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Canadian RD Championships Elite/U23 Men’s TT FULL Results

by pedalmag.com

June 21, 2012 (Lac-Megantic, QC) –  Svein Tuft (BC) Orica-GreenEDGE won the Elite/U23 Men’s 39km Time Trial by over 2-min at the 2012 COLD-FX Canadian Road Championships held in Lac-Megantic, QC on Friday, with teammate Christian Meier (BC) Orica-GreenEDGE in second and Hugo Houle* (QC) SpiderTech powered by C10, defending his U23 title as well, in third overall. David Boily (QC) SpiderTech powered by C10 was the second U23 rider and Remi Pelletier-Roy (QC) Garneau-Quebecor was third. The Elite/U23 men completed 6 x 6.5km…here are the full results.


Elite Men

1. Svein Tuft (BC) Orica-GreenEDGE 0:47:26
2. Christian Meier (BC) Orica-GreenEDGE 2:08
3. Hugo Houle* (QC) Team SpiderTech powered by C10 2:49
4. Aaron Fillion (ON) Ride With Rendall 3:25
5. Francois Parisien (QC) Team SpiderTech powered by C10 3:26
6. Zach Bell (BC) Team SpiderTech powered by C10 3:31
7. Rob Britton (BC) Team H&R BLOCK 3:42
8. David Boily* (ON) Team SpiderTech powered by C10 3:47
9. Rémi Pelletier-Roy* (QC) Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose 3:58
10. Ryan Roth (ON) Team SpiderTech powered by C10 4:13
11. Jordan Cheyne* (ON) Team H&R BLOCK 4:29
12. Antoine Duchesne* (QC) Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose 4:38
13. Stuart Wight* (NB) Atlantic Cycling Centre 5:31
14. Ed Veal (ON) RealDealRacing/LaBicicletta 5:46
15. Cody Campbell* (BC) Cycling BC 6:11
16. Kris Dahl* (AB) Team H&R BLOCK 6:36
17. Adam De Vos* (BC) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosiac Homes 6:52
18. Bruce Bird (ON) Wheels of Bloor/Graywood Developments 7:00
19. Nathan Underwood (QC) Ride with Rendall 7:13
20. Pierrick Naud* (QC) EKOI.com / Gaspésien 7:16
21. Charly Vives (QC) Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose 7:19
22. Garrett McLeod (NS) Team H&R BLOCK 7:21
23. Emile Jean* (QC) Indépendant 7:42
24. Ryan Aitcheson* (ON) Team Ontario/ Panther p/b Competitve Cyclist 7:42
25. Casey Roth (ON) Ride With Rendall 7:44
26. Bailey McKnight* (QC) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes 7:59
27. Matteo Dal-Cin* (ON) Team Ontario/ Ride with Rendall 8:01
28. Zach Hughes* (QC) Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose 8:23
29. Robert Ralph* (QC) Medique p/b Silbet Investments 8:51
30. Charles Bryer (ON) EKOI.com / Gaspésien 8:53
31. Simon-Pierre Gauthier* (QC) Equipe du Quebec 9:00
32. Mike Sidic (BC) Team H&R BLOCK 9:06
33. Kyle Buckosky* (BC) Cycling BC 9:14
34. Jordan Brochu* (QC) EKOI.com / Gaspésien 9:16
35. Michael Mandel (ON) RealDealRacing/LaBicicletta 9:16
36. James Piccoli* (QC) Equipe du Québec 9:26
37. Joël Desgreniers* (QC) Équipe du Québec 9:36
38. Marco Li (ON) Team Ontario/Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose 9:46
39. Matthew Degiacomo* (ON) Garneau-Quebecor-Norton Rose 9:59
40. Kevin Massicotte* (ON) Team Ontario/Nativo Concept 10:11
41. Andrew Buzzell (NB) Fitworks 10:32
42. Raphaël Massé Viau* (QC) Equipe du Québec 10:35
43. Dylan Cunningham* (BC) Cycling BC 10:36
44. Logan Cornel* (ON) RealDealRacing / La Bicicletta 10:40
45. Brandon Spencer* (ON) Team Ontario/Kallisto/Wheels of Oakville 11:14
46. Olivier Delaney* (QC) Ride with Rendall 11:20
47. Jean Samuel Deshaies* (QC) EKOI.com / Gaspésien 11:26
48. Brad Clifford* (SK) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes 11:39
49. Jason Abbott (ON) West Of Quebec Wheelers/Powerwatts-FIT 12:07
50. Jordane Gauthier Beaulieu* (QC) Equipe du Québec 12:31
51. David Onsow* (QC) Quilicot-Elite 12:49
52. Olivier Maltais (QC) La Vie Sportive 12:56
53. Kiernan Orange* (QC) Ride with Rendall 13:28
DNF Colter Young* (BC) Trek Red Truck p/b Mosaic Homes
DNF David Stephens (BC) Garneau Evolution
DNF Mathieu Roy (QC) EKOI.com / Gaspésien
DNF Jesse Reams (YK) Cycling BC
DNF Jeffery Muise (NS) Coastal Financial Credit Union
DNF Marc Freemantle (QC) Espoir-Asia
DNF Trevor Connor (BC) Team Rio Grande/BCSM
DNF Alexander Cataford* (ON) Cycling BC
DNF William Blackburn (QC) Medique p/b Silbet Investments


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