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2nd Annual CXTO Cookie Cross Results

by pedalmag.com

October 28, 2017 (Toronto, ON) – Here are some results from the  CXTO Cookie Cross held at Christie Pits in Toronto on Sat. Oct. 28 where Katie Ozolins (Independent) topped the women’s field and Erik Box (VéloColour) was the fastest man.

Results (brief)

Women (CWE)
1. Katie Ozolins (Independent) 50:17
2. Andrea Burley (Bateman’s Bike Co.) 1:40
3. Pauline Beaupre (Bateman’s Bike Co.) 4:57
4. Meg Siegel (Lantern Rouge) -1 lap
5. Sylvie De Brabandere (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club) -1 lap
6. Stephanie Au (Bikes On wheels) -1 lap
7. Jessica Darling (Highgate Racing p/b D’Ornellas Bike Shop) -1 lap
8. Valina Sintal (Bateman’s Bike Co.) -1 lap
9. Stephanie Rankin (Shack Pack Cycling Club) -1 lap
10. Marilyn Chong (Bateman’s Bike Co.) -1 lap
11. Emma Dahan-Meyboom (Independent) -1 lap
12. Christina Peters (Bateman’s Bike Co.) -2 laps
13. Lia Codrington (Independent) -2 laps
DNF Cassandra Mcwade (Giant Toronto/Liv pb Powerwatts)
DNF Erin Faulds (Peterborough Cycling Club)
DNS April Cockshutt (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club)

Men (CME)
1. Erik Box (VéloColour) 1:00:09
2. Corey Brioschi (North Hub Bike Shop) 0:57
3. James Fedosov (Speed River Bicycle) 1:39
4. Luke Hlavenka (North Hub Bike Shop) 2:07
5. David Mccaig (Urbane Cyclist) 2:17
6. Connor Gregory (Bateman’s Bike Co.) 4:09
7. Mitch Kaiser (Lantern Rouge) 4:47
8. Stephen Kirby (Morning Glory Cycling Club) 5:45
9. Andrew Bradbury (Blacksmith Cycle Club) 5:54
10. Peter Morse (Mariposa Cycle Racing Team) 5:55
11. Ayal Rahat (KindHuman Bicycles) 6:21
12. Bret Waghorne (Bateman’s Bike Co.) 6:33
13. Anderson Reid (Lantern Rouge) 7:47
14. Jacob Williams (Lantern Rouge) 9:04
DNF Marshall Eidinger (Mariposa Cycle Racing Team)
DNF Jacques Cormier (Midweek Cycling Club)
DNS Scott Fitzgerald (Mariposa Cycle Racing Team)
DNS Cameron Jette (Independent)

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