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2011 MTB XC Championships – Team/Club Relay Report, FULL Results

report by the CCA

July 17, 2011 (Canmore, AB) – The cross-country portion of the 2011 Canadian Mountain Bike Championships came to an end Sunday as Team Ontario #1 took the highest honours in the mixed team relay event.

The winning team comprised of Evan McNeely of Kingston, ON, Daniel Varga of Toronto, ON, Emily Batty of Brooklin, ON and Adam Morka of Fonthill, ON completed the four-lap race in a time of 1:11:20, taking over the lead held by Cycling BC in the last lap. Evan McNeely, a U23 rider, posted the fastest lap of the day at 16:38.

In second place came the team from 3-Rox Racing, represented by Tyson Wagler of Shakespeare, ON, Amanda Sin of Collingwood, ON, Marc-Antoine Nadon of Timmins, ON and Derek Zandstra of Trenton, ON, finishing the race posting a time of 1:13:10, also speeding by Cycling BC in the last lap, thanks to Zandstra’s second fastest lap of the day at 16:39.

Cycling BC’s team finished third showing a with a time deficit of 2:35 over the winning time of Team Ontario #1. Team BC, which were using a different strategy by keeping their women’s elite rider for the last, while other teams kept their elite men for the last lap. Team BC took the early lead in the second lap with Evan Gunthrie posting the fastest second lap split.

The 2011 Canadian Mountain Bike Championships continues next weekend in Panorama, BC with the presentation of the downhill events.


Team Relay
1. Team Ontario #1 (Evan McNeely, Daniel Varga, Emily Batty, Adam Morka) 1:11:20.4
2. 3 Rox Racing #1 (Tyson Wagler, Amanda Sin, Marc-Antoine Nadon, Derek Zandstra) 1:50.4
3. Team B.C. (Neil Kindree, Evan Guthrie, Quinn Moberg, Mical Dyck) 2:35.8
4. Norco Factory Team (Jarred Stafford, Bretton Mathews, Catherine Vipond, Andrew Watson) 3:30
5. 3 Rox Racing #2 (Preston Wagler, Mikaela Kofman, Corey Brioschi, Cameron Jette) 5:47
6. Rocky Mountain (Raphael Gagne, Jeremy Martin, Andreane Lanthier, Samuel Tremblay) 6:07
7. Team Ontario #2 (Davis Ross, Cayley Brooks, Mitch Bailey, Peter Glassford) 6:10
8. Quebec 2011 (Antoine Caron, Leandre Bouchard, Rebecca Barent, Alexandre Vialle) 7:02
9. Quebec 2005 (Sebastien Cadieux-Duval, Vincent Belhumeur, Andreanne Pichette, Thomas Neron) 8:10
10. Team Ontario #3 (Mike Garrigan, Steven Noble, Peter Disera, Marie Pierre Nadon) 8:56
11. Team Alberta (Peter Knight, Samuel Beaudoin, Shantel Koenig, Graham Torrie) 11:03
12. Team Manitoba #1 (Michael van den Ham, Anna Schappert, Dylan Harris, Paul Benson) 11:07
13. Team Manitoba #2 (Hewson Elliott, Jenna Leonhardt, Hana Boersma, Ari Robinson) 33:59:00
Unclassified Quebec 1999 (Kristina Laforge, Catherine Fleury, Valerie Meunier, Frederique Trudel)   +17:36.1

Club Relay
1. Xprezo Plain White T (Matt Hadley, Felix Wilberg, Jean Ann Berkenpas, Andrew L’Esperance) 1:14:42.3
2. Needs a Sponsor (Phil Widmer, Sandra Walter, Lauren Rosser, Cory Wallace) 4:02.0
3. CVM Val David #1 (Antoine Perreault, Cindy Montambault, Emmanuel Boily, Pierre-Louis Chamberland) 5:44.7
4. CVM Val David #2 (Xavier Perrault, Phil Paradis, Charles Pichault, Annick Chretien) 8:05

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