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2017 UCI Road Worlds Junior Men’s ITT Results, Photos – Chretien 28th

by pedalmag.com
Charles-Etienne Chretien  ©  Chris Auld
September 19, 2017 (Bergen, Norway) – Reigning Canadian road champ, Charles-Etienne Chretien from Amos, QC, finished 28th as the top Canuck in the Junior Men’s 21.1km ITT today with teammate Graydon Staples from Orillia, ON in 62nd at the 2017 Road Worlds in Bergen, Norway.

Graydon Staples  ©  Chris Auld
Thomas Pidcock (Great Britain) won the the gold over Antonio Puppio (Italy) in second with Filip Maciejuk (Poland) in third.

Junior Men ITT podium (l-r) Puppio 2nd, Pidcock 1st, Maciejuk 3rd  ©  Cor Vos


1. Thomas Pidcock (Great Britain) 0:28:02.15
2. Antonio Puppio (Italy) 0:11.92
3. Filip Maciejuk (Poland) 0:13.29
4. Juri Hollmann (Germany) 0:21.53
5. Igor Chzhan (Kazakhstan) 0:23.66
6. Julius Johansen (Denmark) 0:27.61
7. Daan Hoole (Netherlands) 0:29.87
8. Andreas Leknessund (Norway) 0:32.30
9. Nik Cemazar (Slovenia) 0:35.49
10. Sebastian Berwick (Australia) 0:35.93

28. Charles-Etienne Chretien (Canada) 1:30.91
62. Graydon Staples (Canada) 3:01.55

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