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2011 MTB XC Championships Elite/U23 Women FULL Results, Photos – UPDATES

by pedalmag.com
July 16, 2011 (Canmore, AB) – The beautiful weather continues for the Elite/u23 Women’s XC race – it’s warm with some clouds ideal for racing. There are 19 Elite riders on the start line vying to unseat defending champ Catharine Pendrel (BC, Luna Pro Team). Top contenders include multi-time National champion Marie-Hélène Prémont (QC, Maxxis-Rocky Mountain) and dan undefeated U23 women’s National Champion. The Elite women will complete 28.7km (start loop + 4 laps). There are nine U23 women who start after the Elites and they’ll complete 21.9km (start loop + 3 laps)…




2011 MTB XC Championships Elite/U23 Women Start.1

2011 MTB XC Championships Elite/U23 Women Start.2


Lap 1
Following the start loop it’s Pendrel with Prémont then Mical Dyck (BC) Pro City Racing followed by Batty as the Elites begin their first of four laps

U23 – Rebecca Beaumont (QC) Équipe Du Québec is out front followed by Kristina Laforge (QC) Équipe Du Québec  with Mikaela Kofman (ON) 3 Rox Racing in 3rd.

Pendrel attacks and is leading 1/2 way thru the lap as she completes the Eyedropper section and is coming thru the stadium – behind her at 30s is Premont – then it’s Batty at 20s followed by Amanda Sin (ON) 3 Rox Racing in 4th and Sandra Walter (BC) Xprezo-Borsao in 5th and Catherine Vipond (ON) Norco Factory Team in 6th.

U23 – Kofman and Beaumont have gapped the chasers thru the first lap  Andréanne Pichette (QC) Équipe Du Québec  and Laura Bietola (ON) 3 Rox Racing are in 3rd and fourth.


Lap 2
Pendrel comes thru to start the second lap in 23:48.4 and has extended her lead over Premont in second – now 41s – with Batty in third another 30s back at 1:16.

U23 – Kofman attacks and now has 10s on Beaumont as they start the second of three laps… the chasers Pichette and Bietola are losing time.

Walter is in 4th at +2:06.9; Sin is in 5th at +2:07.5; Vipond is 6th at +2:14.8; Brandi Heisterman (BC) Team Whistler/Rocky Mountain Brackendale is in 7th at +2:31.7; Dyck is 8th at +2:32.2.

U23 – Kofman is extending her lead over Beaumont

Pendrel is extending her lead over Premont – over 1 minute now – as she completes her second lap and her race is past the 1/2 way point.


Lap 3 (U23 final)
Pendrel starts her 3 lap with a time of 46:12.5 and is in control – barring any crashes or mechanicals she’s running away with it.  Premont is 1:26.7 behind and Batty is trying to make gains on her but she’s another minute back… the field is strung out behind.

U23 – Kofman comes thru to start her final lap in 50:01.7 and has almost a minute on Beaumont in second – trailing her another 1:45 behind is Bietola… Pichette is another 1:20 back in 4th with Laforge in 5th another minute and half back (5:31 behind Kofman).

Pendrel has a comfortable 1:32 lead over Premont who has a similar lead over Batty… Sin has passed Walter and taken over 4th at +3:42.1 behind leader, Walter is 5th at +3:55.1, Vipond is 6th at +4:26.6…

Dyck and Heisterman are in a battle for 7th … then it’s a big gap to Jean Berkenpas (BC) Ann Xprezo-Borsao in 9th at 6:18; 10th is Danelle Kabush (AB) Luna Pro Team Calgary at 6:22

U23 –  Kofman WINS in 1:14:30 over Beaumont in second at  1:26.

Lap 4 Final
Pendrel starts the final lap in 1:08:55.0 and now has 1:43.3 over Premont who is holding on to second over Batty at 3:18.6… Sin is at 5:01 and Walter in 5th is trying to close the gap on her – Vipond is 6th over a minute behind.

Heisterman takes over 7th… Dyck is now in 8th.


1. Mikaela Kofman (ON) 3 Rox Racing 1:14:30
2. Rebecca Beaumont (QC) Equipe du Quebec 1:26
3. Laura Bietola (ON) 3 Rox Racing 4:48
4. Andréanne Pichette (QC) Equipe du Quebec 5:50
5. Kristina Laforge (QC) Equipe du Quebec 8:12
6. Valérie Meunier (QC) Equipe du Quebec/Cyclone d’Alma/Devinci 9:09
7. Anna Schappert (MB) Team Manitoba 12:48
8. Cayley Brooks (ON) Team Ontario/Trek Canada 16:56
DNF Ashley Barson (ON) Team Ontario/CoachChris.ca

Elite Women
1. Catharine Pendrel (BC) Luna Pro Team 1:31:51
2. Marie-Helene Premont (QC) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain 2:02
3. Emily Batty (ON) Subaru-Trek 4:29
4. Amanda Sin (ON) 3 Rox Racing 6:17
5. Sandra Walter (BC) Xprezo-Borsao 7:25
6. Catherine Vipond (ON) Norco Factory Team 9:01
7. Brandi Heisterman (BC) Team Whistler/Rocky Mountain 9:48
8. Mical Dyck (BC) Pro City Racing 10:18
9. Jean-Ann Berkenpas (BC) Xprezo-Borsao 10:25
10. Danelle Kabush (AB) Luna Pro Team 11:45
11. Margie Smith (AB) Independent 16:16
12. Kate Aardal (AB) Hardcore Cycling Club 16:53
13. Brittany Webster (AB) AWCA 20:00
14. Karen Trueman (BC) Oak Bay Bicycles 21:15
15. Magi Scallion (AB) Cafe Racers 25:43
16. Annick Chretien (QC) CVM Val-David 26:44
17. Shantel Koenig (AB) Team Alberta -2 laps
DNF Cindy Montambault (QC) CVM Val-David
DNF Julie Lafreniere (QC) Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery





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