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2012 London Olympics – Pictograms for Cycling Disciplines Unveiled

release by the UCI

November 19, 2009 – The pictograms representing the four cycling disciplines on the 2012 London Olympic programme have been unveiled in London. The British organizers, in consultation with the International Cycling Union (UCI), have come up with four distinct pictograms for BMX, mountain bike, road cycling and track.

The four disciplines can be clearly distinguished in the pictograms. The BMX is symbolized by a rider clearing a jump. He is on a small bike, typical of this specialty, and is wearing a helmet with a visor. For the (cross country) mountain bike the rider is on uneven and rocky terrain. The road cycling pictogram is simpler: It shows a rider in the traditional road cycling position. Finally, track cycling is symbolized by a rider wearing a streamlined helmet and using a bike with disc wheels; his position gives an impression of high speed.

In total, 38 pictograms have been designed for all the Olympic sports.

Olympic Games pictograms were first used at the 1948 Games in London. They have been a regular feature of the Olympic movement since the Tokyo Games in 1964, and are updated for each edition.

The 2012 cycling pictograms will be used, accompanied by the London Games logo, on tickets, signs and at the cycling venues at the Games.

At the unveiling of the pictograms, British Olympic Association Chairman Lord Moynihan said, “In 2012 Olympic sports and athletes will have a unique opportunity to showcase themselves to the UK and the world and the pictograms will help do that. They look fantastic and I am confident that they will become a key visual icon of the London 2012 Olympic Games.”

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