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24 Hours of Moab – Granny Gears Report

October 19, 2005 – For the second year in a row at the 24 Hours of Moab, a men’s Duo Pro team tallied up more laps than any other team in the race. Jay Henry and Mike Janelle (Ford/Tokyo Joe’s ) rode 21 laps on the 15-mile, technically-challenging course to prevail over categories filled with brawny four-man expert and four-person co-ed pro/am teams.

“We just rode a smooth, steady race,” said Janelle. “With this course you can lose a lot of power in some sections but we kept a rhythm so that our lap times were consistently between 1:05 and 1:15.”

Runner-up four-man expert team Rocky Mountain Hammer Gel 1 racked up 20 laps compared to Janelle and Henry’s 21 laps or, 315 off-road miles with 28,560 feet of climbing completed in 24:41:35.

Click on “All” to find out how teams did overall: http://www.grannygear.com/realtime/public/index.php

59 men and 13 women competed in the solo category and brought this year’s cash prize total to $9,735. Of that amount $3,505 went to first place for men and $1,073 went to first place for women. The awards rank as the largest cash prizes in the history of 24-hour racing and are expected to grow even more for next year’s race. Total amount in cash prizes and commemorative items awarded overall at this year’s 24 Hours of Moab is equal to $95,600.

CORRECTION: Total amount of climbing for this year’s 24 Hours of Moab equals 1,365.15 vertical miles, not feet as was originally stated. Now just for giggles, compare that to Mount Everest, which is 29,035 feet or 5.49 miles high. Racers at this year’s 24 Hours of Moab climbed Everest 248.7 times.

To read more about the race as it happened, check out the web coverage on the home page of grannygear.com. To read about 24 Hours of Moab in the news, visit the “Current News” section at http://grannygear.com/Current_News/index.shtml

For results in all categories from this year’s 24 Hours of Moab, click on “History & Results” at www.grannygear.com

Total mileage for this year’s 24 Hours of Moab measured 79,023 miles with 1,365.15 vertical miles of climbing. Now consider the circumference of the earth at 24,902.4 miles and 24 Hours of Moab racers circled the globe 3.2 times. 1,391 competitors joined the race with an estimated 4,500 total participants overall. 2006 24 Hours of Moab will take place Oct. 14-15, 2006. Check back at www.grannygear.com for 2006 dates for all of Granny Gear’s events.

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