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Elite Men’s Criterium @ 2017 Global Relay Road Nationals p/b Lexus FULL Results

by pedalmag.com
Cote wins  ©  Pasquale Stalteri
June 28, 2017 (Aylmer, QC) – Pier-Andre Cote (Silber Pro Cycling) earned his first national title winning the Elite Men’s Criterium over Pierrick Naud (Rally Cycling) in second and Felix Cote-Bouvette (Garneau Québecor) as the 2017 Global Relay Road Nationals p/b Lexus came to a close in Aylmer, QC.

Elite Men's podium (l-r) Naud 2nd, Cote 1st, Cote-Bouvette 3rd  ©  Pasquale Stalteri

1. Pier-Andre Cote (Silber Pro Cycling) 1:05:05
2. Pierrick Naud (Rally Cycling)
3. Felix Cote-Bouvette (Garneau Québecor)
4. Elliot Doyle (Garneau Québecor)
5. Derek Gee (Team RaceClean)
6. Jean Simon D’ Anjou (Garneau-Québecor)
7. Olivier Brisebois (Garneau Québecor)
8. Travis Samuel (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
9. Derrick St John (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
10. Jean Michel Lachance (Indépendant)
11. Chris Prendergast (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
12. Laurent Gervais (Aevolo Pro Cycling)
13. Edward Walsh (Team RaceClean)
14. Jordann Jones (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
15. Emile Jean (Silber Pro Cycling)
16. Joshua Kropf (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
17. Connor Toppings (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
18. Conor O’Brien (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
19. Marc-Antoine Soucy (Garneau Québecor)
20. Hendrik Pineda (Transport Lacombe-Devinci)
21. Kyle Buckosky (Trek Red Truck Racing)
22. Simon Ouellet (Transport Lacombe-Devinci)
23. Alexander Amiri (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
24. Adam Roberge (Silber Pro Cycling)
25. Jean-Denis Thibault (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
26. Simon Pierre Gauthier (Garneau Québecor)
27. Anton Varabei (Toronto Hustle)
28. Jure Rupnik (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team) 00:13
29. Nickolas Zukowsky (Silber Pro Cycling) 00:43
30. Jean-François Soucy (Garneau Québecor) 00:57
31. Mitchell Ketler (Smart Savvy+ Garneau) 01:04
32. Ed Veal (RealDeal Racing) 01:31
33. Timothy Austen (Ride with Rendall P/b Biemme)
34. Max Rubarth (Transport Lacombe-Devinci)
35. Stephen Keeping (Transport Lacombe-Devinci)
DQ Lukas Conly (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
DNF Matteo Dal-Cin (Rally Cycling)
DNF Brad Bradford (Toronto Hustle)
DNF Jesse Jarjour (613 Cycling)
DNF Alexis Cartier (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
DNF Marc-Antoine Nadon (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
DNF Pierrebernard Thiffault (Hedrick Racing)
DNF Ben Andrew (LowestRates.ca)
DNF Dominic Cantin (LowestRates.ca)
DNF Jules Cusson Fradet (LowestRates.ca)
DNF Andre Tremblay (Premier Tech p/b Chew Pod)
DNF Justin Purificati (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
DNF Nigel Ellsay (Silber Pro Cycling)
DNF Julien Gagne (Silber Pro Cycling)
DNF Ryan Roth (Silber Pro Cycling)
DNF Christian Bernard (Tekne Cycle Club)
DNF Shawn Clarke (The Bandits Cycling Team)
DNF Benoit Boulay (Toronto Hustle)
DNF William Blackburn (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre)
DNF Michael Dalterio (Veloselect)
DNF Guillaume Walsh (Veloselect)
DNF Nicolas Courtemanche (Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo)
DNF Philip Guimond (Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo)
DNF Matt Staples (H&R Block Pro Cycling Team)
DNF Garrett Belanger (LowestRates.ca)
DNF Matthew Sherar (LowestRates.ca)
DNF Christian Trenchev (LowestRates.ca)
DNF David Havill (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
DNF Tommy Waldeck (Octto Cycling Team)
DNF Christian Gomes (Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme)
DNF Alexander Cowan (Silber Pro Cycling)
DNF Jake Cullen (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
DNF Marc Dupuis (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
DNF Chris Macleod (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
DNF Kellen Viznaugh (Smart Savvy+ Garneau)
DNF James Grant (TaG Cycling Race Team)
DNF Trevor O’Donnell (Toronto Hustle)
DNF Matthew Kamermans (VeloLab Race Team)
DNF Daniel Horn (Indépendant)
DNF Adam Lefebvre (NCCH Elite p-b MGCC)
DNF Ryan Jonker (Indépendant)
DNF Andrew Jonker (Indépendant)
DNS Sacha Cantor (iBike)
DNS Cameron Mcphaden (LowestRates.ca)
DNS Warren Macdonald (Nine2FivePro Cycling Team)
DNS Alexander Cataford (UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team)
DNS William Goodfellow (veloselect)
DNS Jack Burke (Aevolo Pro Cycling)
DNS Pierre Olivier Santerre (Espoirs Élite Primeau Vélo)
DNS Navarro Fong Roy (Passion vélos)
DNS Willem Boersma (Team RaceClean)

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