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2015 Pan Am Games Track Day 3 Session 1 Results and Photos

by pedalmag.com
Sullivan sets a new PR  ©  Ivan Rupes
July 18, 2015 (Milton, ON) – Here are the results from the first Session on Day 2 of the 2015 Pan Am Games at the Cisco Pan Am Velodrome. Hugo Barrette (Canada) will race for gold in the Men’s Sprint;

Barrette vs Venezuela  ©  Ivan Rupes
Monique Sullivan (Canada) set a Pan Am Record in the Women’s Sprint Qualifications becoming the first woman to go under 11s on the Milton Track and advanced to the 1/4 Finals;

OBrien  ©  Ivan Rupes
Kate O’Brien (Canada) also qualified to the 1/4 Finals; the Canadian Team Pursuit squad with Rémi Pelletier-Roy, Adam Jamieson, Eric Johnstone and Sean MacKinnon also qualified to the 1st Round;

Can M Team Pursuit  ©  Ivan Rupes
and Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) sits second overall after setting a Pan Am Record in the Individual Pursuit but the next rider Sarah Hammer (United States) broke it.

Glaesser  ©  Ivan Rupes


Women’s Sprint

1. Monique Sullivan (Canada)    10.992 Q  Pan Am Record
2. Kate O’Brien (Canada)    11.027 Q
3. Juliana Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)    11.281 Q
4. Lisandra Guerra (Cuba)    11.377 Q
5. Luz Gaxiola (Mexico)    11.604 Q
6. Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)    11.647 Q
7. Mariaesthela Vilera (Venezuela)    11.849 Q
8. Frany Fong (Mexico)    11.877 Q
9. Karen Cruz (El Salvador)    11.887 Q
10. Maria Jimenez Galicia (Guatemala)    12.268 Q
11. Deborah Coronel (Argentina)    12.318 Q
12. Alice Tamiyrs Leite de Melo (Brazil)    12.572 Q
13. Joanne Rodriguez Hacohen (Guatemala)    12.816

Fastest 12 riders advance to 1/8 Final

1/8 Final

Heat 1
1. Monique Sullivan (Canada)    12.291
2. Alice Tamiyrs Leite de Melo (Brazil)

Heat 2
1. Kate O’Brien (Canada)    11.887
2. Deborah Coronel (Argentina)

Heat 3
1. Juliana Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)    12.046
2. Maria Jimenez Galicia (Guatemala)

Heat 4
1. Lisandra Guerra (Cuba)    12.046
2. Karen Cruz (El Salvador)

Heat 5
1. Luz Gaxiola (Mexico)    12.335
2. Frany Fong (Mexico)

Heat 6
1. Mariaesthela Vilera (Venezuela)
2. Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)    REL

Winners qualify to 1/4 Final – Losers go to Repechage 1/8

1/8 Finals Repechage

Heat 1
1. Diana Maria Garcia Orrego (Colombia)    12.459
2. Karen Cruz (El Salvador)
3. Alice Tamiyrs Leite de Melo (Brazil)

Heat 2
1. Frany Fong (Mexico)    12.004
2. Maria Jimenez Galicia (Guatemala)
3. Deborah Coronel (Argentina)

Winner of each heat advances to 1/4 Final

Men’s Sprint


Heat 1
1. Njisane Phillip (Trinidad & Tobago)    10.711, 10.761
2. Flavio Vagner Cipriano (Brazil)

Heat 2
1. Hugo Barrette (Canada)    10.472, 10.902
2. Hersony Canelon Vera (Venezuela)

Winners to gold medal ride – losers race for bronze 

Men’s Team Pursuit


1. Colombia  4:06.494
Fernando Gaviria Rendon
Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal
Arles Castro Laverde
Jhonatan Restrepo Valencia

2. Argentina  4:07.092
Mauro Agostini
Walter Perez
Maximiliano Richeze
Juan Merlos

3. Canada  4:07.590
Rémi Pelletier-Roy
Adam Jamieson
Eric Johnstone
Sean MacKinnon

4. Venezuela  4:09.450
Manuel Briceño Barreto
Victor Moreno Cevilla
Jhoan Paez Camacho
Yosvangs Rojas Diaz

5. Chile  4:17.068
Antonio Cabrera
Gonzalo Miranda
Pablo Seisdedos
Luis Sepulveda

6. Brazil 4:18.149
Cristian Egidio Da Rosa
Endrigo Da Rosa Pereira
Thiago Duarte Nardin
Armando Reis Da Costa Camargo Filho

7. Mexico  4:18.244
Jose Aguirre
Ignacio Sarabia
Diego Yepez
Jose Ulloa

The seven teams recording the best times in the qualifying shall be matched in the first round in the order as follows: The team having obtained the 6th fastest time against the one having obtained the 7th fastest time. The team having obtained the 5th fastest time will ride in an individual ride. The team having obtained the 2nd fastest time against the one having obtained the 3rd fastest time. The team having obtained the fastest time against the one having obtained the 4th fastest time. All the teams from the first round shall dispute the finals. The rides shall be ridden in the inverse order to that stated below. The winners of the last two heats in the first competition round shall ride the final for first and second places. The remaining four fastest teams shall be ranked according to their times from the first round and shall dispute the finals as follows: The two fastest teams shall ride the final for 3rd and 4th places. The next two fastest teams shall ride the final for 5th and 6th places.

Women’s Omnium

Scratch Race
1. Cristina Greve (Argentina)
2. Angie Gonzalez Garcia (Venezuela)
3. Denisse Ahumada (Chile)
4. Sarah Hammer (United states)    -1 lap
5. Jasmin Glaesser (Canada)    -1 lap
6. Marlies Mejias (Cuba)    -1 lap
7. Jannie Milena Salcedo Zambrano (Colombia)    -1 lap
8. Lizbeth Salazar (Mexico)    -1 lap
9. Nicolle Bruderer (Guatamala)    -1 lap
10. W R Dos Santos Rodrigues (Brazil)    -1 lap
11. Miryam Nunez Padilla (Ecuador)    -1 lap
DNF Marcela Rubiano (Costa Rica)

Individual Pursuit
1. Sarah Hammer (United States)    3:31.952 Pan Am Record
2. Jasmin Glaesser (Canada)    3:34.747
3. Marlies Mejias (Cuba)    3:34.856
4. Cristina Greve (Argentina)    3:41.534
5. Lizbeth Salazar (Mexico)    3:43.819
6. Denisse Ahumada (Chile)    3:49.714
7. Angie Gonzalez Garcia (Venezuela)    3:50.057
8. Nicolle Bruderer (Guatamala)    3:50.988
9. Jannie Milena Salcedo Zambrano (Colombia)    3:53.301
10. W R Dos Santos Rodrigues (Brazil)    4:01.239
11. Miryam Nunez Padilla (Ecuador)    4:06.608
12. Marcela Rubiano (Costa Rica)    4:15.121

Standings after 2 events (brief)
1. Cristina Greve (Argentina) 74 pts
2. Sarah Hammer (United States)  74
3. Jasmin Glaesser (Canada)    71
4. Denisse Ahumada (Chile)  66
5. Marlies Mejias (Cuba)    66
6. Angie Gonzalez Garcia (Venezuela) 66


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