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A Second Quebec Rider from Team Garneau Confesses to Doping

by by pedalmag.com
October 21, 2011 (Quebec) – The doping scandal in Quebec connected with the Garneau-Club Chaussures-Norton Rose racing team continues as Miguel Agreda Rojas from Peru has also confessed to taking banned substances. His admission comes on the heels teammate Arnaud Papillon’s confession only days ago.

Agreda received notice from the CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics in sports) of his positive test results from a recent competition and 2-yr suspension and decided to come clean claiming he acted alone.

He was recently in the spotlight for his controversial victory at the Quebec Criterium championships – read more HERE. Agreda also created a stir when he filed a formal complaint with the FQSC against race organizer Jean-Yves Labonte over allegations of “racist and obscene” remarks – read more HERE.

Read Agreda’s confession on Veloptimum (in French) HERE.

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