking. On the other hand his team partner, Trust feels that this is too hard for him and that he definitely prefers the road. They are very happy with their results to date and overwhelmed by the way they have been welcomed by everyone within the Absa Cape Epic family — and how mountain bikers stretching from all over the world accept and treat them. Their goal for this year’s event is just to finish, but their long-term ambition is to become the best African team.

Strauss, Kempson and Voigt stay tough
Celebrity riders in this year’s Absa Cape Epic have stood their ground and are still in the race. Following Sunday’s most gruelling stage in the history of the Absa Cape Epic and stage 3 today, Tiaan Strauss (37th overall Masters), Robbie Kempson (501st overall Men) and Dieter Voigt (99th overall Men) are in high spirits and confident that they will finish.

All three riders and their team mates are raising funds for the Big Tree Foundation, the official charity of the Absa Cape Epic. The foundation aims to bring hope to the children in the rural communities along the route with programmes specifically designed to improve conditions in and out of the classroom.

Strauss and his partner, Petrus Senekal, riding as the Absa Kalahari Ferrari’s, trained for between 10 and 14 hours per week and also did regular upper body strength exercises. Said Strauss: “Up to now it’s been okay. It’s been tough and it feels as if every body part hurts, but I think we’ll make it. Many riders didn’t finish Stage 2 – it was a day of survival — focusing on getting to the finish line. Apparently the two worst stages are over, so we want to relax from here on and just enjoy the event. Stage 5 is the next nasty one.”

Strauss’ motto has always been: The desire to win must be stronger than the fear to lose – although they are not riding to win, but to finish. “We’re raising funds for the Big Tree Foundation and are sponsored for every kilometer we complete. It really makes it worth it and enables us to give back to the community. Education is extremely important and the poorer communities in the rural areas need all the help they can get.”

Team mate, Petrus Senekal commented that your choice of team mate is extremely important in this kind of event. “Tiaan and I both live in Stellenbosch and we’ve been able to train together a lot. We’re a good combination. Our temperaments and attitudes complement each other. We know each other well — also under pressure.” On the question of why they took up the challenge, both commented that it is all about the sense of achievement.

“Race is worse than tough”
According to Robbie Kempson, who agreed to the Epic challenge following a bet with some mates, the race is worse than tough. “I really hope the toughest stages are behind us. Everyone warned us that Stage 2 is the nastiest stage in the history of this event and although this is my first Epic, I think they must be right.”
Kempson added with a chuckle: “Brian (McMillan) was right — I’ve put my plans to climb Kilimanjaro on hold.” Participating in teams of two, Kempson is riding with Craig Lorden as team ABSAlutely Epic. Of his team mate, he only had this to say: “If Craig was a woman I’d probably marry him. His been fantastic throughout the race and we hope to finish. This is a very challenging event.”

“A dream come true”
For Dieter Voigt, former Mr South Africa and keen sportsman, riding the Absa Cape Epic is a three-year dream come true. “I’ve always wanted to do the Magical and Untamed African Mountain Bike Race,” he says. Voigt is riding with team mate Ryan Scott as Team Big Tree. “I heard the Absa Cape Epic was one of the three toughest events in the world and today I believe it to be true. My legs and knees hurt, as well as other parts of my body. I naturally always think ahead — but in the past three days I’ve learnt to focus on the moment. When I hear someone say, there goes Dieter, it gives me renewed energy and motivation. I heard from the other riders that after the third stage, it becomes easier and you almost get into the habit of riding long distances daily.” Voigt, a former teacher, would also like to educate and motivate young people. “I love to help kids reach their full potential and overcome difficult circumstances.” Voigt and his team mate, sponsored by Pragma, aim to raise a lot of funds for the Big Tree Foundation. “Their programmes are specifically designed to improve conditions in and out of the classroom and include bicycles, school desks, uniforms and books. It would also be great if we could establish more cycling clubs at schools. If we want to give up, we only need to think of the changes we can make to a child’s life.”

Next stop: Swellendam
For Stage 4 of the Absa Cape Epic (Riversdale to Swellendam), the rolling hills through the farmlands will give the power riders a chance to ply their trade. Then come the big ones — heartbreak one and heartbreak two, the second of which is 4.5km long with a 7% gradient. After two days in the Karoo, riders pass through dairy country before heading into Grootvadersbosch, another Cape Nature jewel, and back into some lush forests again — a welcome shelter from the harsh sun. But there are more challenges to come — more climbing, technical descents and river crossings, passable only by foot, or on a mountain bike. A short tar section passes the historical mission village of Suurbraak — a town that is no stranger to the Absa Cape Epic. At the weir crossing it’s only 12km home. Riders will however have to watch out for the short forest climbs that steepen up to 15% – it will take longer than expected to get into Swellendam.


Elite Men

1. Roel Paulissen (Bel) and Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Cannondale Vredestein 4.16.02
2. Kevin Evans (RSA) and David George (RSA) MTN Energade 1 0.02
3. Karl Platt (Ger) and Stefan Sahm (Ger) Bulls 0.06
4. Brandon Stewart (RSA) and Max Knox (RSA) USN 0.44
5. Hannes Genze (Ger) and Jochen Kaess (Ger) Team Alb-Gold Mountainbike 3.56
6. Bart Brentjens (Ned) and Alban Lakata (Aut) Dolphin 3.57
7. Fredrik Kessiakoff (Swe) and Massimo Debertolis (Ita) Full-Dynamix RSM 6.2
8. Mannie Heymans (Nam) and Melt Swanepoel (RSA) MTN Energade 2 9.4
9. Rune Høydahl (Nor) and Truls Haugseth (Nor) Etto Høydahl 2 14.44
10. Josiah Middaugh (USA) and Greg Krause (USA) Ellsworth Primal Wear 27.02
10. Jeremiah Bishop (USA) and Chris Eatough (USA) Trek/VW
12. Shaun Mackenzie (RSA) and Renato Albrecht (RSA) Garmin/DCM 29.28
13. Geddan Ruddock (RSA) and Gerard Dirks (RSA) ABSA G Power 31.14
14. Oliver Munnik (RSA) and Erik Kleinhans (RSA) Red / Mr.Price 31.2
15. David Leiman (RSA) and Roan Exelby (RSA) Fullimput Clothing Company II 40.14
16. David Kinjah Njau (Ken) and Davidson Kamau Kihagi (Ken) ABSA Safari Simbaz 40.49
17. Marc Bassingthwaigthe (Nam) and Arno Viljoen (Nam) Garmin/DCM Pro Team 40.55
18. Carsten Bresser (Ger) and Udo Boelts (Ger) Rocky Mountain/ Cube 40.56
19. Herbert Neugebauer (Aut) and Markus Hahn (Aut) Unicef Austria 2 41.49
20. Heine Lategan (RSA) and Pieter Lategan (RSA) Super Cars 41.54
21. Dennis du Toit (RSA) and Chris Smit (RSA) huguenote cycles 41.54
22. Adrian Enthoven (RSA) and Renier Bellingan (RSA) Spier 41.55
23. Ingmar Brichenfrid (Aut) and Jürgen Kaindl (Aut) Doka Africa 41.57
24. Jan Schutte (RSA) and Lieuwe Boonstra (RSA) Momentum Specialised Insurance 42.01
25. Martin Bratland (Nor) and Kristian Torgersen (Nor) Etto Høydahl 3 42.03
26. Jo Nordskar (Nor) and Anders Hovdenes (Nor) Team Etto Høydahl 1 42.03
27. Eero Jäppinen (Fin) and Kreu Maisniemi (Fin) Finland 42.35
28. Cornelius Muller (RSA) and David Wright (RSA) M3 47
29. Lieven Muylaert (Bel) and Kris Janssens (Bel) Rockrider 47.5
30. Wayne Collin (RSA) and Mark Forster (RSA) fullimput 2 56.59
31. Adrie Niyonshuti (Rwa) and Nathan Bukusenge (Rwa) Project Rwanda 2 57.02
32. Steve van der Merwe (RSA) and Nicolas Gaudard (RSA) Old Mutual Private Wealth Management 57.03
33. Donovan Jackson (RSA) and Merlyn Jackson (RSA) Dunkeld Cycles Brothers 57.06
34. Stephan Strauss (RSA) and Johnny Kritzinger (RSA) NMNU 57.07
35. Victor le Roux (RSA) and Vickus Boshoff (RSA) PSEC 57.1
36. Gavin Rossouw (RSA) and Luthando Kaka (RSA) Bicycling/Acsis 57.12
37. Philippe Vullioud (Swi) and Christoff Van Heerden (RSA) USN 2 57.16
38. Marc Wiederkehr (RSA) and Bruce Anderson (RSA) Dunkeld Cycles 57.55
39. Sean Kristafor (RSA) and Russell de Jager (RSA) K-Way/Garmin 1.00.36
40. Dirk Rossignol (Bel) and Wouter Cleppe (Bel) Scarabee#5 – movingstore 1.00.42
41. Leon Erasmus (RSA) and Corne Erasmus (RSA) Millennium Flooring Boeties 1.00.51
42. Francois Finlay (RSA) and Andrew Ross-Innes (RSA) Big Pink Banana 1.00.53
43. Richard Marshall (RSA) and Graham Tjabring (RSA) Manic Mudmen 1.01.38
44. Joao Marinho (Por) and José Silva (Por) Amarante 1.02.50
45. Izak Visagie (RSA) and Nico Verhoef (RSA) Rola 1.05.06
46. Andreas Setting (Nor) and Erik Steene (Nor) Aurora Borealis 1.06.31
47. Thomas Frischknecht (Swi) and Tom Ritchey (USA) Team Rwanda 1.07.12
48. Nicholas Mallandain (RSA) 1.09.16
49. Andrew Murray (RSA) and Darren Lowe (RSA) Team Toshiba / Robsteel 1.09.35
50. Greg von Holdt (RSA) and Simon Murray (RSA) Fat Old Men 1.09.51
51. Thomas Vandendaele (Bel) and Gert De Roover (Bel) Gear11 1.12.54
52. Marc Hulzebos (Ned) and Johan van Splunter (Ned) splunter en hulzebos 1.13.28
53. Jonathan Boyer (USA) and Abraham Ruhumuriza (Rwa) Project Rwanda 1.13.30
54. Henning Blaauw (RSA) and Etienne Joubert (RSA) Gemini Marine /CPUT 1.16.24
55. Pierre Conradie (RSA) and Allister Arenson (RSA) Cycles Direct 1.16.26
56. Ben van Niekerk (RSA) and Karl Schubert (RSA) Energade – Big Fat Bastards 1.16.32
57. Marcel Deacon (RSA) and Jason Elridge (RSA) Susan Deacon Properties 1.16.42
58. Craig Beech (RSA) and Tim Dixon (RSA) Save the Jumping Trees 1.17.22
59. Wessel van der walt (RSA) and Gideon Joubert (RSA) FPC/Polar 1.20.28
60. Johan Maree (RSA) and Daniel Bresler (RSA) Trance 1.21.53
61. William Stopforth (RSA) and Andrew Marshall (RSA) Toucan 1.22.14
62. Koos Klopper (RSA) and David Labuschagne (RSA) Cycle Lab Brothers 1.23.14
63. Mark Elliott (RSA) and Anthony Nash (RSA) Cow & Chicken 1.24.08
64. Deon Cilliers (RSA) and Garett Paton (RSA) Energade Scalpers 1.24.08
65. Shane Thomson (RSA) and Marco Pulvirenti (RSA) Fullimput Clothing Company 1.24.09
66. Mike Arthur (RSA) and Peter Clark (RSA) Gun Show 1.24.44
67. Rui Panacadares (Por) and David Ventura (Por) R Bikes OTA 1.25.03
68. Chad Forrest (Chn) and Stuart Eunson (Chn) Santa Fe Relocation Services 1.25.03
69. Ian Gilley (RSA) and Frank Hayward (RSA) USN Squirt 1.29.41
70. Sakkie van wyk (RSA) and Benjamin van Wyk (RSA) M.U.D 1.31.24
71. Albert Retief (RSA) and Alan Cotton (RSA) BBB 1.31.45
72. Nicolaas Johannes Badenhorst (RSA) and Dirk Oberholster (RSA) DiNimite 1.33.36
73. Russell Nugent (RSA) and Mark Kapnoudhis (RSA) Lactic Acid Heads 1.33.36
74. Nino Cokan (Slo) and Luka Kodra (Slo) Slovenia Epic Team 1.33.36
75. Thys Fourie (RSA) and Willem Van Der Merwe (RSA) RMD 1.35.14
76. John Gale (RSA) and Riaan Meintjes (RSA) Fat Bob 1.37.18
77. Brian Bontekoning (RSA) and Riaan van Niekerk (RSA) Fast & Furious 1.37.43
78. Nic Lamond (RSA) and Simon Lamond (RSA) cyclingnews.com 1.37.46
79. Christophe Desimpeleare (Den) and Laurent Sillon (Spa) csc la santa bike power 1.38.06
80. Daniel Moreno (Ven) and Ruben Parra (Ven) Venezuela Elite 1.38.08
81. Henri Lesewitz (RSA) and Michael Veith (Ger) Bike Magazin Germany 1.38.08
82. Garron Boshoff (RSA) and Andreas Krensel (RSA) Stevens 1.38.08
83. Brandon Els (RSA) and Mark Willimott (RSA) The Coots 1.38.09
84. Benjamin Meyer (RSA) and Cloete Murray (RSA) Bruce Reyneke Cycles/Giant2 1.38.12
85. David Knott (RSA) and Julian Bryant (RSA) Coke Lads 1.38.12
86. Mike Biesheuvel (RSA) and Tristan Hahn (RSA) Meerkat 1.38.16
87. Hugo Jankowitz (RSA) and Mark Blewitt (RSA) Mavericks Team 1.38.24
88. Denys Sergiyenko (Ukr) and Oleg Tokar (Ukr) Bayan 1.39.27
89. Ryan Scott (RSA) and Dieter Voigt (RSA) Big Tree 1.39.41
90. Tjaart Van Nieuwenhuizen (RSA) and Jacques Bedeker (RSA) Bruce Reyneke Cycles Giant 5 1.39.48
91. john leppan (RSA) and Mathew Browne (RSA) hermanus express 1.41.29
92. Wynand Du Plessis (RSA) and Steve Saunders (RSA) Team North and South 1.41.54
93. David Walsh (RSA) and Eugen Gotz (RSA) Lebone Land 1.41.57
94. Gus Klohn (RSA) and Helmut Nel (RSA) InfraDEV H2K 1.43.04
95. Johan Cilliers (RSA) and Mark Johnson (RSA) DHL Logistics 1.43.35
96. Renier van Greunen (RSA) and Freek Zeelie (RSA) SKF 1.43.36
97. Michel Bogli (Bra) and Jose Correia Pinto Filho (Bra) Abrame Ceará 1.44.07
98. Jurgen Weidig (UAR) and Wolfgang Hohmann (UAR) Wolfi’s Bike Shop Dubai 1.47.28
99. Mark Jason (RSA) and Roy McGladdery (RSA) Sparky & Rapist 1.47.47
100. Gerhard Bonthuys (RSA) and Adriaan Botha (RSA) Highveld PFS 1.48.05
101. Maartin van Rensburg (RSA) and Alex van Rensburg (RSA) Pinky and the Brain 1.48.07
102. Ludwig Swanepoel (RSA) and Bryan Lennox (RSA) GLC 1.48.07
103. Rowan Grobler (RSA) and Christo du Plessis (RSA) Absa Social Speed 1.49.07
104. Jürgen Unterberger (Aut) and Andreas Zörweg (Aut) Unicef Austria 7 1.49.55
105. Lourenco Bizarria (Bra) and Francisco Junior (Bra) Brazil Ceará 1.49.56
106. Jeremy Maccelari (RSA) and Danie Marais (RSA) Cycle Lab Mixed Ages 1.51.39
107. Adriaan Albert Wessels (RSA) and Heinrich Gildenhuys (RSA) Bmax 1.51.45
108. Julian Gorman (RSA) and Jurie Zietsman (RSA) 2Fast4Me 1.53.08
109. Wayde Kennedy (RSA) and Mike Hewan (RSA) Phantom Group / Cycle Lab 1.53.18
110. Nick Stephenson (RSA) and Shane Peters (RSA) Aero 1.53.23
111. Duke Erlank (RSA) and Frikkie Malan (RSA) Black Scholes 1.53.36
112. Dean Badenhorst (RSA) and Steven Andrews (RSA) Stokies and Crocs 1.55.10
113. Nico Van Zyl (RSA) and Jaco De Villiers (RSA) Bemer 1.55.50
114. Mervyn Dinkelman (RSA) and Marco Swart (RSA) Zipp Giant 1.56.00
115. Nicholas Mulder (RSA) and Clinton Mackintosh (RSA) Cyanosis – Foodstate 1.56.39
116. Jean-Stephan Voza (Fra) and Roberto Bessler (Fra) Fromage Baguette 1.58.01
117. Dale Verran (RSA) and Brett Van Coller (RSA) RES 1.58.56
118. Nicky Van Blerk (RSA) and Riaan Henry Derks (RSA) Flexi 1.58.57
119. Alex Claraso (Spa) and Albert Castellar (Spa) Erclan Team 1.58.58
120. Raf Vanderlinden (Bel) and Bert Onkelinx (Bel) Van Wezel 1.59.44
121. Dale McLean (RSA) and Bruce Talbot (RSA) Yeehaaa 2.02.11
122. Johan Fourie (Nam) and Jacques Marais (Nam) Siemens Namibia 2.02.55
123. Kevin Adendorff (RSA) and Garth Briggs (RSA) GB Cycles 2.02.58
124. Primoz Gulin (Slo) and Uros Breski (Slo) Hit universe of fun 2.06.31
125. Paul Ensink (Ned) and Harry Ensink (Ned) Bike One Team 2.08.42
126. Christiaan van Zyl (RSA) and Johan van Zyl (RSA) Grocies Express 2.08.51
127. Adriaan Strauss (RSA) and Francois Strauss (RSA) Rock Spiders 2.08.54
128. Roelou Slabbert (RSA) and Jan Slabbert (RSA) Slabbert 2.08.54
129. Sirk Loots (RSA) and Maarten Van Dalsen (RSA) Yo-Yo 2.10.03
130. Cobus Uys (RSA) and Pieter van der Westhuyzen (RSA) Tafelkop 2.10.48
131. Philip-Ben Kotze (RSA) and Mark Cryans (RSA) Hermanus Pharmacy 2.12.24
132. Troy Pople (RSA) and Gavin Markgraaff (RSA) ACT Solutions 2.12.50
133. Michael Talbot (RSA) and paul winter (RSA) norfolk & chance 2.13.20
134. Martin Buck (RSA) and Derek Crandon (RSA) Cranbuck 2.15.26
135. Neil Malherbe (RSA) and Ivo Nestel (RSA) Neil & Ivo 2.15.57
136. Crookes Gregory (Ned) and Jaap Vreugdenhil (Ned) Whiskey 2.15.59
137. Ian Marr (RSA) and Martin Jacobsohn (RSA) Doctor Doctor 2.16.51
138. Mark van Hoogstraten (RSA) and Brett Nattrass (RSA) Plantagenta 2.17.18
139. Gerrie Olivier (RSA) and Pieta Swanepoel (RSA) Pragma 2.17.19
140. Francois Ebersohn (RSA) and David Warren (GBr) Cannondale/Scott 2.18.01
141. Keith Smith (RSA) and Craig Smith (RSA) Smith Squared 2.21.39
142. Trevor Case (RSA) and Murray Brown (RSA) HFC 2.23.14
143. Markus Hunziker (Swi) and Daniel Bonifazi (Swi) Crazy Helvetics 2.24.06
144. Andrew Maynard (Aus) and Dirk Austinat (Ger) Nordex Wildside MTB 2.24.18
145. Craig Ogilvy (RSA) and Digby Ryder (RSA) Vox Telecom 2.24.53
146. Robert van Staden (RSA) and Michael Childes (RSA) Asics 2.26.20
147. Dylan Chilcott (RSA) and Robbie Powell (RSA) The Coots 2 2.27.29
148. Neil Neethling (RSA) and Hansie Lourens (RSA) Boshoff Visser 2.27.40
149. Jayson Connacher (RSA) and Johan Engelbrecht (RSA) Lucky Amigos 2.28.39
150. Marco Dietiker (Swi) and Roger Brudermann (Swi) Sherpa Tensing-Pedalerie 2.29.37
151. Gawie Steyn (RSA) and Jan de Villiers (RSA) Desert Wind 2.29.50
152. Dion Guy (RSA) and Jaco Schoeman (RSA) Buffel and Jakkels 2.31.12
153. Peter Joughin (RSA) and Dana Botha (RSA) Acacia 2.31.17
154. Nuno Filipe de Lima Machado (Por) and André Malha (Por) Team M&M 2.32.01
155. Deon Buhrs (RSA) and Toby van Reenen (RSA) TRUE Grits 2.32.07
156. Leon Tobias (RSA) and Mark Sack (RSA) RACE CASE 2.33.31
157. Christiaan Bezuidenhout (RSA) and Riaan Senekal (RSA) Talisman Plant & Tool Hire 3 2.34.24
158. Steven Hirst (RSA) and Rod Oscroft (RSA) Elite Painters 2.34.49
159. Dominic Ford (RSA) and Nic Du Preez (RSA) Drizit 2.35.34
160. Conrad de Wet (RSA) and Martin Botha (RSA) FAT Boys Slimmed 2.35.39
161. Warren Schwartz (RSA) and Dylan Ross-Kent (RSA) Racing Snakes 2.36.21
162. Roche Pierre Cronje (RSA) and Jean van Zyl (RSA) Shockproof 2.38.06
163. Clinton Moore (RSA) and Justin Tomsett (RSA) Nelson Glass 2.39.39
164. Christopher Chorley (RSA) and Mark Nel (RSA) Team Vox 2.39.39
165. Lyle Baldwin (RSA) and Zane Sonnekus (RSA) Lyle Baldwin Agencies 2.41.05
166. Richard Spierings (Ned) and Frank Gerritse (Ned) Cape Holland 2008 2.42.23
167. Andrew Gates (RSA) and Etienne du Plessis (RSA) Afripex Piping Systems 2.42.24
168. Connor Dawson (RSA) and Michael Dalby (RSA) WeaselDoo 2.43.26
169. Shane Jansen van Vuuren (RSA) and Edge Bisset (RSA) 20 Inches (of travel) 2.43.55
170. Werner Folscher (Can) and Pierre Billet (Swi) Perfect Strangers 2.44.38
171. Arie Willem Roos (RSA) and Arnie Treurnicht (RSA) A Longtom A 2.44.42
172. John Wakefield (RSA) and Hentie Hanekom (RSA) PeloTrain 2.45.16
173. Mauro Carné Carcas (Spa) and Lucas Carné (Spa) Privalia.com 2.46.18
174. Nick Hishin (RSA) and Paul Tyler (RSA) sandbar 2.46.26
175. Frank Gibbon (RSA) and Bo Szalek (RSA) Bruce Reyneke Cycles – giant 1 2.46.27
176. Andrew Kenny (RSA) and Graham Daniel (RSA) Fullimput – Mr P 2.46.56
177. Carl Crous (RSA) and Hennie Storm (RSA) Shake ‘n Bake 2.48.19
178. Brian James Cameron (RSA) and David Ives (RSA) Rats out a drainpipe 2.51.50
179. Robby Cumming (RSA) and Axel Poser (RSA) Redberry 2.52.01
180. Wally Fernandes (RSA) and Michael Ehret (RSA) Mangatech 2.52.21
181. Darren Koslicki (GBr) and Casper Bester (RSA) Blazing Saddle Sores 2.52.32
182. Xavier Scheepers (Swi) and Bjorn Vye (RSA) Blue Flag 2.52.45
183. Rene Koschewa (Ger) and Albert Krauss (Ger) Outdoor Base 2.53.56
184. Andrew Butters (RSA) and Marco De Freitas (RSA) Pudlo Mosaic 2.54.18
185. Thierry Toussaint (Bel) and Henri Meier (RSA) The Settler and the Gaul 2.54.53
186. Rick Mey (RSA) and Louis Botha (RSA) Shake & Bake 2.55.39
187. Cornelius Saayman (RSA) and Heinrich Nolan (RSA) strandloper 2.56.49
188. Mark Loftus (RSA) and Evan Price (RSA) Just4Kicks 2.56.55
189. Coen Bezuidenhout (RSA) and Cedric Jansen van Vuuren (RSA) Prosperity 2.57.31
190. Mike Morris (RSA) and Paul Potter (RSA) Downhill Junkies 2.58.26
191. Andre De Oliveira (RSA) and Ryan Ambler-Smith (RSA) Spoke & Diesel 2.58.26
192. David Macready (RSA) and Matthew de Wet (RSA) Nedbank Private Bank 2.58.46
193. Louis Kirsten (RSA) and Anton Kirsten (RSA) The Great Red Spot 2.59.19
194. Craig Edwards (RSA) and Dane Walsh (RSA) Ocean2 2.59.54
195. Febbie Malherbe (RSA) and Pieter Malherbe (RSA) Prima Bande Supa Quick 2.59.56
196. Willem du Toit (RSA) and Rudi Pieterse (RSA) Gatskop 2.59.56
197. Ray Farrenkothen (RSA) and Paul Karusseit (RSA) Car Park Blockheads 3.00.57
198. Ismail Mammon (RSA) and Justin Bouwer (RSA) Big Blade & Spinboy 3.02.04
199. Stefan van Doorn (Nam) and Paul Brinkmann (Nam) Bushriders 3.02.56
200. Jan Hnizdo (RSA) and Jarrett Pech (RSA) Zam-Buk 3.03.27
201. Garth Humphries (RSA) and Ian Cloete (RSA) PWC.com 3.03.46
202. Peter Starke (RSA) and Nic Duper (RSA) Hermanus Full Monty 3.05.22
203. Thys Dullaart (RSA) and Mark Johnstone (RSA) The Times/Dunkeld Cycles 3.06.23
204. Roelof van Huyssteen (RSA) and Daniel Prinsloo (RSA) Issues 3.08.10
205. Coenraad De Bruin (RSA) and Don Larsen (RSA) Purina Pack 3.08.13
206. Andrew Woodburn (RSA) and Greg Maud (RSA) Wild boys 3.08.22
207. Kevin Mc Pherson (RSA) and Wolfgang von Loeper (RSA) Orion 3.08.24
208. Dave Bure (RSA) and Rob Craig (RSA) Puffing Pitbulls 3.10.29
209. Rasmus Aandal (Nor) and Mads Martinussen (Nor) Impulse 3.10.58
210. Lee McNab (Zim) and Sean Day (Zim) Team Bonsa 3.12.57
211. Stefan De Swaef (Bel) and Steven Woo (USA) Sportgenic – Fortis 3.14.08
212. Theo Barnard (RSA) and Matt Skellern (RSA) Adrenalin 3.14.13
213. Rowan Beling (RSA) and Tim Reed (RSA) Cape Union Mart 3.16.08
214. Louis Smith (RSA) and Willem Daffue (RSA) Ufudu Express 3.16.15
215. Victor Cubiña (Spa) and Jordi Compta (Spa) EQUIP A DOS 3.16.19
216. Steven Schnell (RSA) and Andrew Westaway (RSA) Madness 3.16.22
217. Omri Kleynhans (RSA) and John Vonofakidis (RSA) Velo 3.17.50
218. Rizan Flenner (Aut) and Andreas Engelhardt (Aut) Unicef Austria 4 3.18.22
219. Schalk Pienaar (Aus) and Antonie Meyer (RSA) Liquid Heat 3.18.23
220. Martyn Mulder (RSA) and Heinrich Visser (RSA) MWeb 3.18.49
221. Graeme van der Nest (RSA) and Chris Lester (RSA) Trainee Coots 3 3.18.50
222. Andre Less (RSA) and Craigh Chidrawi (RSA) 575 3.18.50
223. Gary Arnold (RSA) and David Marais (RSA) Piston Legs 3.20.26
224. Tommie Potgieter (RSA) and John Potgieter (RSA) Double P 3.20.52
225. Wayne Collett (RSA) and SW Jacobsz (RSA) Expedition Tracker.Com 3.21.07
226. Jerrard Le Roux (RSA) and Marchand van Rooyen (RSA) Bert&Ernie 3.21.07
227. Derek Schulze (RSA) and Duncan Schulze (RSA) Amalgamated Bulk 3.21.08
228. Richard Tunstall (RSA) and Neill Pienaar (RSA) Investec – Topp 3.21.48
229. Paul Hartmann (RSA) and James Henry (RSA) Boxers 3.22.46
230. Marius Hoogerboord (RSA) and Wagner Traut (RSA) Dustmights 3.23.42
231. Alexandre Da Silva Rosa (Bra) and Clademilson Santos (Bra) Brasil Fox Sabrico 3.23.44
232. Christiaan de Vries (RSA) and Johan Wentzel (RSA) dynamics 3.24.41
233. Bennie Vermaak (RSA) and William Teeton (RSA) Plaaskem Gamtoos Vallei 3.26.08
234. Stefan Zimmermann (Ger) and Frank Regge (Ger) BikeSportNews-Pirate 3.27.22
235. Shaun Adam (RSA) and Ted Adam (RSA) Seashore 3.27.30
236. Melius Weideman (RSA) and Henk Ackermann (RSA) Grapetek-Liquigro 3.27.37
237. Richard Edwards (RSA) and Donald Mackenzie (RSA) Knysna Hospice 3.28.18
238. Patrick Baransky (RSA) and Ian Miller (RSA) 2 Best Mates Traverse (2x BMT) 3.28.40
239. Trevor McLeanAnderson (RSA) and Richard Lacey (RSA) Axis House 3.28.50
240. Thane Munting (RSA) and Nick Kruger (RSA) Fith Element 3.28.52
241. Andrew Clayton (GBr) and Martin Bain Venn (GBr) The South Downs Massive 3.28.54
242. Wayne Till (RSA) and Stuart Manzie (RSA) APP3 3.29.52
243. Clive Stevens (RSA) and Willem Groenewald (RSA) Medscheme 3.29.53
244. Gert van Aarde (RSA) and Steyn van Niekerk (RSA) Oomkoos 3.29.54
245. Malcolm Heathfield (RSA) and David Wibberley (RSA) Adroit 3.30.01
246. Etienne Roux (RSA) and Pieter Lategan (RSA) Easy 3.30.04
247. Javier Lopez (USA) and Daniel Munoz (USA) Caribbean Motors Mazda Puerto Rico 3.30.50
248. Sean Weldon (RSA) and Colin Dix-Peek (RSA) Suck a Lifesaver 3.32.45
249. Michael Gardiner (RSA) and Morne Engelbrecht (RSA) Team Cosmos 3.33.05
250. Chris Sochanski (RSA) and Ralph Mills (RSA) CHOC R&Cing 3.33.47
251. Brett Summers (RSA) and Richard Wijnberg (RSA) Dos Amigos 3.34.21
252. Jean de Villiers (RSA) and Nicolaas Jacobus Smit (RSA) Pule DDT 3.34.25
253. Phillip Bronkhorst (RSA) and Kabous Van der Westhuizen (RSA) Has Beens 3.36.14
254. Antonio Bendito (Por) and Pedro Capela (Por) Chaparros BttTeam 3.42.25
255. Guilherme Ruschel (Bra) and Fabio Ferreira (Bra) Fox Sabrico Brasil 3.42.50
256. Henco Rademeyer (RSA) and de Villiers Viljoen (RSA) Karoo Part V 3.43.08
257. Julian Jordan (GBr) and Nigel Foskett (GBr) Pies N’ Thighs 3.43.09
258. Jaco Wolfaardt (RSA) and Driaan Schwartz (RSA) The DeLaval Riders 3.43.10
259. George Cloete (RSA) and Stiffie du Toit (RSA) Everest 3.43.11
260. Dave Parsons (RSA) and Laurence Szendrei (RSA) RMD Racing 3.43.11
261. Gavin Brown (Swi) and Michael Golinski (Can) Fama 3.43.12
262. Dave Farrer (RSA) and Paul Hunter (RSA) Rusty Old Nuts 3.44.50
263. Mark Fernsby (RSA) and Richard Hime (RSA) The Whiner & The Whinger 3.46.29
264. Sean Van Heerden (RSA) and Angus Alexander (RSA) Poultry in motion 3.47.39
265. Wayne Keet (GBr) and Matthew John Godwin (GBr) Shlang Balles 3.47.45
266. Robert Bateman (RSA) and Gavin McDermid (RSA) Cycle Factory/Flux Comms 3.47.46
267. Wouter Pentz (RSA) and Cornelis Venter (RSA) 2 Choices 3.49.25
268. Tim Parsonson (RSA) and James Pitman (RSA) The Daddies 3.52.41
269. Andrew Marsh (RSA) and Craig Metherell (RSA) Blazing Butts 3.53.06
270. Antonio Paulo Medeiros Junior (Bra) and Mark Wielopolski (GBr) Adriana Nascimento 3.53.17
271. Cornelius Daniel Du Toit (RSA) and Reinhold Stander (RSA) 3RD Hermanus Cycles 3.54.13
272. Heiko Engelhardt (Ger) and Andreas Scheld (Ger) Froehliche Pedale 3.54.50
273. Enzo Antoniazzi (RSA) and Henry Cibulka (RSA) bruce reyneke cycles giant 3 3.56.29
274. Andrew van der Molen (RSA) and Collin Stroberg (RSA) Wing-it! 3.57.50
275. Mike Andrew (RSA) and Jaco Kamfer (RSA) Absa 2day 2morrow 2gether 3.58.53
276. Pieter Dykman (RSA) and Bertus Kilian (RSA) Dessert Croosers 3.58.58
277. Paul Kennedy (Irl) and Sean Solon (Irl) Xtreme Paddy’s 4.00.25
278. Peter Blomefield (RSA) and Hylton Bannon (RSA) TTAF Toyota 4.01.15
279. Allard van Dijk (RSA) and Stephan Venter (RSA) Bruce Reyneke Giant JHB 4.01.33
280. Marnitz Nienaber (RSA) and Eduard Herselman (RSA) PG Quattro 4.02.20
281. Jeroen Roodenburg (Ned) and Jeroen Tiebie (Ned) de jeroentjes 4.03.12
282. Timothy Blegenhout (RSA) and Shaun Savage (RSA) Golefty 4.06.38
283. Rory Wilson (RSA) and Adrian Carter (RSA) Executive Decision 4.07.42
284. Petr Samanek (RSA) and Grant Chamier (RSA) Knobbly Knees 4.08.13
285. Ray O’Bree (RSA) and Richard Redvers Sharwood (RSA) Sharwoods 4.08.19
286. Heiko Wild (Ger) and Michael Dotterweich (Ger) bikedress.de 4.08.47
287. Neal Bromley (GBr) and Phil Rose (GBr) Trailjunkies 4.08.56
288. Mike Venables (RSA) and Graeme Venables (RSA) 2 Bro’s 4.09.48
289. Ian Robertson (RSA) and Andrew Robertson (RSA) Deep South Eco Adventures 4.10.15
290. Paulo Brandão (Bra) and Alfredo Montenegro (Bra) Brazil Ceará 1 4.11.24
291. Warren Borlase (NZl) and Tim Vincent (NZl) Kiwi 4.12.09
292. Rob Stevens (RSA) and Gustav Hoekstra (RSA) Volvo Bryanston 4.12.26
293. Alan Shannon (RSA) and Michael Bradshaw (RSA) Nedbank Pvt Bank 4.14.16
294. Songo Fipaza (RSA) and Litha Nkehleni (RSA) ABSA Sikhona 4.14.34
295. Carl Mare (RSA) and Johannes Lombaard (RSA) Amarula 4.17.13
296. Sean Stack (RSA) and Neville Cragg (RSA) The Staggs 4.17.54
297. Julien van der Pluym (RSA) and Angus Taylor (RSA) Tandrat 4.18.50
298. Mark Squire (RSA) and Donovon Thorne (RSA) An Epic Adventure 4.20.46
299. Barry Atkins (GBr) and Warren Evans (GBr) Thames Turbo 4.23.46
300. Russell Paschke (Nam) and Simon Cummings (RSA) Desert Rats 4.24.18
301. Thomas Brandl (Aut) and David Doppelreiter (Aut) Unicef Austria 5 4.24.28
302. Mike Sherman (RSA) and Peter Simon (RSA) Famous five 4.28.51
303. Viktor Tesar (RSA) and Charel Bruwer (RSA) 2 B Bling 4.32.15
304. Mike De Beer (RSA) and Casper van Wyk (RSA) River Group 4.33.58
305. Guy Fyvie (RSA) and Shaun Katz (RSA) Fat Cousins 4.34.02
306. Wim Chalmet (GBr) and Diederik Vaes (Bel) Bioracer 4.38.46
307. Michael Eidne (RSA) and Murray Todd (RSA) Speedy 4.41.33
308. Herman Uys (Nam) and Johann Wasserfall (Nam) Desert Devils 4.41.57
309. Oluf Heil (Ger) and Thorsten Erlenkemper (Ger) Amathola Attackers 4.43.06
310. Jamie Maskell (RSA) and Chester Bakkerus (RSA) Struggle 4.43.07
311. Greg Moretti (USA) and Roualeyn de Haas (USA) Pioneer Africa 4.43.09
312. Craig Lorden (RSA) and Robbie Kempson (RSA) ABSAlutely Epic 4.47.31
313. Matthew Davis (GBr) and Sean Hayden (GBr) BBC Sport 4.49.42
314. Craig Michael Goddard (RSA) and Andrew Taylor (RSA) Granny Gear 4.52.19


1. Pia Sundstedt (Fin) and Alison Sydor (Can) Rocky Mountain 4.58.00
2. Erica Green (RSA) and Hanlie Booyens (RSA) ABSA Ladies 18.5
3. Fabienne Heinzmann (Swi) and Katrin Schwing (Ned) Dolphin-Trek mountainbike racing team 27.13
4. Susan Haywood (USA) and Jennifer Smith (USA) Trek/VW WSD 28.07
5. Jane Seggie (RSA) and Ischen Stopforth (RSA) Scott Contessa 31.31
6. Christina Begy (USA) and Rebecca Rusch (USA) Specialized 1.09.56
7. Petruschka Constancon (RSA) and Louise Hemmes (RSA) Valhalla 1.12.31
8. Yolandi du Toit (RSA) and Samantha Oosthuizen (RSA) Garmin 1.20.56
9. Phelia Burger (RSA) and Annelle Rabie (RSA) The Mud Fairies 1.26.50
10. Di Thomas (RSA) and Liesbet Kristafor (RSA) Day Trippers 1.33.26
11. Glynis Pretorius (RSA) and Shawna Thunder (RSA) Landrover Durban/ Bruce Reyneke/Giant4 1.34.23
12. Sarah Wielopolska (RSA) and Mandy Wielopolska (RSA) Nestle Pure Life/Bar One 2.08.39
13. Helena Parsons (NZl) and Amanda Brooks (NZl) MTBskills.com 2.11.00
14. Bridget de Gersigny (RSA) and Zee Snyman (RSA) Le ZeeBee 2.11.58
15. Joan Louwrens (RSA) and Mary Haw (RSA) Haw-Haw 2.19.19
16. Bonny Swanepoel (RSA) and Charmaine Werdmuller (RSA) Adidas Spinman Ladies 2.24.42
17. Anka Martin (USA) and Megan Hilliard (USA) Iron Horse Maidens 2.44.29
18. Rizel Stander (RSA) and Miriam Stronkhorst (RSA) Serendipity 2.49.04
19. Esther Lategan (RSA) and Elmien Wagenaar (RSA) Subaru Cape Town 2.51.39
20. Heike Jakins (RSA) and Caren Henschel (RSA) Itec 3.19.27
21. Patricia Bertolucci (Bra) and Denise Hajjar (Bra) Brazil 4.05.40
DNF Kim Kreb (USA) and Terrie Clouse (USA) ScottUSA/PeakToPeakTraining
DNF Hannele Steyn-Kotze (RSA) and Leanne Brown-Waterson (RSA) Adidas/CMC/Rocky Mountain


1. Doug Brown (RSA) and Barti Bucher (Swi) ABSA Masters 4.46.10
2. M.C. Franken (RSA) and Peter Buggle (Irl) Pragma Masters 1.12
3. Shan Wilson (RSA) and Walter Platzgummer (Ita) Adidas William Simpson 4.42
4. Tony Conlon (RSA) and Lieb Loots (RSA) Marsilio Projects 22.5
5. Franky Taelman (Bel) and Danny Flies (Bel) Chamizo-Sportful 26.52
6. Bryan Strauss (RSA) and Andre Viljoen (RSA) Jeff Art Signs / Giant 26.54
7. Andrew Johan Cillie (RSA) and Leon Olivier (RSA) Private Client Holdings 26.57
8. Claudio Pellegrini (Ita) and Orazio Casaccio (Ita) Oracla 30.31
9. Ergee du Toit (RSA) and Charles Nienaber (RSA) Emotion Cycling 33.38
10. Doug Andrews (USA) and Rich Bartlett (USA) gpsupload.com 37.56
11. Eduardo Soares (Bra) and Daniel Aliperti (Bra) Epic Brazil 39.02
12. Ronny Roelandt (Bel) and Patrick Wouters (Bel) 2XtremeVT4 Masters 46.17
13. Neil Frazer (RSA) and Greg Anderson (RSA) XXX Energade 46.18
14. Jim Long (USA) and John Ahearn (USA) SLO Grown 46.19
15. Andries Duminy (RSA) and Angus McGuffog (RSA) Marsillio Projects 2 46.22
16. Michael Cheesman (RSA) and Ernest Welch (RSA) nut case 53.11
17. Berend Jan Otto Maarsingh (RSA) and Dirk Maarsingh (RSA) Talisman Plant & Tool Hire 2 1.01.31
18. John Thomson (RSA) and Duncan Bowman (RSA) Toyota Mates 1.08.01
19. Cedric Jakobsen (RSA) and Derek Morgan (RSA) Cannondale – Seattle Coffee 1.08.03
20. Bruce Reyneke (RSA) and Roberto Gnudi (RSA) Bruce Reyneke Cycles Panda 1.08.12
21. Francois Malherbe (RSA) and Ludwig Malherbe (RSA) Porcupines 1.11.44
22. Jaroslaw Wsol (Pol) and Andrzej Erbel (Pol) WSOL Sport Poland 1.13.27
23. Brian Wheal (RSA) and Andrew Gregory (RSA) Aviators 1.17.54
24. Matt Pennefather (RSA) and Jeremy Thomson (RSA) Barrows Boyz 1.17.56
25. Colin Du Plessis (RSA) and Jan Zonnestein (RSA) Talisman Plant & Tool Hire 1 1.18.00
26. Andrew Mclean (RSA) and Mark Eltringham (RSA) Cyclelab 1.21.39
27. Rob McIntosh (RSA) and Neil Crosthwaite (RSA) Macks Team 1.21.40
28. Ben Van der Merwe (RSA) and Mark Pieterse (RSA) Dikwiel Junkies 1.23.11
29. Juan Van deventer (RSA) and Henry Swart (RSA) Hermanus Animal 1.25.50
30. Garth Endacott (RSA) and Tim House (RSA) Bonobo 1.26.06
31. Erno van Dongen (Ned) and Kees Koek (Ned) Vanderlande 1.31.00
32. Kobie Pruis (RSA) and Daniel Smit (RSA) Toyota 1 1.32.59
33. Jaco Strydom (RSA) and Kevin Record (RSA) Boer & Pom 1.33.00
34. Albert du Toit (RSA) and Frans du Toit (RSA) Grey Whalers 1.34.52
35. Colin Goosen (RSA) and Dave Hanbury (RSA) Goosebury 1.34.58
36. Patrick Gaertner (RSA) and Robert Sim (RSA) Superwatt Club 100 1.36.05
37. Petrus Senekal (RSA) and Tiaan Strauss (RSA) ABSA Kalahari Ferrari’s 1.38.42
38. Kobus Burger (RSA) and Trevor Milton (RSA) Anglo-Boer 1.42.01
39. Theo van Dyk (RSA) and Nick Erasmus (RSA) Mile High Club 1.45.19
40. Peter Liddiard (RSA) and Kevin Dewar (RSA) Audi Claremont 1.45.19
41. Brett Olsen (RSA) and Johan Groenewald (RSA) Earthbound 1.55.30
42. Michael Potgieter (RSA) and Roy Cackett (RSA) Chep Timone & Pumba 1.56.28
43. Pierre Franken (RSA) and Anton du Plessis (RSA) Adventure Ticket 2.02.03
44. Johan Venter (RSA) and Gerhard Huiskens (RSA) Klipdrift 2.02.56
45. Koos Basson (RSA) and Wayne Rebello (RSA) Rebels 2.03.37
46. Mike Nixon (RSA) and Gary Walters (RSA) First Ascent 2.04.22
47. Coenie Smit (RSA) and Luc Bouckaert (Bel) animal 2.04.23
48. Keith Moodie (RSA) and Noel Ernstzen (RSA) Parmalat 2.04.40
49. Graham Monteith (RSA) and Rory Attridge (RSA) Mont & Puck 2.04.56
50. Wayne Graham (RSA) and Karl Avis (RSA) Atlantic Hedge 2.05.32
51. Hillegert Wilcocks (RSA) and Jan Lamberts (RSA) Plantcare 2.09.27
52. Jeff Levin (USA) and John Ramsden (Can) Kandu 2.09.31
53. James Arthur (RSA) and Rod Cairns (RSA) The Denny Island Tribe Bullets 2.09.44
54. Marinus Bekker (RSA) and Francois Van Der Leek (RSA) Superlight Cruz’rs 2.11.35
55. Chris Rabie (RSA) and Lood Rabie (RSA) Lyngrove 2.12.45
56. Hannes Davel (RSA) and Gert Marincowitz (RSA) magoebaskloof 2.13.13
57. Chris Ward (GBr) and Bill Gilbert (GBr) London Dynamo 2.16.13
58. Henry Fagan (RSA) and Anthony Walker (RSA) Fagan Consulting 2.16.16
59. Chris Uniacke (RSA) and Philip Godson (RSA) Coming Soon 2.16.20
60. Graham Hindle (RSA) and Garth Greubel (RSA) Bike Hackers 2.16.20
61. Peter John Kirkland (RSA) and Tim Watson (RSA) Jewel Africa 2.16.45
62. Peter Roux (RSA) and Achim Ernst (RSA) Aspen 2.17.38
63. Johan Bezuidenhout (RSA) and Hilton Foster (RSA) Buzz 2.20.08
64. Leigh Durham (RSA) and Neil Pentolfe (RSA) U Investing in Health 2.22.41
65. Marius Coetzee (RSA) and Shaun Luyt (RSA) Dopey and cutter 2.23.43
66. Gerhard Kiessling (Ger) and Peter Englhardt (Ger) de Abbutter 2.26.35
67. Steven Boers (RSA) and Andre van der Merwe (RSA) MacIntyre 2.26.40
68. Niel Maritz (RSA) and Michel Loots (RSA) Plaaslyn 2.26.47
69. Jack Ackermann (RSA) and Roger Close (GBr) Nelson 2.29.48
70. Paul Keet (RSA) and Christopher Keet (RSA) KEET 2.31.36
71. Alwyn Gey van Pittius (RSA) and Petie Viljoen (RSA) Ongegund 2.32.09
72. Gerrie Steyn (RSA) and Malan van Rensburg (RSA) Bruce Reyneke Cycles G&M 2.34.42
73. Clive Silva (RSA) and Philip Bekker (RSA) Auto Dynamics 2.34.49
74. Ted Waldburger (RSA) and Mike Nichol (RSA) Island Tribe 2.36.46
75. Anke Dannowski (Ger) and Felix Breske (Ger) bo-racing & rotor-rohloff 2.38.04
76. Jeffrey Whiteley (RSA) and Ricky Bucceri (RSA) Mutt & Jeff 2.40.20
77. Chris Cawood (RSA) and Daniel Morkel (RSA) Helderberg docs 2.40.36
78. Gavin Robinson (RSA) and henry angove (RSA) Tuff Nuts 2.40.41
79. Paul Fourie (RSA) and Jonathan Innes (RSA) Journey’s End Vineyards 2.47.30
80. Rohan Surridge (RSA) and Jeremy Smit (RSA) Team Grumpy 2.48.43
81. Juan Carlos Lopez (Col) and Santiago Ramirez (Col) Colombia Trope Shago 2.49.05
82. Gary Boast (RSA) and Dean Burscough (RSA) Dabulamanzi 2.49.52
83. Lake Arapakis Oman and Damian Wake Oman Jebel Warriors 2.55.43
84. Cedric Peens (RSA) and Albie Heigers (RSA) Put Foot 2.56.22
85. Pieter Lategan (RSA) and Neels Nel (RSA) Team SAC diesel 2.56.34
86. Bruce Ravenhill (RSA) and Chris Drummond (RSA) The Young Ones 2.56.50
87. Bennie Reynders (RSA) and Andries Johannes Schaap (RSA) Paddle Power 2.56.51
88. Aidan De Lange (Nam) and Mike Cave (RSA) Grit Gravel & Grind 3.01.33
89. Neil Harper (RSA) and Dennis Finch (RSA) Standard Bank 3.04.12
90. Pieter van Rooyen (RSA) and Roux Geustyn (RSA) Kanteys 3.04.15
91. Leon van den Schoor (Ned) and Flemming Remkes (Ned) Cranked 3.05.46
92. Andrew Austin (Zam) and Joe Holmes (RSA) Flatdogs 3.09.34
93. Ray Oehley (RSA) and Kevin Stallbom (RSA) Lost Amigos 3.12.37
94. Gregory Deans (RSA) and Quinton Clemen (RSA) Two ton of Fun 3.12.43
95. David Pienaar (RSA) and Christo Van der Bergh (RSA) Team Porcupine 3.13.00
96. Craig Tingle (UAR) and Ian Tingle (RSA) Hoof Hearted Spurs 3.17.37
97. David Snyders (RSA) and Les Gutfreund (RSA) Blur 3.21.41
98. Edward Erda (RSA) and Dirk Joubert (RSA) Santam Miles 4 Marrow 3.23.02
99. Rupert Nanni (RSA) and John Meijer (RSA) Leather Nuns 3.26.14
100. Eddie Marais (RSA) and Miekie Dames (RSA) Harties Dust Busters 3.27.45
101. Andy Hodgson (GBr) and Stephen Salt (GBr) Salty Balls 3.33.46
102. Chris Cato (Zam) and Gert Muller (Zam) Kansanshi Musungus 3.38.28
103. Andrew Bradley (RSA) and Gavin Attenborough (RSA) Discovery 3.40.16
104. Les Rose-Innes (RSA) and Alasdair Sholto-Douglas (RSA) Double Barrel 3.41.34
105. Paolo Paganini (Ita) and Sartori Giovanni (Ita) Liotto Italia 3.44.41
106. Dup du Plessis (RSA) and Herman Botha (RSA) Bicon Dental Implants 3.45.00
107. Sander Silvis (RSA) and Frits Eloff (RSA) MythBusters 3.46.26
108. Geoff Pallister (RSA) and Mark Evans (RSA) Beneke sports/Didata/Alstom 3.50.27
109. Peter Holm Allan (RSA) and leon potgieter (RSA) Donford Motorrad 3.50.44
110. James Aitken (Aus) and Greg Dorfman (Aus) Boulevard Bicycle Boys 3.52.06
111. Colin Anderson (RSA) and Johan Kruger (RSA) Double Trouble 3.52.36
112. Doug Reed (RSA) and Edward Jackson (RSA) Eden 3.55.00
113. Shane Yates (RSA) and Daniel Otto (RSA) Wild Dogs 3.55.26
114. Ian Shakeshaft (Aus) and Robert Bleeker (Aus) ACE Venturas 3.59.14
115. John Clark (NZl) and Ken Scott (NZl) Waitaki 4.00.02
116. Andrew Crafford (RSA) and Chris Finnegan (RSA) Drie Berge 4.01.44
117. Andrew Ibbotson (RSA) and Robert de Lange (RSA) Dos Amigos 4.02.56
118. Dale Crouch (RSA) and Jack Stroucken (RSA) Absa Corporate and Business Bank 4.03.58
119. Klasie Wessels (RSA) and Duncan Charlton (RSA) BlueSharks 4.10.04
120. Stefan Schlett (Ger) and Frank Schüßler (Ger) Stefan’s Bike Schmiede 4.13.50
121. Simon Hough (RSA) and James Thornhill-Fisher (RSA) Afripex Tygirs 4.19.39


1. Johan Labuschagne (RSA) and Yolandè De Villiers (RSA) Cyclelab Toyota 4.58.09
2. Kobus Barnard (RSA) and Fienie Barnard (RSA) ABSA Mixed 14.58
3. Fourie Kotze (RSA) and Amy Mundy (RSA) adidas 16.21
4. Ivonne Kraft (Ger) and Nico Pfitzenmaier (Ger) Joybike guided by VMT and Maloja 22.14
5. Adrian Burri (Swi) and Franziska Roethlin (Swi) X.O Felt Swiss Mixed Team 29.2
6. Tomas Legnavsky (Slk) and Janka Stevkova (Slk) Novatec – CK MTB Dohnany 34.24
7. Markus Pielenz (Ger) and Sandra Sumerauer (Ger) Adidas-Medsport-Checker pig 41.02
8. Samantha Phillips (Den) and Jesper Dietz (Den) Lloyd’s Register – ODS 42.05
9. Anita Waiss (Aut) and Andreas Mühlbacher (Aut) Unicef Austria 1 47.34
10. Michelle Schlebusch (RSA) and Chris Fick (RSA) Mud Suckers 49.37
11. Simon van Blerk (RSA) and Elmien Stander (RSA) Contego 1.05.52
12. Ingrid Rolles (USA) and Scott Rolles (USA) Chuck’s Hawaii 1.05.56
13. Stijn Fonck (Bel) and Lindsey Haak (Bel) 2XtremeVT4 Mixed – Yaka 1.07.44
14. Ingrid Serritslev (RSA) and Adam Pike (RSA) Inky and the Brain 1.10.47
15. John Bullens (Ned) and Patrice Vercammen (Ned) v.Otten marathonracingteam 1.31.40
16. Wayne Mac Farlane (RSA) and Bruce Cockburn (RSA) Achilles heels 1.34.11
17. Barend Bester (RSA) and Alma Bester (RSA) Bester Cycles 1.44.10
18. Marcel Wilmink (Ned) and Bianca Nijhof (Ned) Shifting Gear 1.47.36
19. Anton Smal (RSA) and Sanet Smal (RSA) Cycle House 1.52.21
20. Lyn Simon (USA) and Reed Melton (USA) Idarado 1.57.31
21. Nelleke Bakkes (RSA) and Tim Ziehl (RSA) Awesome 4-Some 1.57.41
22. Natascha Petersmann (RSA) and Stuart McConnachie (RSA) Epicsummer 2.03.31
23. Jean Hubert (RSA) and Estelle Labuschagne (RSA) BelleVieux 2.08.25
24. Bruce Barr (RSA) and Alison Ackermann (RSA) Hard Tales 2.10.40
25. Cathy Ross (Can) and Chuck Fortier (Can) Blueline 2.13.14
26. Christine Probst (Swi) and Roberto Jäckle (Swi) Bixs Swiss 2.13.29
27. Chiel Snelder (Ned) and Angelique Engelen (Ned) Team2Move 2.14.50
28. Richard Reingruber (Ger) and Isabel Schmitt (Ger) Chicken Way 2.31.45
29. Chantal Schweyer (RSA) and Frank Robinson (RSA) The Robinsons 2.36.41
30. Filip Claes (Bel) and Liesbet Jacobs (Bel) cape-span 2.38.02
31. Mike Frost (RSA) and Belinda van der Riet (RSA) Cathedral Peak Hotel 2.49.49
32. Marius Gerber (Aus) and Audrey Gerber (Aus) Proteus 2.52.17
33. Astrid Helm (Nam) and Henry Hoepfner (Nam) Desert Dassies 2.53.40
34. Lecinda Uys (RSA) and Johannes Meyer (RSA) Struisbaai OK Grocer 2.53.57
35. Temlett Hockey (RSA) and Jillian te Water Naude (RSA) Olympians 3.00.41
36. Monika Zihlmann (Swi) and Matthaeus Meier (Swi) MM Swiss 3.00.52
37. johan jacobs (RSA) and colleen jacobs (RSA) Leehan 3.01.01
38. Mandy Collis (Aus) and Liam Somers (Aus) Western Force 3.04.31
39. Graham Leslie (RSA) and Lizl Hobson (RSA) Greeff Properties 3.12.07
40. Sylvia Kammerer (Ita) and Viktor Sundberg (Bel) sweden-italy 3.22.45
41. Cherie King (GBr) and Paul Maine (GBr) Hansel & Gretal 3.28.35
42. John Swaine (RSA) and Joyce Benade (RSA) Kwambo Dirt Trackers 3.35.28
43. Joaquin Valverde (Spa) and Pamina Bohrer (Ita) Valverde 3.35.34
44. Hendrik Van Huyssteen (RSA) and Petra Van Huyssteen (RSA) Energas 3.36.18
45. Dominique Le Roux (RSA) and Bradley Schroeder (RSA) Moonshine & Roses 3.44.23
46. Linzi Fredman (RSA) and Mike Baldwin (RSA) Team Determined 3.45.26
47. Malcolm Kingsley Green (RSA) and Caroline Halvorsen (RSA) CaroMal 3.47.36
48. Lize Theron (RSA) and Gus Uys (RSA) Team Rocky-Opus 3.51.49
49. Heidi Doffinger (Fra) and Thierry Morisseau (Fra) Caca Prout 4.02.25
50. Madeleine Piet

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