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Road Titles Awarded @ 2016 Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Championships p/b Lexus + FULL Results

release by Cycling Canada

June 13, 2016 (Saint-Calixte, QC) – The 2016 Global Relay Canadian Masters Road Championships presented by Lexus concluded on Sunday with the road race championships, awarded across two categories for women and four for men.  Held in Saint-Calixte, Quebec, nearly 250 competitors, ranging in age from 30 to over 70, raced in cool, blustery conditions for national titles.

In the women’s categories, Karine Corbeil of Quebec won the 79.7 kilometre 30-39 age title, outsprinting Emily Rodger of New Brunswick and Sophie Gattuso of Quebec.  Zeina Loutfi of Quebec won the 40-plus race in a sprint against Chantal Gosselin (Quebec) and Pier-Pascale Hutsebaut (Quebec).

“The race went very well for me,” said Loutfi, 40-plus champion. “I’m happy, because 2014 in Sainte-Calixte was the very first race I did, and I love this race, and I love the people here because they are outside cheering all the time. The race is very selective and the girls were very strong today.  I tried to go on the hills every lap and got caught every time.  I’m thrilled with this win.”

The 143.5 kilometre men’s 30-39 race came down to a two-way sprint, with Eric Loiselle of Quebec outkicking Jean-Francois Leduc, also of Quebec.  The 40-49 category saw Michel Jean of Quebec win by a slim one second margin over Shannon Hunt of Ontario, while the 50-59 race featured another two-up sprint, with Lorenzo Caterini (Nova Scotia) beating Ron Amos (Ontario).  In the 60-plus category, Richard Westwood of Ontario outsprinted Robert Anderson (Canadian, but residing in California) for the national title.

Michel Jean, the 40-49 winner, said, “I tried many times to go on the climbs, but the pack always came back.  On the last lap there was a breakaway which I joined and we worked together until the final 800 metres.  Hunt attacked with 600 metres to go and I was able to come up to him.  I saw that he was blown, so I was able to sprint for the victory.  I’m very happy for this win because in 2014 I finished second in a photofinish.”


Master E Women – 79.7km
1. Karine Corbeil (Groupe Sportif CT) 2:32:31
2. Emily Rodger (Radical Edge)
3. Sophie Gattuso (vc Bicycles Quilicot)
4. Marie-Renée Vial (Independant) 00:04
5. Émilie Caron (Collectif de Course) 03:03
6. Annie Imbeault (Norco Premier Tech p/w)
DNF Raur Meilleur Harvey (Collectif de Course)
DNS Anaïs Courteille (Euro-Sports)
DNS Safia Genereux-Khali (Groupe Sportif CT)
DNS Angella Goran (Velo Outaouais)

Master F Women – 79.7km
1. Zeina Loutfi (Martin Swiss cycles) 2:32:31
2. Chantal Gosselin (Vélo Outaouais)
3. Pier-Pascale Hutsebaut (Peak Centre-Bernard)
4. Judith Hayes (Martin Swiss cycles)
5. Lori Kofman (Erace Cancer Cycling) 00:03
6. Mary-Anne Poulin (CC de l’Académie) 01:09
7. Leslie Horn (NovoFit Compass 360) 08:45
DNF Dawn Heinemeyer (Calgary Crankmasters)
DNF Annick Dufour (Trek-GPL)
DNF Vlada Dekina (Kurzawinski Coach)
DNF Nicole Clermont (Sherbrooke)
DNF Christiane Gagné (Momentum Vélo)
DNF Carol Deavy (Velo Outaouais)
DNS Carole Vanier (Équipe Iris)
DNS Katharine Masun (Wheels of Bloor)

Master D Men – 95.64km
1. Richard W Estw Ood (Kurzawinski Coach) 2:45:05
2. Robert Anderson (Team Specialized)
3. James Laird (Peak Racing, Valley Ski) 05:52
4. Peter Kofman (Erace Cancer Cycling)
5. Julien Rioux (Sherbrooke)
6. Eric Magnoux (Independant)
7. Joel Katz (Independant)
8. Alain Goulet (Independant)
9. Dan Horchik (B1 Evo Cycling) 07:03
10. Alain Patrick Brault (Espoir de Laval) 08:28
11. David Johnston (United Cycle) 14:22
12. Guy Marcotte (VéloGare) 17:55
13. Gilles Gagnon (Independant) 21:47
14. Andre Rodrigue (Independant) 30:37
15. Vincent Richard (Independant) 31:56
DNS Tim Buckley (Newmarket Eagles CC)
DNF Phillip Preston (Kurzawinski Coach)
DNS Pierre L’Ecuyer (Independant)
DNF Roger Simard (Independant)
DNF Gilbert Bessin (Peak Centre-Bernard)
DNF John Spence (Ride with Rendall p/b)

Master C Men – 111.58km
1. Lorenzo Caterini (Crattsman Construction) 3:05:34
2. Ron Amos (Hammer/53×11)
3. Jon Gee (Ride with Rendall p/b) 00:17
4. Ian Scott (Wheels of Bloor) 00:59
5. Miguel Sanchez (Sports Maguire) 01:21
6. Andy Mill (WASPcam) 01:47
7. Normand Bertrand (Norco Premier Tech p/w) p/w 02:26
8. Stéphane Demers (Équipe Iris) 02:26
9. Benoit Nayet (Sports Maguire) 02:26
10. Ian Dalling (Cyclery Racing) 02:26
11. Jeffrey Vanderkuur (WASPCAM) 02:26
12. Sylvain Thibeault (Ultra-Violet) 02:26
13. Lawrence Akot (WASPcam) 02:26
14. Marc Courtemanche (Espoir de Laval) 02:32
15. Paul Taylor (Island Racing Club p/b) 03:56
16. Gérald Caron (Laferté Bicycles) 03:59
17. Michel Demers (vc Bicycles Quilicot) 08:11
18. Carl Grenier (Cycles Regis) 12:39
19. Sylvan Adams (Friends of CA) 12:46
20. Chris Olson (Nine2FivePro.com) 12:57
21. Marco Salvati (Kurzawinski Coach) 12:57
22. Alex Vega (PowerWatts) 12:59
23. Stéphane Le Beau (CC de l’Académie) 12:59
24. Denis Blouin (Jean-Maurice Vezina) 18:25
25. Christian Girard (Groupe Sportif CT) 19:51
26. Charles Cormier (Mikes Bike Shop) 19:51
27. Brent Macdonald (Deadgoat) 19:58
28. Gary W Einstein (pedalinx) 20:57
29. Martin Ste-Marie (Équipe Iris) 20:57
30. Derek De Gannes (WASPcam) 20:57
31. Gilbert Maillette (CC de l’Académie) 20:57
32. Kourosh Arshi (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre) 28:46
DNF Robert Orange (Ride with Rendall p/b)
DNF Brad Martel (Ride with Rendall p/b)
DNF Rob Smith (Central Alberta Bicycle)
DNF William Trischuk (D’Ornellas Bike Shop)
DNF Garnett Abbey (Erace Cancer Cycling)
DNF Marc Lapointe (Garneau Québec)
DNF Jocelyn Bourgon (Groupe Sportif CT)
DNF Robert Duguay (Groupe Sportif CT)
DNF Barry Smith (Hellcats)
DNF Claude Durocher (Independant)
DNF Dean Giesbrecht (Independant)
DNF Alberto Padilla (Les Rouleurs de)
DNF Didier Chunlaud (Norco Premier Tech p/w)
DNF Terence Dahms (Pedalhead Road Works)
DNF Antonio Cefaratti (PowerWatts)
DNF Domenic Cefaratti (PowerWatts)
DNF Mario Ebacher (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre)
DNF Sylvain Castonguay (VéloGare)
DNS Eric Provost (Équipe Iris)
DNS Michael Di Blasio (PowerWatts)
DNS Daniel Therer (TREK-GPL)

Master B Men – 127.52km 1. Michel Jean (La Vie Sportive) 3:23:11
2. Shannon Hunt (Morning Glory Cycling) 0:01
3. Bruno Lafontaine (Trek-GPL) 0:03
4. Steve Mckee (Wheels of Bloor) 0:16
5. Yannick Lemire (Laferté Bicycles) 0:21
6. Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-GPL) 0:21
7. Jocelyn Lachance (Laferté Bicycles) 0:24
8. David Gazsi (True North Medical) 0:24
9. Sébastien Perreault (Victor-Squatex) 0:24
10. Stephane Vallieres (Cannondale/ABC) 0:24
11. Matthew Di Silvestro (Photon Racing p/b) 0:24
12. James W Hite (Ride with Rendall p/b) 0:24
13. Rolston Miller (Morning Glory Cycling) 0:32
14. Jean-Francois Blais (Trek-GPL) 0:32
15. Marc Boudreau (Cyclery Racing) 0:32
16. Brian Mckeown (Radical Edge) 0:32
17. David Desjardins (Collectif Parlee Cycles) 0:33
18. Francois Doyon (Scott-RackUltra) 0:39
19. Martin St-Pierre (EC Gatineau) 0:43
20. Maxime Hébert (Scott-RackUltra) 0:47
21. Mike Reeves (Tekne cycle club) 2:58
22. Laurent Martel (Les Rouleurs de) 2:58
23. Chris Kirk (Independant) 3:03
24. Justin Rogers (WASPcam) 3:20
25. Cary Moretti (True North Medical) 3:20
26. Patrick Kings (Sound Solutions) 4:02
27. Alan Kriss (Morning Glory Cycling) 4:02
28. Damien Carrier (EC Gatineau) 4:08
29. Craig Haw Kes (Cyclery Racing) 4:41
30. Sebastien Moquin (Cycles Regis) 5:10
31. Stéphane Dodier (Scott-RackUltra) 5:47
32. Steve Smith (Erace Cancer Cycling) 6:36
33. Jean-Francois Bertrand (ABCoachelite MXO) 6:53
34. Eric Laplante (Partenaire) 7:32
35. Johnj Malois (CC de l’Académie) 14:28
36. Frederic Brousseau (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre) 14:28
37. Alain Cadorette (Cannondale/ABC) 14:28
38. Hugues Joannis (Collectif Parlee Cycles) 14:30
39. Sebastien Riopel (VCOM Inc.) 14:32
40. Patrick Ducharme (VCOM Inc.) 14:32
41. Christian Thibeault (Independant) 14:32
42. Daniel De Mos (Sonic Boom Racing) 16:36
43. Brien Kelly (WASPcam) 16:36
44. Rodney Clarke (Radical Edge) 16:40
45. René-Pierre Roussel (Cannondale/ABC) 16:40
46. Ryan Hodgkinson (WASPcam) 17:56
47. Gerald Chen (Nine2FivePro.com) 17:58
48. Martin Vinet (Trek-GPL) 18:04
49. Mark Chappel (WASPcam) 18:04
50. Lafortune Carl (Cycles Regis) 18:04
51. David Girard (Partenaire-) 18:04
DNF Simon Brunette (VéloGare)
DNS Yvan Trudel (Independant)
DNF Mike Mandel (Morning Glory Cycling)
DNF Alain Lafleur (ABcoachelite MXO)
DNF Virgil Popescu (VCOM Inc.)
DNF Serghei Maximenco (PowerWatts)
DNS Olivier Beauvais (Independant)
DNF David Albert (PowerWatts)
DNF Steve Trinque (AB CoachÉlite MXO)
DNF Sebastien Frappier (Bicycle A.F.CAM)
DNF Martin Benoit (Cannondale/ABC)
DNF Jean-François Fafard (Cannondale/ABC)
DNF Charles B. Ostiguy (Collectif Parlee Cycles)
DNF André Boisclair (Cycles Regis)
DNF Louis-Yves Cloutier (Cycles Regis)
DNF Richard Derome (Cycles Regis)
DNF Pascal Dostaler (Cycles Regis)
DNS Eric Ethier (Cycles Regis)
DNF Marc-Wayne Addison (Garneau Québec)
DNF Emmanuel Parent (Groupe Sportif CT)
DNF Pierre Boilard (Independant)
DNF Benoit Desrosiers (Independant)
DNF Pascal-André Vendittoli (Independant)
DNF Mathieu Duchesne (Jean-Maurice Vezina)
DNS Andy D’Angelo (Kurzawinski Coach)
DNF Marc Beaulieu (Les Rouleurs de)
DNF Richard Jodoin (Les Rouleurs de)
DNF Eric Migneron (Maglia rosa)
DNF Pierre Bitz (Martin Swiss cycles)
DNF Andrew Churchill (Martin Swiss cycles)
DNF Jeff Johnston (Nine2FivePro.com)
DNF Éric Desjardins (Partenaire)
DNF Karim Jarjoura (Partenair-)
DNF Jeff Ker (Photon Racing p/b)
DNS Alain Villeneuve (Ride with Rendall p/b)
DNF Stephane Chartier (Scott-RackUltra)
DNS Christian Marcoux (Scott-RackUltra)
DNS Geoffrey Parslow (Todd’s Cycling Club)
DNF Eric Pare (Trek-GLP)
DNS Jean Sebastien Boiteau (Trek-GPL)
DNS Maxime Girard (Ultra-Violet)
DNS Sylvain Tremblay (Ultra-Violet)
DNS Benoit Perreault (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre)
DNS Benjamin Martel (Velo-Station)
DNF Patrick Caron (Victor-squatex)
DNF Justin Moo (WASPcam)
DNF Pelda Patrick (West of Quebec)
DNF Dave Rudnicki (West of Quebec)
DNS David Thompson (Wheels of Bloor)

Master A Men – 143.46km
1. Eric Loiselle (Cannondale/ABC) 3:51:19
2. Jean-Francois Leduc (Laferté Bicycles)
3. Gregory Moore (Morning Glory Cycling) 0:03
4. Mathieu Charruau (Trek-GPL) 0:12
5. Doug Van Den Ham (Nine2FivePro.com) 0:13
6. Alexandre Morin (Trek-GPL) 0:13
7. Marshall Eidinger (Alphavelo Q36.5 Racing) 0:13
8. Michel Henri (Cycles Dupuis) 0:13
9. Sebastien Cossette (Scott-RackUltra) 0:13
10. Philippe Marcotte (Laferté Bicycles) 0:13
11. Cory Jay (Crattsman Construction) 0:13
12. Jerome Mcnicoll (Cannondale/ABC) 0:13
13. Jean Francois Dussault-Turcotte (Jean-Maurice Vezina) 0:13
14. Joel Pelletier (Cycles Dupuis) 0:13
15. Jeff Muise (Framework Racing) 0:13
16. Maxime Chouinard (Momentum Vélo) 0:13
17. Jesse Cabon (vc Bicycles Quilicot) 0:13
18. Matthew Guse (Partenaire) 0:13
19. Philippe Lanthier (Cannondale/ABC) 0:13
20. Nick Friesen (Independant) 0:13
21. Brandon Sant (PowerWatts) 0:13
22. Jean-Philippe Delorme (Cycles Marinoni) 0:13
23. Francis Tellier (Victor-Squatex) 0:13
24. Alexandre Dion (Cannondale/ABC) 0:13
25. Antoine Malo (Partenaire) 0:13
26. Olivier Hébert (Cannondale/ABC) 0:13
27. Dan Doddy (Tower International) 0:20
28. Bryan Tyers (Peterborough Cycling) 2:28
29. Guillaume Simoneau (AB CoachÉlite MXO) 2:28
30. Kaven Mcnicoll (Independant) 2:32
31. Jonatan Mathieu (Laferté Bicycles) 2:32
32. Nicolas Ammerlaan (Cycles Marinoni) 2:32
33. Charles-André Bilodeau (Cycles Regis) 3:00
34. Alexandre Aubies (Équipe Victor/Squatex) 3:00
35. Brian James Quessy (Velorganic) 3:11
36. Yanick Lajeunesse (Trek-GPL) 6:43
37. Jean-Christophe Marceau (Momentum Vélo) 6:43
38. Shan Hyland (Jean-Maurice Vezina) 6:46
39. Julien Remo (Cycles Dupuis) 6:46
40. Jonathan Hervieux (Cycles Dupuis) 6:46
41. Danny Leblanc (Garneau Québec) 9:10
42. Sébastien Emond (Jean-Maurice Vezina) 9:10
43. Gabriel Michaud (Espoir de Laval) 9:10
44. Ryan Phelps Phelps (CoachChris.ca/Joe) 9:10
45. Rony Berbari (Cycles Marinoni) 11:12
46. Kianoush Missaghi (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre) 15:30
47. Nicolas Therrien (Momentum Vélo) 21:39
DNF Mark Sherboneau (Ride with Rendall p/b)
DNF James Jacek-Cote (PowerWatts)
DNF Edward Forest (Cycles Dupuis)
DNF Joseph Pow Er (Cycles Dupuis)
DNF Vincent Courcy (Cycles Marinoni)
DNF Claude Crepeau (Équipe Iris)
DNF D’Zaô-Izaq Plamondon (Garneau Québec)
DNF Jean Francois Racine (Garneau Québec)
DNF Samuel Gidel (Independant)
DNF Gabriel Drouin (Jean-Maurice Vezina)
DNF Noel Monge (Momentum Vélo)
DNF Charlie Gorman (Nine2FivePro.com)
DNF Henry Chan (PowerWatts)
DNF Jeremie Fontanaud (Scott-RackUltra)
DNF Mathieu Fortier (Scott-RackUltra)
DNF Yan Marineau (True North Road Corps)
DNF Jean-Francois Carriere (Velorganic)
DNF Jerome Lariviere (Victor-Squatex)
DNS Christian Lemay (Velorganic)
DNS David Tardif (Cycles Regis)
DNS Hugues Lapointe (Garneau Québec)
DNS Nicolas Cloutier Boutin (Momentum Vélo)
DNS Bryan Mongrain (Vélo 2000 Peak Centre)
DNS Steve Maurice (VéloGare)
DNS Eric Hebert (Victor-squatex)



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