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2015-16 Canadian Cyclo-Cross Program – First-ever Christmas CX Project

release by the Canadian Cyclo-Cross Working Group
2015-16 Canadian Cyclo-Cross Program  ©
October 02, 2015 – The Canadian Cyclo-cross Working Group has published the 2015-2016 cyclo-cross program and selection criteria. The program document can be found on our website here. Highlights of the program include:

  • Canada’s first-ever Christmas Cyclo-cross project
  • Criteria to race in World Cups during the 2015-16 season
  • Selection criteria for the 2016 Cyclo-cross World Championships

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Program Manager Scott Kelly at scott@dundasspeedshop.com.

About the Canadian Cyclo-Cross Working Group:

The Canadian-Cyclo-cross Working Group is made up of various stakeholders from the Canadian Cyclo-cross community. The objective of this new initiative is to improve communications and planning around the Canadian Cyclo-cross program. The working group has been tasked with developing a sustainable cyclo-cross program, exploring funding opportunities and identifying and engaging leaders in the Canadian Cyclo-cross community to help drive these initiatives.

Working Group members:

  • Program Manager: Scott Kelly
  • NSO Rep: Kris Westwood
  • PSO Rep: Jayson Gillespie
  • Elite Female Rep: Mical Dyck
  • Elite Male Rep: Aaron Schooler
  • Industry Rep: Craig Richey

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