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2017 Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Championships Road Race Results

by pedalmag.com

June 11, 2017 (Victoria, B.C.) – Here are some results from the final Road Race competitions held in Jonathon Rogers Park as the 2017 Master Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Championships in Victoria, B.C. concluded on June 11.

Results (brief)

Master E Women – 83.73km
1. Lora Genaille (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA    2:31:57
2. Jennifer Bell (ON) Thunder Bay Cycling Club   0:04
3. Haley Block (SK) Saskatoon Cycledelia    0:10
4. Jenn Proche (AB) biciSport Calgary CC    4:32

Master F Women – 83.73km
1. Carolyn Russell (BC) Pender Racing p/b BICICLETTA    2:31:26
2. Solveig Stoebe (BC) Independent   0:08
3. Katya Masun (ON) Independent    0:18

Master A Men – 125.59km
1. Cory Jay (PE) Craftsman Construction    3:07:23
2. Matthew Van Nostrand (BC) Fulgas 0:01
3. Richard Costello (BC) Steed Cycles

Master B Men – 125.59km
1. Dominic Chalifoux (QC) Trek GPL    3:07:27
2. Craig Debellefeuille (AB) Cyclemeisters/Bow Cycle   0:02
3. David Gerth (BC) Langlois Brown Racing

Master C Men – 104.66km
1. Ian Scott (ON) Wheels of Bloor    2:43:07
2. Paul Berry (BC) Independent   0:01
3. Stephen Mundy (AB) Pedalhead Road Works

Master D Men – 83.73km
1. Brian Marsh (BC) Grand Forks Cycling Club    2:21:03
2. Chris Cameron (BC) Mid Island Velo Association   0:12
3. Edward Heacock (AB) Velocity    0:14

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