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2013 Road Nationals Elite/U23 Men’s Full Results

by pedalmag.com

June 22, 2013 (Ste-Georges, QC) – Here are the full results from the Elite/U23 Men’s 187.2km road race where Zach Bell (Champion System Pro Cycling) claimed his first national road title in dramatic style in a nail-biting sprint finish as a seven-man breakaway challenged for win at the 2013 Canadian Road Championships – report and photos here – live race updates here.


1. Zach Bell (Champion System Pro Cycling) 4:13:51
2. Ryan Anderson (Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies)
3. Antoine Duchesne* (Bontrager)
4. Rob Britton (Raleigh) 0:02
5. Will Routley (Accent Jobs-Wanty) 0:03
6. Christian Meier (Orica-GreenEDGE) 0:13
7. Marsh Cooper (Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies) 0:23
8. Jean Sébastien Perron (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 3:20
9. Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Garneau-Quebecor) 3:31
10. Pierrick Naud* (Garneau-Quebecor)
11. Michael Woods (Garneau-Quebecor) 6:42
12. Bruno Langlois (Garneau-Quebecor) 6:42
13. Dominique Rollin (FDJ) 7:20
14. Francois Parisien (Team Argos-Shimano) 9:38
15. Stuart Wight* (Team New Brunswick) 11:01
16. Kevin Massicotte* (Team Ontario) 16:29
17. Cody Canning (Trek Red Truck Racing Team) 19:22
18. Kristofer Dahl* (H&R Block) 19:27
19. Alexander Cataford* (Garneau-Quebecor) 20:51
20. Derrick St John (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 21:24
21. Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel/Norco) 21:26
22. James Piccoli* (Équipe du Québec) 22:16
23. Nigel Ellsay* (Cycling BC) 22:35
24. Robin Clegg (H&R Block) 22:54
25. Elliott Doyle* (Équipe du Québec) 23:08
26. Stephen Keeping (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 23:10
27. Felix Cote Bouvette* (Ekoi-Devinci)
28. Benjamin Perry (Team Ontario)
29. Osmond Bakker (OCTTO-Cervelo)
30. Adam de Vos* (Trek Red Truck Racing Team)
31. Brandon Etzl* (Team Ontario)
32. Chris Prendergast* (Team Manitoba) 23:14
33. Antoine Matteau (Ekoi-Devinci)
34. Jean-François Racine (Garneau-Quebecor)
35. Dylan Cunningham* (Indépendant)
36. Bruce Bird (Wheels of Bloor)
37. Evan Bayer (Team Niklas)
38. Antoine Caron* (Specialized) 23:20
39. Garrett Mcleod (H&R Block)
40. Olivier Delaney* (Medique p/b Silber Investments) 23:32
41. Hugo Houle (AG2R la Mondiale) 23:54
42. Brandon Spencer* (Mt.Borah/Minerva Design p/b Basso) Hors délai
43. Alex Ricard (BH-Lessard) Hors délai
DSQ Chris Freeland (Jet Fuel/Norco)
DSQ Chris Gruber (Wheels of Bloor)
DSQ Giovanni Traina (Indépendant)
DNF Ryan Roth (Champion System Pro Cycling)
DNF Sebastian Salas (Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies)
DNF Nic Hamilton (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda Riders)
DNF Guillaume Boivin (Cannondale Pro Cycling)
DNF Aaron Fillion (Ride with Rendall)
DNF Aaron Schooler (H&R Block)
DNF Adam Andersen (Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech)
DNF Andrew House (CoachChris.ca)
DNF Ben Chaddock (Team Smart Stop p/b Mountain Khakis)
DNF Benjamin Chartrand* (Medique p/b Silber Investments)
DNF Braydon Bourne* (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery)
DNF Brian Trafford (OCTTO-Cervelo)
DNF Casey Roth (Ride With Rendall)
DNF Conor O’Brien* (Indépendant)
DNF David Boily (Amore & Vita)
DNF David Fugère* (Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech)
DNF David Onsow* (Medique p/b Silber Investments)
DNF Drew Steeves* (Indépendant)
DNF Ed Veal (RealDeal/Gears p/b Fieldgate)
DNF Émile Jean* (Ekoi-Devinci)
DNF Etienne Moreau* (Team Ontario)
DNF Frederic Cossette* (Ekoi-Devinci)
DNF Frédéric Ebacher* (Medique p/b Silber Investments)
DNF Geoffroy Dussault (Garneau-Quebecor)
DNF Guillaume Pinglot (Suarez-ACQ)
DNF H Gaelan Merritt (Indépendant)
DNF James Lucas Bent (Jet Fuel/Norco)
DNF Jean-Michel Lachance (Predator Carbon Repair)
DNF Jean-Samuel Deshaies* (Ekoi-Devinci)
DNF Jeff Schiller (Jet Fuel/Norco)
DNF Jordan Brochu* (Équipe du Québec)
DNF Jordan Cheyne* (Team Ontario)
DNF Jules Cusson-Fradet* (Iris)
DNF Kiernan Orange* (Ride With Rendall)
DNF Kyle Buckosky* (H&R Block)
DNF Louis Garneau (Garneau-Quebecor)
DNF Luke Koolman* (Russ Hay’s/Accent Inns)
DNF Matteo Dal-Cin* (Team Ontario)
DNF Maxime Le Pluart (Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech)
DNF Michaël Dalterio* (Novo Nordisk)
DNF Nicolas Masbourian (Medique p/b Silber Investments)
DNF Olivier Lavigueur (Guru)
DNF Robert Gutgesell* (Aquila/Racer Sportif)
DNF Robert Hargrove (Indépendant)
DNF Robert Ralph* (Medique p/b Silber Investments)
DNF Ryan Macdonald* (H&R Block)
DNF Ryan Aitcheson* (Team Ontario)
DNF Samuel Blanchette (Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech)
DNF Samuel Gosselin-Simard (Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech)
DNF Samuel Gagnon* (Ekoi-Devinci)
DNF Scott Loong (Medique p/b Silber Investments)
DNF Simon Lambert-Lemay (Garneau-Quebecor)
DNF Simon-Pierre Gauthier* (Garneau-Quebecor)
DNF Travis Samuel* (Jet Fuel/Norco)
DNF Walter Meco* (Indépendant)
DNF William Blackburn (Medique p/b Silber Investments)
DNF William Goodfellow* (Guru)
DNF Yohan Patry (Ekoi-Devinci)
DNF Yuri Hrycaj (Jet Fuel/Norco)
DNF Sebasttien Rousseua (Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech)
DNF Alexis Carter* (Iris)
DNS David Dallaire (Sports GTH)
DNS Étienne Samson (Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech)
DNS Jean-Francois* Girard (BH-Lessard)
DNS Jevon Almond (Indépendant)
DNS Logan Cornel (Indépendant)
DNS Marc-Antoine Boulet* (Norco Bicycles/Premier Tech)
DNS Nicolas Courtemanche (BH-Lessard)
DNS Steven Murray (BH-Lessard)
DNS Zachary Hughes (Garneau-Québecor)

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