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Walter and Moberg Win 2016 Test of Metal Final Epic Race – Report, Results, Photos

release by Test of Metal
Quinn Moberg en route to victory on his home trails  ©  Fraser Britton
June 20, 2016 (Squamish, BC) – Last year’s second, third and fourth place men’s finishers improved each of their places by one in the 21st and final edition of the Squamish Test of Metal mountain bike race, with first-time winner and Squamish local Quinn Moberg standing atop the podium. Sandra Walter, of Coquitlam, B.C., who last won the Test in 2013, topped the women’s field.

Sandra Walter dominated the women's field  ©  Fraser Britton
Jack’s Trail with 1,200 riders... Traffic Jam anyone?
Moberg won in a time of a 2:37:56, just 10 seconds ahead of Craig Richey of Smithers, B.,C., with Jamie Sparling of Squamish two minutes back in third. Richey had a small lead on Moberg with about 10 kilometres to go, but Moberg’s local knowledge made the difference in the final singletrack section.


Craig Richey leads out Quinn Mosberg into the last few sections of singletrack.  ©  Fraser Britton
Jamie Sparling took third overall  ©  Fraser Britton
Max Plaxton  ©  Fraser Britton
Walter, who won in 3:03:17, dominated the race and led the women’s field from start to finish. Second place went to Jean Ann Berkenpas of Valemount, B.C., who was 5:29 in arrears, and finishing in third, eight minutes behind the winner, was Carey Mark of Nanaimo, B.C.

Women's podium  ©  Double Shutter Images
Men's podium  ©  Double Shutter Images

More ToM photos here.


Pro Women
1. Sandra Walter (Liv Cycling Canada) 3:03:17.2
2. Jean Ann Berkenpas (Team Giant Vancouver) 05:29.5
3. Carey Mark (Steed Cycles) 08:04.8
4. Chloe Cross (Team Whistler/Musclemlk) 08:44.8
5. Brandi Heisterman (Trek Red Truck Racing) 09:34.0
6. Zoe Dawson (Norco, Republic Bike Shop, 7Mesh) 15:29.3
7. Wendy Simms (KONA) 18:46.9
8. Jennifer Schulz (TREK/Balance Point/Fresh Air) 50:39.4
DNF Tricia Fleischer
DNS Natasha Cowie (Steed Cycles)
DNS Kayla Kaiser (RACEPACE)

Pro Men
1. Quinn Moberg (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) 2:37:56.5
2. Craig Richey (Red Truck – Race Face / Easton) 00:10.7
3. Jamie Sparling (Corsa Cycles P/B Jasper, Lauren & Toby) 02:13.6
4. Cory Wallace (KONA Factory) 04:11.5
5. Max Plaxton (Pro City Racing/Ridebiker) 06:31.9
6. Greg Day (Rocky Mountain Factory Team) 06:45.7
7. Kevin Bradford-Parish (SET Coaching) 06:46.4
8. Rhys Verner (Kona Factory Team) 06:46.7
9. Sullivan Reed (Daryl-Evans Racing) 06:50.0
10. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain) 07:37.3
11. Peter Reid (7Mesh) 09:54.7
12. Ricky Federau (NOBL Wheels/Oneup/Valley Bike Guides) 12:56.1
13. Terry Mckall (Broad Street Cycles) 13:28.2
14. Carsten Ivany (Giant Vancouver) 14:12.8
15. Michael Robinson (Scott/Balance Point Racing.) 14:13.5
16. Mahon Lamont (Santa Cruz) 14:15.0
17. Parker Bloom (Broad Street Cycles) 15:12.6
18. Cody Canning (Accent Inns / Russ Hays) 15:18.0
19. Luke Di Marzo (Devinci Global Racing) 15:39.0
20. Tom Skinner (Norco Bicycles/Vic Wheelers) 16:59.8
21. Sven Sturm (TREK Red Truck Racing P/B Mosaic Homes) 17:05.2
22. Ben Shaklee (Jack’s Bicycle / Homegrown Racing) 17:48.8
23. Jeff Sherstobitoff  19:37.4
24. David Gonda (Icycle Sport) 20:32.7
25. Kris Yip (Cyclelogic/Scott Factory Team) 20:41.6
26. Brian Cooke (Bicycle Cafe) 23:28.5
27. Dave Vunic (Rocky Mountain Bikes) 23:54.1
28. Bradley Kerr (Dutch Cycle) 25:02.0
29. Richard Machhein (Team Giant Vancouver) 26:27.8
30. Dylan Wolsky (The Nomads) 29:52.1
31. Peter Vallance  34:40.3
32. Nick Geddes  37:49.8
33. Drew MacKenzie (Shimano/Pearl Izumi/Marin) 39:21.8
34. Brad Clifford (Trek Red Truck P/B Mosaic Homes) 41:41.4
35. Ted Matson (Glotman Simpson) 03:08.4
36. Jaswinder Dhiman  30:17.5
DNF David Gordon (Steed) –
DNF Peter Watson (BPR / Kelowna Cycle) –
DNF Andreas Hestler (Rocky Mountain) –
DNS Nathan Blok (Ruckus Bikes/Prince George Cycling Club) –
DNS Jonah Clark (Icycle Sport) –
DNS Pelle Gustavs (Oak Bay Bicycles – Westshore) –


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