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ABABMX.com Unveiled

January 27, 2005) – The American Bicycle Association is pleased to announce the launch of the new ABA website located online at www.ababmx.com .

Last March, the American Bicycle Association announced it had signed a partnership agreement with SponsorHouse.com to become an official sponsor of all American Bicycle Association regional and national events through 2009. The deal was to provide SponsorHouse.com with a way to increase awareness of its services through presence at American Bicycle Association events and through the BMXer magazine.

A major component of the deal not announced was SponsorHouse to provide its technology expertise to the American Bicycle Association by creating the new and improved ABAbmx.com. The new system is live and being used to track points, promote American Bicycle Association events, and most importantly, bring a new level of exposure to American Bicycle Association members and their accomplishments.

“The American Bicycle Associationwas committed to moving their online presence to the next level and we had the technology to be able to support that movement.” Said RJ Kraus, Vice President and Co-Founder of SponsorHouse,” The all new ababmx.com allows American Bicycle Association members to find tracks, races and points easier than ever before. The American Bicycle Association Pro’s and all ABA members with a SponsorHouse.com Rider Profile are linked directly from various sections of the site, giving the site and the organization a whole new dimension. It is a partnership built between two companies that have a passion for the sport and we hope that all of the American Bicycle Associationriders take advantage of new features.”

The best new feature of the American Bicycle Association website is the launch of the custom online rider profile. Now, when fellow riders, sponsors, and fans browse the points listing, many riders will have a personal race bio for people to click on and view. For your personal race bio to appear, you have got to get connected with SponsorHouse.com.

In addition to just the bio on the American Bicycle Association website, there are a host of other benefits to being involved with SponsorHouse. Sponsorship education, access to the leading companies in BMX, a professional resume builder, and 24/7 exposure to the industry are just a few of the benefits to being in the “House”.

SponsorHouse.com has been helping connect more than 7,500 riders together with 300 companies in motocross, BMX, and mountain biking since 2001. With more than 130,000 deals signed, SponsorHouse.com eliminates all the uncertainties about how to get sponsored. It provides an effective and easy to use solution for riders seeking support and companies who need a more efficient solution to manage their teams.

The list of companies that have partnered with SponsorHouse includes some of the largest players in the industry; names such as Sun Ringle, Felt BMX, Oneal/Azonic, Avent, No Fear, ATi, EVS, Intense BMX, Staats, Marzocchi, MotoKing, Scott USA, Utopia Optics and a host of others who are expanding their teams for 2005.

The American Bicycle Association and SponsorHouse will continuously work together to introduce new services for American Bicycle Association members in the future. For more information, please visit SponsorHouse online at www.sponsorhouse.com <<http://www.sponsorhouse.com>http://www.sponsorhouse.com>. Telephone inquires should be directed to 888.8-RIDESH. Companies interested in getting involved with SponsorHouse or would like more information should call Rich Houseman at 760.722.3350.

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