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46th Tour de l’Abitibi Desjardins Stage 1 Report, Results, Photos

release by the Tour de l’Abitibi

Rayane Bouhanni (Fra) France  ©  Christian Leduc
July 23, 2014 (Amos, QC) – The cyclists from the 46th edition of the Tour de l’Abitibi Desjardins rode off on a windy day on the first and longest stage of the week. After a start marked by several crashes, a second neutral start allowed many racers to rejoin the pack. Along the ride, a few cyclists from the national teams were tempted to break away, but only after 80km did two athletes succeed in taking a significant lead over the rest of the pack. In the end, Rayane Bouhanni, from France and Magnus Bak Klaris, from Denmark, came in first and second, with an gap of more than a minute over the closest competitors.

A Well Decorated Racer
France honoured its first position in the International Cycling Union’s (UCI) general ranking, by winning not one, but two spots on the podium. Indeed, cyclist Léo Danes secured third place for France. However, Bouhanni stood out with a gold medal, as well as wearing the brown jersey at the top cyclist in the general ranking, and an orange jersey for best time. It should also be noted that he is the brother of Nacer Bouhanni, road cycling champion of France and rider for the professional team FDJ.fr.

Several Teams to Monitor
Despite the fact that the France team is actually leading, the teams from Denmark and Morocco also shone during this stage. In addition to their second position on the podium, Danish racer Niklas Larsen won the blue jersey for best first year junior racer. As for the Moroccans, they once again proved their superiority on the hills, by finishing in the top 3 of all the King of the Mountain trials. This earned them the polka dot jersey for best climber, given to Abderrahim Zahiri.

Tomorrow, the Government of Quebec Stage
Tomorrow, the racers will leave from the La Sarre Coliseum at 4:45 p.m., towards Amos, via Palmarolle and Taschereau. After 99 kilometres on the road, the cyclists will perform 3 laps of the urban circuit, to finish their journey in front of the cathedral.


1. Rayane Bouhanni (Fra) France 2:31:45
2. Magnus Bak Klaris (Den) Danemark
3. Léo Danes (Fra) France 0:15
4. Clayton Stone (USA) Flagstaff Selection 0:17
5. Damien Touze (Fra) France
6. Adrien Carpentier (Fra) France
7. David Lombardo (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Develop
8. Jonah Meadvancort (USA) EL Grupo Junior Select
9. Francisco Lara Carbajal (Mex) Mexique
10. Raphael Auclair (Can) Québec   
11. Pier-André Côté (Can) Québec   
12. Abderrahim Zahiri (Mar) Maroc
13. Daiki Magosaki (Jpn) Japon
14. Noah Granigan (USA) Race CF
15. Quentin Valognes (Fra) Team Novo Nordisk
16. Ahmed Amine Galdoune (Mar) Maroc
17. Florian Maitre (Fra) France
18. Keigo Kusaba (Jpn) Japon
19. Tanner Browne (USA) GS Cyclelife
20. Antoine Côté (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS   
21. El Mehdi Chokri (Mar) Maroc
22. Nicholas Harris (USA) EL Grupo Junior Select
23. Tommy Lucas (USA) Flagstaff Selection
24. Sébastien Havot (Fra) France
25. Jean-Simon D’Anjou (Can) Canada   
26. Andreas Hyldgaard Jeppesen (Den) Danemark
27. Alex Lessard (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Téléc  
28. Laurent Gervais (Can) Québec   
29. Willem Boersma (Can) Canada   
30. Harold Tejada Canacue (Col) Colombie
31. Davi Cardona Hurtado (Col) Colombie
32. Etienne Dubuc (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS   
33. P Martinez Fernandez (Mex) Mexique
34. David Duquette (USA) Flagstaff Selection
35. Chaz Lane (USA) MID-Atlantic Development
36. Lance Eddis-Finbow (USA) EL Grupo Junior Select
37. Alec Porter (USA) Northstar Development
38. Jesper Schultz (Den) Danemark
39. Yusuke Matsumoto (Jpn) Japon
40. Trevor Stothard (Can) Cycling BC 
41. Zeke Mostov (USA) États-Unis
42. Gavin Haley (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Develop
43. Justin Griffin (USA) Flagstaff Selection
44. Riley Hankes (USA) Southeasten Regional
45. Austin Vincent (USA) États-Unis
46. Thomas Revard (USA) Northstar Development
47. Peter Goguen (USA) Race CF
48. Derek Gee (Can) Canada   
49. Maxx Chance (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Develop
50. Edward Walsh (Can) Canada   
51. Ian McShane (USA) Northstar Development
52. Charles Côté (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS   
53. Kyle Kato (USA) Southeasten Regional
54. Christophe Rivard (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Téléc  
55. Diego Binatena (USA) United States
56. Jackson Pickell (Can) Cycling BC   
57. Charles Roy (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized   
58. Gavin Hoover (USA) États-Unis
59. Takahiro Koyama (Jpn) Japon
60. Jonas Gregaard Wilsly (Den) Danemark
61. Guillaume Roussel (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Téléc  
62. Juan Pablo Gaitan Alarcon (Col) Colombie
63. Mathias Norsgaard Jorgensen (Den) Danemark
64. Niklas Larsen (Den) Danemark
65. Mohcine El Kouraji (Mar) Maroc
66. Adrien Costa (USA) États-Unis
67. Victor Bourassa (Can) Québec   
68. El Mahdi Laanaya (Mar) Maroc
69. Ben Duncan (USA) Flagstaff Selection
70. William Barta (USA) États-Unis
71. Sébastien Dumont (Can) CCB-Ultime Vélo-TREK
72. Richard Rainville (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Develop 0:32
73. Evan East (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Develop
74. Fletcher Lydick (USA) Southeasten Regional
75. Israel Covarrubias Rocha (Mex) Mexique 0:37
76. Ilyass Rabihi (Mar) Maroc 0:41
77. Christian Santa Cruz (USA) Flagstaff Selection
78. Simon Ouellet (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized   
79. Angel Carranza Urizar (Gua) Guatemala 0:48
80. Adam Alvarez (USA) MID-Atlantic Development 0:51
81. Andre Nicol Bos Gürtler (Gua) Guatemala 1:07
82. Luis Rodriguez Godoy Ochoa (Gua) Guatemala 1:10
83. Samuel Morkal Williams (USA) Race CF
84. Oscar Emilio Serech Chan (Gua) Guatemala 1:18
85. Keenan Duncan (USA) EL Grupo Junior Select 1:22
86. Mitchell Gray (USA) Arizona Select 2:55
87. Jérémie Désilets-Jacob (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Téléc 3:08
88. Francis Carratala Jorda (Esp) Team Novo Nordisk 3:13
89. Christian Ricci (Can) Ontario 3:53  
90. Cameron Mason (Can) Ontario   
91. Matthew Valencia (USA) Race CF 4:01
92. Derek Cote (USA) MID-Atlantic Development
93. John Canaveral Vargas (Col) Colombie 4:08
94. Nicolas Barriault (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS 4:15  
95. Anders Nystrom (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 4:48
96. Cooper Willsey (USA) Race CF 5:21
97. Zach Lyons (USA) MID-Atlantic Development 5:41
98. Logan Boyd (USA) EL Grupo Junior Select 5:51
99. Carlos Cuervo Montemayor (Mex) Mexique 6:22
100. Connor Toppings (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized   
101. Ian Haupt (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 7:22
102. Joshua Kropf (Can) GS Cyclelife 7:30  
103. Joel Taylor (Can) Cycling BC 7:44  
104. Matthew Owens (USA) Race CF 7:50
105. Cooper Rombold (USA) EL Grupo Junior Select
106. Samuel Perigny (Can) Québec   
107. Alexandre Simard (Can) Vélo Mauricie   
108. Marc-André Perron (Can) Vélo Mauricie   
109. Marc-Alexandre Delage (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Téléc  
110. Connor Simmons (USA) Southeasten Regional
111. Félix Boudreau (Can) Vélo Mauricie   
112. Alexander Romero Moreno (Col) Colombie
113. Daniel Lehman (USA) MID-Atlantic Development
114. Jordan Marhanka (USA) Hincapie Sportswear Develop
115. Ethan Furois (USA) Northstar Development
116. Davis Wilkey (USA) Arizona Select
117. Kakeru Mizutani (Jpn) Japon 8:41
118. Jean-François Soucy (Can) Canada 8:50  
119. Spencer Virtue (Can) Arizona Select 9:26  
120. Bryan Boydstun (USA) Arizona Select 9:47
121. Jedidiah Fritzinger (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 10:15
122. Daichi Tomio (Jpn) Japon 10:32
123. Hubert Laferriere (Can) Québec 12:46  
124. Mathieu Roy (Can) Québec 12:59  
125. Vincent Girard (Can) CCB-Ultime Vélo-TREK 13:09  
126. Louis Dallaire (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS 14:01  
127. Arnaud Cossette (Can) Vélo Mauricie   
128. Nicholas Vorwerk (USA) Team Novo Nordisk 14:23
129. Max Duso (Can) Cycling BC 14:54  
130. Zachary Nehr (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team 15:05
131. Garrett Roth (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
132. Alejandra Guzman Medina (Col) Colombie
133. Anthony Marando (Can) CCB-Ultime Vélo-TREK   
134. Daniel Yakushevich (USA) Arizona Select
135. Teddy Kozlowski (USA) GS Cyclelife
136. Cordell Dickie (Can) Cycling BC   
137. Gavin Alexander (Gbr) Team Novo Nordisk
138. Antoine Bouchard (Can) André Cycle-Kaycan-RDS
139. Alex Cormier (Can) Ontario 17:43  
140. Michael Gaines (USA) Northstar Development 18:04
141. Juan Gonzalez Aguilera (Esp) Team Novo Nordisk 18:10
142. Guillaume Lebrun (Can) CCB-Ultime Vélo-TREK   
143. Liam Dunn (USA) ISCorp Cycling Team
144. Trevor O’Donnell (Can) Ontario   
145. Antoine Breton (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized   
146. Stephan Davidson (Can) Vélo Mauricie   
147. Ross Graham (Can) Ontario 19:39  
148. Benjamin Hasz (USA) Southeasten Regional 21:17
149. Will Hughes (USA) Southeasten Regional
150. Brian Gaines (USA) Northstar Development 22:36
151. Samuel Lear (USA) GS Cyclelife 23:00
152. Dustin King (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized   
153. Ricardo Villalobos Hernandez (Mex) Mexique 23:35
154. Liam Whitman (Can) Ontario 27:04
155. Pierre-Olivier Santerre (Can) Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Téléc
156. Mason Burtnik (Can) Cycling BC   
157. Olivier Péloquin (Can) CCB-Ultime Vélo-TREK   
158. Olivier Proulx-Fournier (Can) IAMGOLD-Specialized   
159. Philippe Mireault (Can) CCB-Ultime Vélo-TREK
160. Emerson Lindenlaub (USA) MID-Atlantic Development 27:46
161. Jake Thompson (USA) GS Cyclelife 28:19
162. Keane Brennan (USA) GS Cyclelife
163. Patrick Bourguignon (Can) Vélo Mauricie   
DNF Devin Reavis (USA) Arizona Select
DNF Matthew English (USA) Team Novo Nordisk

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