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Junior Women’s/Men’s Criterium @ 2017 Global Relay Road Nationals p/b Lexus FULL Results

by pedalmag.com

June 28, 2017 (Aylmer, QC) – Maggie Coles-Lyster (BC) TaG Cycling Team took the victory in the finishing bunch sprint at the Junior Women’s 30min + 3 Lap Criterium besting Erin J. Attwell (BC) Cycling BC in second and Sarah Van Dam (BC) Cycling BC in third at the line.

Maggie Coles Lyster  ©  Peter Kraiker

In the Junior Men’s 45min + 3 Lap race, Kurt Penno (BC) Trek Red Truck Racing battled with reigning road race champ, Charles-Etienne Chretien (QC) Equipe du Quebec, at the finish to take the win. Vivien Rindisbacher (ON) NCCH Elite p/b MGCC claimed third.

Penno (l) vs Chretien  ©  Peter Kraiker
Junior Men's podium  ©  Pasquale Stalteri


Junior Women
1.  Maggie Coles-Lyster (TaG Cycling Race Team) 38:33
2.  Erin J Attwell (Cycling BC)
3.  Sarah Van Dam (Cycling BC)
4.  Simone Boilard (Equipe du Quebec)
5.  Charlotte Tousignant (Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo) 0:01
6.  Kaitlyn Rauwerda (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
7.  Ann Pascale Ouellet (Equipe du Quebec)
8.  Laurie Jussaume (Equipe du Quebec) 0:04
9.  Dana Gilligan (Team Ontario/Maverix racing) 0:07
10.  Elizabeth* Gin (Cycling BC) 0:26
11.  Josephine Peloquin (Stingray Trek par Ultime Velo) 0:26
12.  Victoria Slater (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC) 0:27
13.  Kassandra Kriarakis (Team Ontario/Rise Racing) 0:33
14.  Bronwen Campbell (Cycling BC) 0:46
15.  Ruby West (Team Ontario/Rise Racing) 0:49
16.  Abbey Mcgill (Team Alberta) 0:50
17.  Rachel St Onge (Equipe du Quebec) 01:19
18.  Camille Primeau (Espoirs Laval Primeau Vélo)
19.  Lyse Ann Coffin (Néron Sprint) 02:36
DNF  Ali Van Yzendoorn (Team Ontario/Kallisto-FCV p/b Peloton)
DNF  Katherine Bergeron (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur)
DNF  Laury Ann Normand (IAMGOLD)
DNF  Elizabeth Archbold (Madonna Wheelers)
DNF  Ainsley Black (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
DNF  Hannah Macdonald (NCCH p/b DEC Express)
DNF  Emma Delisle (Stingray Trek par Ultime Velo)
DNF  Micaiah Besler (TaG Cycling Race Team)
DNF  Cheyenne Goh (Team Alberta)
DNF  Samantha Hargreaves (Team Alberta)
DNF  Eva Poidevin (Team Alberta)
DNF  Kayla Mckee (Team Ontario/Centurion Next Wave)

Junior Men
1.  Kurt Penno (Trek Red Truck Racing) 52:44
2.  Charles-Etienne Chretien (Equipe du Quebec)
3.  Vivien Rindisbacher (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
4.  Michael Foley (Team Ontario/La Biciclettacycling club)
5.  Guillaume Davidson (IAMGOLD)
6.  Noah Simms (Team Ontario/Toronto Hustle)
7.  Adam Attwell (Cycling BC)
8.  Gabriel Drapeau Zgoralski (Team Novo Nordisk)
9.  Jonathan Cassivi (Stingray Trek par Ultime Velo) 0:04
10.  Tyler Clark (Team Ontario/ Centurion Next Wave)
11.  Lucas Taylor (Kallisto FCV p/b Peleton Contracting) 0:06
12.  Robin Plamondon (Equipe du Quebec)
13.  Tristan Guillemette (Equipe du Quebec)
14.  Ben Katerberg (TaG Cycling Race Team)
15.  Antoine Dalterio (Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo)
16.  Danie Nordemann-Da Silva (Kallisto FCV p/b Peleton Contracting)
17.  Olivier Hamel (IAMGOLD)
18.  Mark Grant (TaG Cycling Race Team) 0:12
19.  Simon Dubuc (IAMGOLD)
20.  Ethan Sittlington (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
21.  Ma Brousseau Carnevale (Stingray Trek par Ultime Velo)
22.  Édouard Beaudoin (Equipe du Quebec)
23.  Gabriel Marceau (Desjardins Ford)
24.  Dawson Macdonald (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
25.  Adam Wolfe (Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo) 0:29
26.  Graydon Staples (Team Ontario/ Toronto Hustle) 0:38
27.  Félix Boutin (IAMGOLD) 01:06
28.  Olivier Beaulieu (Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo)
29.  Chris Ernst (Team Ontario)
DNF  Ethan Palamerek (Team Alberta)
DNF  Antoine Ippersiel (Stingray Trek par Ultime Velo)
DNF  Sean Richardson (Cannondale pb Fortius /team BC)
DNF  Ethan Pauly (Cycling  BC)
DNF  Thomas Schellenberg (Cycling BC)
DNF  Quinn Storey (Cycling BC)
DNF  Gabriel Guay (Desjardins Ford)
DNF  William Vermette (Desjardins Ford)
DNF  Caleb Bender (Dr. Walker Sport Chiropractor Cycling T)
DNF  Carson Miles (ECG – Eurosports)
DNF  Clay Moon (Equipe Cycliste Gatineau)
DNF  John Stuart (Equipe Cycliste Gatineau)
DNF  Charles Anto Forest Leblanc (Equipe du Quebec)
DNF  Felix Pelletier (Equipe du Quebec)
DNF  Emile Vezina Coulombe (Equipe du Quebec)
DNF  Nicolas Rivard (Espoirs Laval Primeau Vélo)
DNF  Thomas Louis Deshaies (IAMGOLD)
DNF  Thomas Fortier (IAMGOLD)
DNF  Philippe Gelinas (IAMGOLD)
DNF  Maxime Perigny (IAMGOLD)
DNF  Justin Correa (Kallisto FCV p/b Peleton Contracting)
DNF  Kobe Liberty (Kallisto FCV p/b Peleton Contracting)
DNF  Oliver Campbell (Midweek Cycling Club)
DNF  Eric Reinke (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
DNF  Giuseppe Carone (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
DNF  Ronan Johnson (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
DNF  Thomas Pevalin (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
DNF  Eric Bartolomeo (NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF  Christopher Merrick (NCCH p/b DEC Express)
DNF  Joseph Pancoe (NCCH p/b DEC Express)
DNF  Jack Sirman (NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF  Matthew Dickson (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
DNF  Joel Domingue (Stingray Trek par Ultime Velo)
DNF  Erik Diertens (TaG Cycling Race Team)
DNF  Isaac Van Der Vliet (TaG Cycling Race Team)
DNF  Jake Gaucher (Team Alberta)
DNF  Jayke Janssen (Team Alberta)
DNF  Jackson Kinniburgh (Team Alberta)
DNF  Alexis Rochette (Desjardins Ford)
DNF  Cyril Jan Hoferica (Midweek Cycling Club)
DNF  Nicolas Bougie (Garneau Québecor)
DNS  Francis Juneau (Stingray Trek par Ultime Velo)
DNS  Tristan Jussaume (Dynamiks de Contrecoeur)

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