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7th Annual Great Waterfront Trail Adventure Route Announced – Aug. 11-15, 2014

release by the Waterfront Regeneration Trust

Join the Waterfront Trail Adventure  ©  the Waterfront Regeneration Trust

January 09, 2014 (Toronto, ON) – The Waterfront Regeneration Trust is pleased to announce the route for the 2014 Great Waterfront Trail Adventure. The Waterfront Trail is a 1,400 km signed route along the Great Lakes waterfront from Windsor to the Quebec border, and one of Ontario’s best cycling experiences. The Waterfront Regeneration Trust leads a cycling tour of the Trail annually, and is set to try something new in 2014 to attract even more recreational cyclists and families.

“Participants want more time to spend in each community, and communities want to host them longer.  So this year we decided to focus the itinerary on the St. Lawrence River and keep camp to camp distances between 40 to 60km per day. For people who crave a longer day, we are incorporating optional, daily loops off the Trail into new communities near to but not necessarily on the Waterfront Trail. It is a lollipop route,” says Tour Director Petrina Tulissi. “The interests and ages of our participants ranges widely, and this year I think we’ve struck the perfect balance to appeal to everyone.”

Discover new wonders by bike.  ©  the Waterfront Regeneration Trust

The GWTA is a fully supported cycling holiday starting in Brighton, Ontario on August 11th and ending 5 days later in Cornwall on August 15th with overnight stays in Picton, Kingston, Gananoque, and Iroquois.

Interest in cycle tourism is growing in Ontario and the Waterfront Trail communities want to be part of that growth. Cyclists are warmly welcomed by the communities and this translates into return visits.  Over 80% of our riders return to spend more time and money in the Waterfront Communities”, says Tulissi.

Embark on a Waterfront Trail Adventure  ©  the Waterfront Regeneration Trust

The Waterfront Regeneration Trust launched the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure in 2008 to promote the Waterfront Trail as Ontario’s signature tourism trail experience.  The Waterfront Trail represents a new relationship to our Great Lakes waterfront. The legacy goal is to move the Trail as close to the water’s edge as environmentally feasible.

Registration is now open for the 2014 Great Waterfront Trail Adventure.  Visit www.waterfronttrail.org to view the Adventure Map and itinerary.

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