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2011 Pan-Am Games Women/Men’s Road Race Report, Results – Numainville 6th, Boivin 11th UPDATED

report by the CCA

October 22, 2011 (Guadalajara, Mexico) – The road cycling season came to an end today with the presentation of the road races at the 2011 Pan-American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. Canadian rider Joëlle Numainville (Montreal, QC) came in sixth, while sprinter Guillaume Boivin (Longueuil, QC) was eleventh of the men’s race.

In the morning women’s race, Joëlle Numainville placed in sixth position after 80 kilometres of racing, crossing the line with a time of 2:18.23, 13 seconds behind winner Arlenis Sierra of Cuba.

Canadian U23 champion Denise Ramsden (Yellowknife, NWT) finished in the sprinting peloton in 22nd position, followed by Laura Brown (Vancouver, BC) in 28th position.

“I am very disappointed. We would have liked to have a breakaway, and a Canadian in that break. Denise (Ramsden) and Laura tried many times. With the South American countries in force, nobody would let anyone break from the peloton. I did not really have the best legs for the sprint today,” concluded Numainville, who’s last race was at the 2011 Road World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“On the positive side, it’s fun to be here and to participate in these Games, to see other athletes from other sports. We don’t get to see that a lot in our season. There are plenty of people who see sport very differently.”

The Cubans dominated the race, sweeping the women’s podium. Yumari Gonzales came in second, followed by Yudelmis Dominguez in third.

In the afternoon men’s race, Guillaume Boivin (Longueuil, QC) posted Canada’s top result with an 11th position. Designated sprinter who found himself in the chase group, Boivin tried to attack the breakaway a few times, but he was unable to reach the leaders as he was working solo, without the support of South American countries.

“I think these games were very pleasant experience. The course suited me well. It was still a tough race, as is often seen in South America. The guys from South America are really motivated, tough, and we don’t know them as well. In the end, when a group came out of the peloton, I was the only rider of Canada against a dozen countries that had the guys in the break. I tried to enjoy myself and attack the group, but no one wanted to work with Canada,” said Boivin, after the race.

“Without being pretentious, I sincerely believe that I was one of the strongest in the bunch. Cycling is still a team sport, and we perhaps didn’t have the number in front to win. The legs were good and I felt good. I’m still happy with the race I did.”

Rob Britton (Victoria, C.-B.) and Rémi Pelletier-Roy (Québec, QC) respectively took the 30th and 32nd ranks respectively. Jean-Michel Lachance (Québec, QC) was a victim of a crash in the seventh lap and was forced to abandon.

The road races today concluded the racing season for road cycling. In a few weeks, the Canadian Track Cycling Team will hit the track for the start of the World Cup season.



1. Arlenis   Sierra (Cub) 2:18:10
2. Yumari   Gonzalez (Cub) 00:13
3. Yudelmis   Dominguez (Cub)
4. Ana Teresa  Casas (Mex)
5. Maria Luisa  Calle (Col)
6. Joelle   Numainville (Can) 
7. Angie Sabrina  Gonzalez (Ven)
8. Paola Andrea  Muñoz (Chi)
9. Robin Elizabeth  Farina (USA)
10. Claudia Veronica  Leal (Mex)
11. Danielys   Garcia (Ven)
12. Evelyn Yesenia  Garcia (Esa)
13. Clemilda   Silva (Bra)
14. Edith Guillen  Chavarria (Crc)
15. Uenia De  SOUZA (Bra)
16. Adriana   Rojas (Crc)
17. Lilibeth   Chacon (Ven)
18. Alexandra Gabriela  Serrano (Ecu)
19. Luz Adriana  Tovar (Col)
20. Janildes   Silva (Bra)
21. Mayra Del Rocio Rocha (Mex)
 22. Denise Marie  Ramsden (Can) 
23. Olga Elena  Cisterna (Chi) 00:19
24. Serika Mitchell  Guluma (Col)
25. CERDAS Natalia  Navarro (Crc)
26. Daniela Andrea  Guajardo (Chi) 00:38
27. Maria Fernanda  Bone (Ecu) 01:19
28. Laura Katherine  Brown (Can) 01:47
29. Talia   Aguirre (Arg)
30. Alejandra   Feszczuk (Arg) 03:03
31. Dolores Rodriguez  Rey (Arg) 04:53
32. Tamiko   Butler (Ant) 05:54
33. Valeria   Escobar (Bol) 07:00


1. Marc De Maar (Aho)  3:40:53
2. Miguel Armando Ubeto (Ven)  3:40:53
3. Arnold  Alcolea (Cub) 3:41:48
4. Arnold Cristobal Olavarria (Chi)  3:41:48
5. Juan Esteban Arango (Col)  3:41:48
6. Segundo Mesias Navarrete (Ecu)  3:41:56
7. Carlos  Lopez (Mex) 3:41:59
8. Yans Carlos Arias (Cub)  3:42:04
9. Bayron Patricio Guama (Ecu)  3:43:55
10. Bernardo  Colex (Mex) 3:44:17
11. Guillaume  Boivin (Can) 3:44:17
12. Honorio Rafael Machado (Ven)  3:45:02
13. Rafael  Andriato (Bra) 3:45:02
14. Lizardo  Benitez (Cub) 3:45:04
15. Darren  Matthews (Bar) 3:45:04
16. Walter Fernando Perez (Arg)  3:45:04
17. Carlos Gabriel Hernandez (Gua)  3:45:04
18. Manuel Oseas Rodas (Gua)  3:45:04
19. Ivan Mauricio Casas (Col)  3:45:04
20. Gonzalo Andres Garrido (Chi)  3:45:06
21. Artur Albeiro Garcia (Ven)  3:45:06
22. Wendy  Cruz (Dom) 3:45:06
23. Ignacio  Sarabia (Mex) 3:45:06
24. Gregolry  Panizo (Bra) 3:45:06
25. Weimar Alfonso Roldan (Col)  3:45:14
26. Tomas Aurelio Gil (Ven)  3:50:58
27. Deiber  Esquivel (Crc) 3:50:58
28. Federico  Ramirez (Crc) 3:50:58
29. Luis Fernando Macias (Mex)  3:50:58
30. Robert Leslie Britton (Can)  3:50:58
31. Gregori  Brenes (Crc) 3:50:58
32. Rémi  Pelletier-Roy (Can) 3:50:58
33. Ramon Lazaro Martin (Cub)  3:50:58
34. Luis Miguel Mansilla (Chi)  3:50:58
35. Leandro Carlos Messineo (Arg)  3:50:58
36. Jorge  Giacinti (Arg) 3:50:58
37. Nelson  Sanchez (Dom) 3:50:58
38. Jose Carlos Ragonessi (Ecu)  3:50:58
39. Andrey  Sartasov (Chi) 3:50:58
40. Robert  Marsh (Ant) 4:02:22
DNF Murilo  Fischer (Bra)
DNF Marlon Alirio Perez (Col)
DNF Abraham  Emile (Tri)
DNF Carlos Eduardo Quishpe (Ecu)
DNF Matias  Medici (Arg)
DNF Jean-Michel  Lachance (Can)  
DNF Dominic  Ollivierre (Vin)
DNF Luiz Carlos Tavares (Bra)
DNF Marlor  Rodman (Jam)
DNF Fidel Reece Mangal (Lca)
DNF Jorge Luis Perez (Dom)
DNF Wilfrid  Camelia (Aho)
DNS Charli Crueisi Quiñonez (Esa)

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