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2011 Road World Championships U23 Men’s ITT Report, Full Results, Photos – Houle 26th

by pedalmag.com

September 19, 2011 (Copenhagen, Denmark) – It isn’t every day that a time trial can be as exciting as the U23 Men’s race was today in Copenhagen. With 65 riders in five waves it meant for a long day. But what a day it was – the wind that was a factor during the junior women’s race picked up as the seeded riders whittled down to the top 13 in the last group, which made the gold medal race by Australia’s Luke Durbridge that much more amazing.

The fastest riders also had the strongest head wind. The combination of his 2010 silver medal finish and 2011 UCI points seeded him as the sixth last rider. But Durbridge finished the 35.2km course in 42:47:13 for an average speed of 49.362 km per hr. He said he felt calm during the race, but broke into tears as soon as he crossed the line.

He had his “…coach in my ear by radio. I was taking it a bit safe around the corners because he told me I was up all the way. It felt great.” Durbridge focused only on preparing for the time trial, missing the Tour de l’Avenir, but adding that time trial training would help him benefit his teammates in Friday’s road race.

“Australia has a team of six riders here because we have the Oceania champion so we have a bit of an advantage over teams with five riders or even less. Still, if I see that with 50km to go I can do a time trial, well I just might,” he added with a grin.

Despite Durbridge’s amazing ride, it was Denmark’s own silver medalist Rasmus Christian Quaade at 35.88 seconds behind who was feted by the thousands of Danes gathered in Copenhagen’s central square and along the 17.6km course the riders traversed twice. When asked if it was an advantage or disadvantage to race in front of a hometown crowd, Quaade replied, “I think it was an advantage. People just shouted at me to go faster. It was really fun but also hard.”

Quaade fell off his bike after the finish and was immediately mobbed by the Danish press as security held strong on the fences as the crowds went wild. When asked if what he might have done to make up the 35 seconds he deadpanned, “Ride faster.” He added that the distance between Durbridge and himself is decreasing as last time they met Durbridge was 50 seconds ahead.

The bronze went to yet another incredible story as Australia’s Michael Hepburn, who had one near accident and later on slid out of a corner which meant he had to be given a new bike, finished 46.47 seconds back. “A little bit of wind caught me and grabbed my front wheel. It slid out from under me. It shakes you up a bit and I lost a bit of time, but that’s not the worst of it. Unfortunately, I lost a bit of concentration and time. But hats off to these guys. I didn’t know how much time I lost; didn’t know who was behind me – it’s a bit of an unknown, but they were definitely the two to beat today.”

Hepburn came across the line with his skinsuit torn in two places, but his focus was back. Fourth place went to Russia’s Anton Vorobev (58:39 seconds back), who started in the second of five waves, while fifth place went to Jasper Hamelink (at 1:52:94), who was also in the second wave. New Zealand’s Jason Christie was sixth (2:00:48).

The first Canadian to finish was Hugo Houle in 26th place out of 65 riders at 2:54:11 minutes back, while teammate Stuart Wight placed 61st at 5:55:55 minutes back.

“I felt I started well on the first lap – everything went well technically, but the last lap – with the wind in your face – I kind of blew it a little. It’s the end of the season so I missed a little power at the end. I’m not sad; not happy,” commented Houle.

“It wasn’t a bad ride. It’s my first year as an Espoirs (U23), and this was a really good experience for the years to come. I wouldn’t say it was great from a results perspective, but it was a great learning experience,” said Wight.

“Riding the course yesterday was not ideal with the group atmosphere and the rolling closures, so we didn’t really get to see the corners at race speed. We did get video of the course, which allowed us to see it again last night.

“It was a bit different today with the wind, which was a lot stronger, so that changed things a lot. It’s definitely an “all-in-the-legs”, horsepower course – whoever could crank the pedals harder.”


1. Luke Durbridge (Australia)  0:42:47
2. Rasmus Christian Quaade (Denmark)  0:36
3. Michael Hepburn (Australia)  0:46
4. Anton Vorobev (Russian Federation)  0:59
5. Jasper Hamelink (Netherlands)  1:53
6. Jason Christie (New Zealand)  2:00
7. Luis Mas Bonet (Spain)  2:04
8. Tom Dumoulin (Netherlands)  2:05
9. Damien Howson (Australia)  2:06
10. Rudy Molard (France)  2:10
11. Jakub Novak (Czech Republic)  2:13
12. Matthias Brandle (Austria)  2:15
13. Yoann Paillot (France)  2:15
14. Andreas Hofer (Austria)  2:17
15. Artur Ershov (Russian Federation)  2:27
16. Bob Jungels (Luxembourg)  2:29
17. Jasha Sütterlin (Germany)  2:32
18. Louis Meintjes (South Africa)  2:34
19. Johan Le Bon (France)  2:43
20. Gabriel Chavanne (Switzerland)  2:43
21. Matteo Mammini (Italy)  2:43
22. Daniil Fominykh (Kazakhstan)  2:46
23. Michel Koch (Germany)  2:50
24. Kevin De Jonghe (Belgium)  2:52
25. Sean Patrick Downey (Ireland)  2:52
26. Hugo Houle (Canada)  2:54
27. Andersen Valgreen (Denmark)  2:55
28. Klemen Stimulak (Slovenia)  2:57
29. Vegard Stake Laengen (Norway)  3:00
30. Mark Christian (Great Britain)
31. R C Brayan Stiven (Colombia)  3:01
32. Tobias Ludvigsson (Sweden)  3:07
33. Arthur Van Overberghe (Belgium)  3:16
34. Carter Jones (United States Of America)  3:23
35. Yelko Gomez (Panama)  3:23
36. Jan Polanc (Slovenia)  3:30
37. Andzs Flaksis (Latvia)  3:32
38. Silvan Dillier (Switzerland)  3:35
39. Stian Saugstad (Norway)  3:40
40. M N Sakellaridis (Greece)  3:51
41. Massimo Coledan (Italy)  3:52
42. Edvin Wilson (Sweden)  3:52
43. Artem Topchanyuk (Ukraine)  4:05
44. Kamil Gradek (Poland)  4:05
45. José Gonçalves (Portugal)  4:13
46. Gabor Fejes (Hungary)  4:13
47. Quintana Rojas (Colombia)  4:18
48. Andris Vosekalns (Latvia)  4:20
49. Fabio Silvestre (Portugal)  4:31
50. Lawson Craddock (United States Of America)  4:31
51. Johann Van Zyl (South Africa)  4:31
52. Felix English (Ireland)  4:36
53. Siarhei Novikau (Belarus)  4:36
54. Hamed Jannat (Islamic Republic of Iran)  4:37
55. Ramon Carretero (Panama)  4:42
56. Evgen Filin (Ukraine)  4:44
57. Zhupa Eugert (Albania)  5:15
58. Janse Van Rensburg (South Africa)  5:16
59. Ylber Sefa (Albania)  5:28
60. Mario Gonzalez Salas (Spain)  5:33
61. Stuart Wight (Canada)  5:56
62. Johann Schwabik (Slovakia)  6:47
63. Issak Okubamariam (Eritrea)  7:39
64. Tomás Koudela (Czech Republic)  7:51
65. Andrei Krasilnikau (Belarus)  8:28

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