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2017 MTB Worlds U23 Men’s XCO Results – Canada’s Fortier 12th

by pedalmag.com

September 08, 2017 (Cairns, Australia) – Marc-Andre Fortier was the top Canadian racing to a strong 12th-place finish in the 27.4 km U23 Men’s competition, start Loop + 6 Laps, as New Zealand’s Samuel Gaze defended his title at the 2017 Mountain Bike Championships in Cairns, Australia. Alan Hatherly (South Africa) took the silver and Maximilian Brandl (Germany) the bronze.


Marc Andre Fortier  ©  Michal Cerveny
Canada’s Quinton Disera at his U23 Men’s debut finished 17th, his brother Peter Disera was 24th suffering a flat, Sean Fincham the reigning U23 Men’s champ placed 33rd and Raphael Auclair was 60th. Fortier was 36th last year.

(l-r) Quinton Disera, Sean Fincham, Peter Disera, Marc Andre Fortier at finish of U23 Men’s XCO  ©  Michal Cerveny
Results (brief)

1. Samuel Gaze (New Zealand) 1:17:46
2. Alan Hatherly (South Africa) 0:11
3. Maximilian Brandl (Germany) 0:51
4. Sebastian Fini Carstensen (Denmark) 1:26
5. Milan Vader (Netherlands) 1:33
6. Jan Vastl (Czech Republic) 1:45
7. Filippo Colombo (Switzerland) 2:11
8. Maximilian Foidl (Austria) 2:11
9. Ben Oliver (New Zealand) 2:12
10. Nadir Colledani (Italy) 2:40

12. Marc Andre Fortier (Canada) 3:00
17. Quinton Disera (Canada) 3:37
24. Peter Disera (Canada) 4:45
33. Sean Fincham (Canada) 5:31
60. Raphael Auclair (Canada) 11:32

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