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2016 Granfondo Garneau-Quebecor Raises $90,023 for the Lonely Elderly at Little Brothers Foundation

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December 17, 2016 (Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures) – The participation of the 2,500 riders of the 2016 Granfondo Garneau-Quebecor allowed Louis Garneau to present a check for $90,023 to the Little Brothers Foundation, a donation that is quite welcome just before the holidays. Since its creation in 2009, all the event’s proceeds have been donated to the Little Brothers and to this day, over $470,000 have been raised.

Louis Garneau (l) presents a cheque for $90,023 to the Little Brothers Foundation  ©  LGS
“Our Old Friends’ solitude is unacceptable, whatever the time of the year. However, the Holiday Season cruelly emphasizes that solitude, which is why the Little Brothers’ work is so important,” states Louis Garneau, who has been involved with this organization for over 15 years. “We at Louis Garneau Sports work very hard every year, with our volunteers’ help in order to offer a magnificent event to our participants, whose registration fee is their contribution to this admirable organization. Again this year, we can say Mission Accomplished, as the amount donated to the Little Brothers on this occasion will serve all year long to help them bring comfort and solicitude to our Old Friends. We must always remember that maybe one day we will also need these wonderful volunteers,” concludes the St-Augustin businessman.

Caroline Sauriol, Executive Director of the Little Brothers organization, is delighted that the lonely elderly can benefit from an invaluable support once again this year. “By supporting the Little Brothers, Louis Garneau and all the Granfondo Garneau-Quebecor participants allow us to break the isolation and solitude of the elderly of the Quebec region. All the attentions, big and small, put into this event translate to meaningful moments of sharing that brighten up the lives of the lonely elders we accompany. A big, heartfelt thank you!”

 $90,023 for the Little Brothers Foundation  ©  LGS

“Thanks to this support, the Old Friends can savor the joys and the comfort of a big family all year long and enjoy precious getaways at the Paul-Garneau cottage at Lake Saint-Joseph, which has been renovated and adapted for the needs of people with reduced mobility, surrounded by the love of the volunteers. You truly understand the importance of our mission when you see their eyes light up,” said Pascal Fournier, Regional Director of the Little Brothers of Eastern Québec.

Registration is now open for the 2017 edition. This year, the organization is offering a second course with the Minifondo. This non-timed ride of approximately twenty kilometers around St-Augustin-de-Desmaures will allow a whole new group of riders to discover the event and the Little Brothers’ cause. Sign up via our website at quebecgranfondo.com or by phone at 418-878-2130. You would like to get involved in the cause of the lonely elderly? Contact the Little Brothers at 1-866-627-8653.

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