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2013 Seymour Challenge Report and Results

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August 12, 2013 (N. Vancouver, BC) – What is it about climbing mountains these days, seems to be all the rage! 12.2 km may be a sprint for some riders, for many its a physical and mental challenge to keep the legs moving, the aspect under control.  “Shut up legs” is not actually talking to your legs, when you have a quiet body and mind, you are among the best.

And two riders, Dylan Davies and Morgan Cabot, both from Vancouver,  became the latest in a series of champions to post enviable times on the Seymour climb.  Morgan Cabot, close to National Team rider Erinne Willock’s ride in 2003, Dylan taking 3 seconds on the 1994 champion Olav Stana, (racing Master Cat C) at 36:53.

At 36:50, Dylan is up there with the likes of Min vanVelzen, Andreas Hestler and Matt Usborne.

Morgan joins the elite club, great to have you add your name to the list with a time of  44:03.

Surprise finishers, Claire Byrne rode a very competitive 47:05, finishing 2nd woman overall.

Look out for Devon Moonie, an intense jr rider from Kamloops, at 40:46.  Focused riding. Nice guy!

In this event, we are fortunate to have repeat offenders, Leo Le Couteur is one of them, now in his 7th decade, finishing in a very reputable 1 hr and 5 mins.

One of our very own performance coaching athletes, Alison Daniel, is also studying international nutrition, but with an interest in music, she branched out to make a difference in Rwanda by raising funding for music programs there.  She brought in singer Stephanie Formosa to provide a musical backdrop to the awards ceremony.  Proceeds from this event are headed towards that worthwhile project.

Another epic ride, see you next year!

Full results here.

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