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2012 COLD-FX Canadian RD Championships Masters RR Report, PHOTOS – Men A, B Full Results

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June 29, 2012 (Lac Mégantic, QC) – The second day of the second weekend at the 2012 COLD-FX Canadian Road Championships presented by Canadian Tire went without a glitch on a beautiful day in Lac Mégantic, QC.

The day started with four races, Masters 50-59 and 60+ for the Men, and the two Masters women categories, and then continued in the afternoon with a second wave with the Masters Men 30-39 and 40-49.

In the Masters Men 30-39, Brandon Sant was the fastest of the large peloton. In an exciting sprint finish, Sant was the first to cross the finish line, after 121.4 kilometers, the longest race of the day. Charlie Gorman was second, while François Doyon took third.

In the 40-49 categories, Pascal Buissières crossed the line in first place, taking the ultimate prize in cycling, the Maple Leaf Jersey. Buissières completed the 106.8km course in 3:07.22.

Don Zuck was the first to cross the finish line in the Master 50-59, taking the Maple Leaf jersey with a time of 3:02.48, completing the 106.8 km course. In the Masters 60+, Pierre l’Écuyer took the victory, crossing the finish line alone with a time of 3:10.55.

Both Masters Women categories finished the gruelling 92.2-km course in a nail-biting sprint, with Pascale Legrand (Masters 30-39) and Carole Vanier (Masters 40+) taking the victory in their respective categories after 2:56.06 of racing.

The 2012 COLD-FX Canadian Road Championships presented by Canadian Tire continue Saturday with the road races for the junior and para-cyclists, and end on Sunday with the criterium races.

Results (brief)

Master A Men 30-39
1. SANT, Brandon (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME 3:26:46
2. GORMAN, Charlie (ON) Nine2FivePro.com Cycling Team s.t.
3. DOYON, François (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra s.t.

Master B Men 40-49
1. BUSSIERES, Pascal (QC) Team Spirit p/b Euro-Sport 3:07:22
2. LEFEBVRE, Yves (QC) Trek – Bontrager +0:05
3. LANGEVIN, Luc (QC) Equipe Brunet +2:47

Master C Men 50-59
1. ZUCK, Don (ON) TDI TEAM ZUCK 3:02:48
2. ANDERSON, Robert (CA) Team Specialized Racing Masters S.T.
3. LAMARCHE, André (QC) Trek – Bontrager +0:06

Master D Men 60+
1. L’ECUYER, Pierre (QC) FADOQ 3:10:55
2. CLUETT, Gary (ON) ZM Cycle & Fitness 3:26:56
3. CLARKE, Gordon (ON) Bikesport 3:27:16

Master E Women 30-39
1. LEGRAND, Pascale (QC) Trek – Bontrager 2:56:06
2. GOSSELIN, Chantal (QC) Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais ST
3. LABBÉ, Carmen (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra ST

Master F Women 40+
1. VANIER, Carole (QC) 2:56:06
2. CLERMONT, Nicole (QC) Club Cycliste Sherbrooke ST
3. MARCEAU, Julie (ON) Lapdogs ST

Master A Men 30-39 – 121.4km     
1. Brandon Sant (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME 3:26:46
2. Charlie Gorman (ON) Nine2FivePro.com Cycling Team
3. Francois Doyon (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra
4. Yann Deville (QC) Suarez-ACQ 0:02
5. Shannon Hunt (ON) Morning Glory Cycling Club
6. Martin Delisle (QC) Gth sport
7. Francois-Michel Deschamps (QC) Trek-Bontrager
8. Michel Henri (QC) Archibald/EIC
9. Geoff MacDonald (AB) ERTC/Revolution Cycle
10. Mike McKee (ON) Vinyl Built/Six Consulting
11. Scott Fitzgerald (ON) Vinylbilt/SixS Consulting
12. Sebastien Cossette (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra
13. Sébastien Perreault (QC) Deda/HYPE
14. Michel Jean (QC) GTH Sports
15. Jean-François Leduc (QC) Equipe Passion Vélos
16. Mathieu Fortier (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra
17. Bruno Lafontaine (QC) Trek-Bontrager
18. Matthew Di Silvestro (ON) Euro-Sports
19. Jean Charles Pinsonnault (QC) Archibald/EIC 0:09
20. J-Phlippe Lambert (QC) Archibald/EIC 0:17
21. Mark Rasile (ON) Vinylbilt/SixS Consulting
22. Greg Boileau (ON) nine2fivepro.com cycling team 3:36
23. Matthias Schmidt (ON) Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developm 6:16
24. Rob Rice (ON) Sudbury Cycling Club 7:58
25. Peter Tregunno (ON) Tea and Coffee Racing 9:03
26. Craig C. Hawkes (ON) The Cyclery 9:40
27. Alexi Richer (QC) Suarez-ACQ
28. Yannick Lemire (QC) Equipe Passion Vélos
29. Kevin Higgins (ON) Morning Glory Cycling Club 9:43
30. Yann Lavallee (QC) Paquette Villemure Construction
31. Dominic Marcil (SK) AC VéloGare 9:47
32. Eric Migneron (QC) ABC Cycles /Honda Centreville
33. Andrew Mcwhirter (QC) Monster.ca HD
34. Jason Valenti (ON) Nine2FivePro.com Cycling Team HD
35. Alexandre Aubies-Trouilh (QC) Deda/HYPE HD
36. Steve Maurice (QC) Suarez-ACQ HD
37. Jean-François Fortin (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra HD
38. Alexandre Meunier (QC) Sherbrooke CC HD
39. Alexandre Morin (QC) Trek-Bontrager HD
40. Christian Marcoux (QC) Paquette Villemure Construction HD
41. Eric Giroux (QC) Archibald/EIC HD
42. Blaine Richter (AB) ERTC/Revolution Cycle HD
43. Dominic Picard (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra HD
44. Frédéric Chénard (QC) Idependant HD
45. Éric Laplante (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra HD
46. Jean Francois Dussault-Turcotte (QC) EC-Mathieu Performance HD
47. Jamie List (ON) Morning Glory Cycling Club HD
48. Éric Hébert (QC) Equipe Brunet HD
49. Jean-Christian Méthot (QC) CC Rimouski HD
50. Mathieu Charruau (QC) Trek-Bontrager HD
51. Eric Pare (QC) Paquette Villemure Construction HD
52. David May (QC) Monster.ca HD
53. Jerome Lariviere (QC) Equipe Brunet HD
54. Chris Reid (QC) Ride with Rendall HD
DNF Jean-Francois Carrière (QC) ABC Cycles /Honda Centreville
DNF Gerald Chen (ON) Nine2FivePro.com
DNF Vincent Courcy (QC) Synergy
DNF Claude Crépeau (QC) Iris
DNF David Dallaire (QC) Sports GTH
DNF Marco Desbiens (QC) CC Rimouski
DNF Gabriel Drouin (QC) Archibald/EIC
DNF Mathieu Duchesne (QC) Equipe Brunet
DNF David Dulude (QC) Cycle Néron LaPrairie
DNF Martin Dumont (QC) Equipe Passion Vélos
DNF Daniel Fortin (QC) CC Mia Pasta
DNF Jérome Fradette (QC) La Cabosse d’or
DNF Frédéric Francoeur (QC) mosphère Sherbrooke
DNF David Girard (QC) Suarez-ACQ
DNF Frédéric Gobeil (QC) espresso sports
DNF Shan Hyland (QC) Archibald/EIC
DNF Michael Jungbauer (QC) Sherbrooke CC
DNF Frederic Luneau (QC) Paquette Villemure Construction
DNF Richard Martin (QC) Suarez-ACQ
DNF Chris Mcneil (BC) Soul Sportif
DNF Jonathan Oligny (QC) Trek-Bontrager
DNF Joel Pelletier (QC) Archibald/EIC
DNF Antoine Richer (ON) Trek-Bontrager
DNF Alexandre Ste-Croix (QC) Synergy
DNF Martin Sirard (QC) Indépendant

Master B Men 40-49 – 106.8km        
1. Pascal Bussieres (QC) Team Spirit p/b Euro-Sport 3:07:22
2. Yves Lefebvre (QC) Trek-Bontrager  0:05
3. Luc Langevin (QC) Equipe Brunet 2:47
4. Jose Jorge (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME 2:55
5. John Malois (QC) Suarez-ACQ 4:05
6. Chris Firek (ON) Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments
7. Ian Scott (ON) Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments
8. Pierre Boilard (QC) Team Spirit p/b Euro-Sport
9. Jean-Francois Blais (QC) Trek-Bontrager
10. Robert D’Amico (ON) Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments
11. Luc Blain (QC) Indépendant 4:07
12. Rolston Miller (ON) Morning Glory Cycling Club
13. Ivan Waddell (QC) Archibald/EIC
14. Lorenzo Caterini (NS) Hub Cycles 4:10
15. Stephane Marcoux (QC) Indépendant
16. Claude Durocher (QC) CC Québec Métro 4:13
17. Luc Bellerive (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra
18. Andrew Lees (ON) Nine2FivePro.com Cycling Team
19. Sylvain Poirier (QC) Equipe Brunet 4:16
20. Stéphane Croft (QC) CC Québec Métro
21. Yariv Wolfe (ON) Euro-Sports 4:24
22. Denis Dallaire (QC) Indépendant 5:08
23. Richard Dagenais (ON) Timmins Cycling Club 5:16
24. Marc Boudreau (ON) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery HD
25. Alain Poisson (QC) Equipe Passion Vélos HD
26. Tim Friesen (MB) FOG HD
27. Sylvain Thibeault (QC) Acidose Lactique HD
28. Laurent Martel (QC) Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais HD
29. Dale Danner (ON) Euro-sports HD
30. Michel Brazeau (QC) Team Spirit p/b Euro-Sport HD
31. Charles Munger (QC) GTH sports HD
32. Gordon Stovel (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME HD
33. Bobby Mrvelj (ON) Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Development HD
34. Carl Dessureault (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME HD
35. Andé Paquette (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra HD
36. David Gazsi (QC) Team IFG Cyclelogik Endurosport HD
37. Martin Cléroult (QC) CC Québec Métro HD
38. Jacques Bilodeau (QC) Prud’ Homme- IGA Ste Martine HD
39. Martin Benoit (QC) ABC Cycles /Honda Centreville HD
40. Simon Unterberg (QC) ABC Cycles /Honda Centreville HD
41. Gilbert Maillette (QC) Suarez-ACQ HD
42. Maxime Hébert (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra HD
43. David Albert (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME HD
44. Chris Kirk (ON) Indépendant HD
45. Hugo Champagne (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra HD
46. Gino Ainsley (QC) Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais HD
47. Jean-François Jolin (QC) GTH HD
48. Jean Boissonneault (QC) EC-Mathieu Performance HD
49. Claude Bourque (QC) ABC Cycles /Honda Centreville HD
50. Jimmy Monopoli (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME HD
51. Roch Mathieu (QC) Suarez-ACQ HD
52. Pierre Marquis (QC) Indépendant HD
53. Martin Ste-Marie (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra HD
54. Martin Vinet (QC) Trek-Bontrager HD
55. Alain Cadorette (QC) ABC Cycles /Honda Centreville HD
56. Nicola Giancola (QC) Suarez-ACQ HD
57. Jean-Sébastien Zahra (QC) Trek-Bontrager HD
58. Julien Gagnon (QC) EC-Mathieu Performance HD
59. Frederic Lagueux (QC) Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais HD
60. Marc Beaulieu (QC) Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais HD
61. Andrew Churchill (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME HD
62. Alex Vega (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME HD
63. David Bilenkey (ON) Euro-sports.ca HD
64. Nicolas Regis (QC) ABC Cycles /Honda Centreville HD
65. Philippe Gautier D’aulnay (QC) mosphère Sherbrooke HD
66. Éric Desjardins (QC) La Cabosse d’or HD
DNF Mario Beauregard (QC) EC-Mathieu Performance
DNF Stéphane Chartier (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra
DNF Alain Deraspe (QC) Equipe Brunet
DNF Denys Gaudreault (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra
DNF Martin Gosselin (QC) Deda/HYPE
DNF Stephane Joncas (QC) Equipe Brunet
DNF Luc Lamarre (QC) Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais
DNF Michael Nash (ON) Ride with Rendall
DNF Eric Provost (QC) Trek-Bontrager
DNF Martin Prud’homme (QC) Powerwatts-FITTIME
DNF Dave Rudnicki (ON) West of Quebec Wheelers
DNF Patrick Van Peborgh (QC) Quilicot-Rackultra
DNS Adam Glendinning (QC) Racing Force

HD= hors de?lai (outside time limit)

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