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2013 Road Nationals Juniors/Masters/Para TT Reports, Full Results

by pedalmag.com

June 27, 2013 (Lac Mégantic, QC) – Kinley Gibson (Team Alberta) and Peter Disera (Team Ontario) were crowned Canadian Champions today in the junior races at the 2013 Canadian Road Championships in Lac Mégantic, QC, as the best juniors cyclists of this country went solo against the clock to compete for the ultimate honours in the individual time trials.

In the men’s race, Disera crossed the line with the fastest time of 39:09 in a tightly contested race, between him and second place Jack Burke (Team CHCH). William Elliott (Team CHCH) rounded the Championships podium in third.

Most amazingly is the fact that this race was Disera’s first ever road time trial race, and third time only using a time trial bike.

“I’m very pleased with the result. Everybody gave me some really good advice going out for my very first time trial ever. I wanted to see where it went, and just got stronger and stronger, and felt really good. I just blew my brains out in the last three kilometres, and it ended up turning into my favor,” said the new Canadian Junior Time Trial Champion, “I did some of the (Ontario) road cups earlier this season when things weren’t too busy, and then went onto the Mountain Bike World Cup and Canada Cup circuit, focussing more on the mountain. I had this week off so I decided to come out here to get some quality volume, and had some shots at the podium. It turned out to be in my favor and good preparations for Mountain Bike Nationals.”

In the women’s junior competition, Kinley Gibson was the dominating rider in the solo time trial race, posting the best time of the group by stopping the clock at 21:56, showing a lead of just less than one minute over the second place.

“I am very happy. I came third last year and wasn’t too happy with that ride. This year tried to bring it back, to just save it in the beginning for the uphill on the way back. I pushed all the way home and came out on top!” said the new Canadian Champion, who was third last year at this same race. “I’ve got my sights set on making the junior World Championships team, so this will go a long way to help achieve that objective. I had a really good year here, and I am hoping that will be a good stepping stone to qualify.”

In second place of women’s junior race was Gillian Ellsay of Cycling BC, followed by Ariane Bonhomme of Équipe du Québec in third.

The competition also featured some of the best masters of this country, from all categories, from 30+ all the way to 60 and over.

Chris McNeil (Soul Sportif) won his second straight title of the younger Master A race on the roads of Lac Mégantic, defending his title earned last year. In the Master B race, the times were also very close, and it’s the defending Champion David Gazsi (Team IFG) who once again was the fastest of the group.

Sylvan Adams (PowerWatts) successfully defended his Canadian Time Trial title in the Masters C (50-59) category, winning the race by 21 seconds over the second place. Charlie Squires (Team London) was the fastest in the Masters D (60+) race with a fast time of 21:10.

In the women’s master races, both Pascale Legrand (La Roue Libre) and Judith Hayes (Team Médique) won their respective races to take the Canadian titles.

The competition resumes Friday with the first set of road races featuring the Masters categories, followed by the Junior road races on Saturday.

Para Report – Paracyclists Ride To Canadian Titles In Time Trials At The Canadian Road Championships
The 2013 Canadian Road Championships saw an increase in participation among the strong group of Canadian paracyclists. The country’s best cyclists with a disability converged to Lac Mégantic, QC to race for the coveted Maple Leaf jersey awarded to the Canadian champion

With Canada hosting the 2013 UCI World Cup Finals in Matane and World Championships in Baie-Comeau later this summer, everyone came ready to perform and show their potential and fitness progress.

In the fast tandem races, the experienced tandem of Daniel Chalifour and Alexandre Cloutier won the race by just 0.08% of the National standard over the second place of the newly formed team of Robbi Weldon and Emilie Roy. Alexandre Carrier and Aroussen Laflamme, who have raced the world cup together this season, took the third spot.

“The race was really tight, it was a just a matter of seconds between us and Weldon/Roy. We knew that they are good time triallists, and we had our work cut out for us. We didn’t do a proper warm up, so we used the first few minutes to properly warm up,” continued Chalifour.

The victory is even sweeter for the Chalifour/Cloutier team, with Cloutier celebrating the birth of a new baby just 10 days ago.

“It’s the annual trek to the Canadian Road Championships. It’s been eight years that we are attending, my seventh with Alexandre. The race went really well. We are very happy since Alexandre’s wife just gave birth. He’s got good form, but he’s very tired also. In addition, we broke our bike at the Defi Sportif, and we had to order a new frame, which just arrived a few days ago. He had to set –up the bike yesterday,” said Daniel Chalifour.

In the C category, Jaye Milley (Team Alberta) won the coveted Maple Leaf jersey by posting 103% of the National Team standard. 2012 Paralympic medallist Marie-Claude Molnar (Équipe du Québec) came in second with 102.3% of her standard, while Arnold Boldt (Team Saskatchewan) came third at 101.1%.

“I’ve been around for eight years, and I have been trying every single year to win that coveted jersey. Finally it is here. I can’t describe the feeling of winning. It’s absolutely exhilarating to win a Canadian Championships,” said Milley, who is recovering from a crash at a race earlier this season. “With that jersey comes responsibilities. I’ll represent my country to the best I can as the Canadian Champion in the Time Trial at the World Championships, and I’ll bring it home hopefully.”

In the Handcycling races, Mark Beggs (Équipe du Québec) the race of the combined H. Charles Moreau (Équipe du québec) rode to the second place, while Robert Labbé (Équipe du Québec) posted the third best result.

Dominique Mainguy (Team Quebec) was the fastest of the tricycle race and took the jersey, finishing the combined race with a time of 20:30. The reigning World T1 Champion Shelley Gautier (Team Ontario) finished second at 21:25, while Louis-Albert Corriveau-Jolin (Team Québec) came in third.

The top para-cyclists will now enjoy a full day of recovery, and will compete for the road race titles on Saturday.

Morning results here.


Junior Men  – 15km
1. Peter Disera (Team Ontario) 0:39:09
2. Jack Burke (Team CHCH) 0:15
3. William Elliott (Team CHCH) 1:12
4. Adam Jamieson (Indépendant) 2:04
5. Olivier Brisebois (Équipe du Québec) 2:22
6. Martin Rupes (Team CHCH) 2:28
7. Marc-Antoine Soucy (Équipe du Québec) 2:32
8. Connor Byway (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 2:41
9. Olivier Miclette (Équipe du Québec) 2:43
10. Derek Gee (OBC) 3:06
11. Simon Fothergill (Team CHCH) 3:12
12. Pier-Andre Cote (Club cycliste Lévis Subaru) 3:25
13. Felix Lapointe (Équipe du Québec) 3:53
14. Trevor Pearson (Cycling BC) 3:54
15. Evan Burtnik (Team Alberta) 4:04
16. Simon Ouellet (Rocky Mountain Lessard Bicycle Apogee) 4:10
17. Shawn Turcotte (vélo select) 4:20
18. Miles Eastwood (Team CHCH) 4:29
19. Nicolas Ducharme (Espoirs Quiliot TRJ Télécom) 4:32
20. Philippe Labrecque (Rocky Mountain Lessard Bicycle Apogee) 4:39
21. Joel Taylor (Cycling BC) 4:43
22. Jean-Simon D’Anjou (Rocky Mountain Lessard Bicycle Apogee) 4:45
23. Eric Johnstone (Team Alberta) 4:49
24. Jordan Duncan (Cycling BC) 4:50
25. Jérôme Bastien (I Am Gold) 4:53
26. Biran Falk-Dotan (Team Ontario) 4:58
27. Sam Ratzke (Bowcycle) 5:04
28. Aidan Caves (Cycling BC) 5:09
29. Jackson Pickell (Cycling BC) 5:14
30. Benjamin Veillette (I Am Gold) 5:20
31. Marc Antoine Noel (Équipe du Québec) 5:27
32. David Drouin (apogee/BCF Avocat/Atrium) 5:32
33. Cameron Mason (Team Ontario) 5:36
34. Christian Ricci (Team Ontario) 5:37
35. Vincent Désilets-Jacob (Espoirs Quiliot TRJ Télécom) 5:53
36. Julien Roussel (Rocky Moutain Lessard Bicycle Apogee) 5:53
37. Miguel Lukaszewicz (VELOSELECT) 5:54
38. Jeremie Lacasse (Ottawa Bicycle Club) 5:55
39. Emmanuel Gagné (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom) 5:55
40. Samuel Périgny (I Am Gold) 5:57
41. Jesse Schultz (Team CHCH) 6:15
42. Will Simonds (Team Ontario) 6:28
43. Sean Mackinnon (Team Ontairo) 6:28
44. Devin Doiron (Team New Brunswich) 6:29
45. Christophe Rivard (Espoirs Quilicot TRJ Télécom) 6:36
46. Cordell Dickie (Cycling BC) 6:51
47. Fabien Parent (Véloselect) 7:12
48. Mason Burtnik (Team Alberta) 7:20
49. Jérémie Désilets-Jacob (Espoirs Quiliot TRJ Télécom) 7:38
50. Guillaume Roussel (Équipe du Québec) 7:43
51. Olivier Proulx-Fournier (I Am Gold) 7:49
52. Alexandre East (Espoirs Quilicot – TRJ Telecom) 7:51
53. Alexandre Simard (Apogee Atrium) 8:20
54. Marc-Antoine Germain (I Am Gold) 10:00
55. Bayley Simpson (Invita FCV) 10:24
56. Tyler Lee (Team Ontario) 10:50
57. Julien Dulac (I Am Gold) 12:39
DNS Anthony Bousada (Vélo Mauricie)

Master A  Men – 15km
1. Chris McNeil (Soul Sportif) 0:19:16
2. Gabriel Drouin (Archibald/EIC) 0:22
3. Mathieu Charruau (Trek-Feria) 0:52
4. Andrew Buzzell (Fitworks) 0:56
5. Jean Charles Pinsonnault (Archibald) 0:58
6. Dominic Chalifoux (Trek-Feria) 0:58
7. Hugues Lapointe (OPUS/OGC) 1:01
8. Grahame Rivers (DarkHorse Flyers) 1:03
9. Cory Jay (Craftsman Construction) 1:03
10. Yannick Lemire (laferté bicycles) 1:13
11. Greg Boileau (Nine2fivepro.com cycling team) 1:27
12. Robin Pichette (Ind) 2:11
13. Shan Hyland (Archibald / E.I.C.) 2:14
14. Daniel Fortin (mia pasta-vo2) 2:18

Master B Men – 15km
1. David Gazsi (Team IFG) 0:19:16
2. Davis Frake (Morning Glory Cycling Club) 0:19:18
3. Geoff Macdonald (ERTC) 0:19:38
4. Ian Scott (Wheels of Bloor / Graywood Developments) 0:19:43
5. Alexandre Boiteau (Trek-Fiera) 0:19:46
6. Ron Amos (Ride with Rendall) 0:20:04
7. Mark Rasile (Blacksmith Cycle) 0:20:04
8. Dominic Picard (Quilicot-RackUltra) 0:20:08
9. David Albert (PowerWatts) 0:20:11
10. Jean-Francois Blais (Trek-Fiera) 0:20:19
11. Charles Munger (Sports GTH) 0:20:23
12. Michael Nash (Ride with Rendall) 0:20:29
13. Dale Danner (Ride with Rendall) 0:20:30
14. Alain Cadorette (ABC cycles Honda-Centreville) 0:20:43
15. Rob Nishman (Morning Glory) 0:21:06
16. Luc Bellerive (Sport GTH) 0:21:09
17. Michael Mckee (Blacksmith Cycles) 0:21:11
18. Michel Ostiguy (PowerWatts) 0:21:17
19. Kevin Rokosh (Indépendant) 0:21:22
20. Martin Cléroult (Norco/Premiertech) 0:21:34
21. Kees Louws (team london) 0:21:37
22. Virgil Popescu (VCOM) 0:21:39
23. Martin Paradis (Drummond) 0:22:08
24. René-Pierre Roussel (ABC cycles Honda-Centreville) 0:22:25
25. Nicolas Regis (Indépendant) 0:22:40
DNS Michel Jean (Sports GTH)
DNS Andrew Stewart (Indépendant)


Para C4-5 – 9km
1. Sebastien Bouchard (Équipe du Québec)
2. Atilla Avsar (Indépendant)

Full results here.

Tandem – 9km
1. Chalifour/Cloutier (Équipe du Québec)
2. Weldon/Roy (Indépendant)
3. Carrier/Laflamme (Équipe du Québec)

Full results here.

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