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2011 BMX Nationals Day 2 Report, Full Results

August 06, 2011 (Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC) – The 2011 Canadian BMX Championships presented by Leclerc, held in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures near Québec city, ended Saturday with the presentation of the BMX races for all categories, and Tory Nyhaug of Coquitlam, BC and Sabrina Millman of Cochrane, Alberta, both racing for the first time as Elite at Canadian Championships, both repeated their gold medal performances on a hot and bright sunny day.

Tory Nyhaug, who was the fastest in Friday’s Time Trials, won the title in his first race as an Elite at a Canadian Championship. Nyhaug, ninth at the UCI World Championshipsn in Supercross just last week, easily advanced to the Superfinals by winning all three races in the preliminary rounds.

“I am really happy. I didn’t have an Elite title yet, so I really wanted to win this weekend. I’m pumped to have won both titles this weekend, the Time Trials and the BMX,” said Nyhaug, 19 years of age and one of Canada’s hopeful for the 2012 Olympic Games. “We have three guys that are world class here. I knew I had to get a good start and get out. I had a good race against them, and really excited to be on the box again. I made two semis and a fourth this season, as well as a podium in the time trials. I want to get back on the box again, and run some good races again.”

“I’d like to thank my sponsors – Redline, Oakley, Tioga, as well as my buddies Connor and Jim with whom I spent the last five weeks with,” continued the young BMX sensation.

Defending his title, Jim Brown of Airdrie, Alberta, came second right behind Nyhaug, followed by Connor McCormack of Kelowna, British Columbia in third. Brown and McCormack fought against each other throughout the day in the three qualification races, and Brown took the win in all of his heats leading up to the finals.

On the women’s side, Sabrina Millman of Cochrane, Alberta won her second title in as many days. Millman, who turned Elite as of August 1, continued her domination despite suffering from a broken wrist.

“I feel amazing. I hoped to win, but you never know when you are in a full gate with girls. In a Time Trials, you are all by yourself. In a BMX race, there are people all around you. I just prayed to myself and hoped for the best. I wanted to win so badly, so I needed a good start, which I got, and just gave it my all,” said Millman. “I am going to have to train a lot harder to defend. I know with more training I can do even better.”

Millman trains in Las Vegas, Nevada, but when she’s home, she rides along with her brother on man-made dirt jumps, only metres away from her doorstep at her acreage in the Alberta foothills in Cochrane.

In second place came local favourite Sarah Biron of Québec and Anne Laplante also of Québec, the downhill specialist, took the third place. Both Biron and Laplante took advantage of a spill by Amelia Walsh and Makara Martin in the second stretch, and rode cleanly to the finish line trying to catch Millman.

In the junior rank, Paige Zarazun of Vancouver, BC grabbed her second women’s junior title of the weekend, while Calvin McRea of St. Albert, Alberta, took the win in the men’s junior championship race.

A select group of the Canadian BMX team will now head to London, GBR for the presentation of the 2012 Olympic Test event.

For the complete results including all Mains click HERE.


5-8 ans F / 5-8 yrs old W (8 Riders)
1. Léane Lampron  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
2. Julia Rose Pereto  (Club Vélo-Cross Ste-Martine QC)
3. Juliette Bougie  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
4. Mathilde Brisebois  (BMX de Crabtree QC)
5. Thessalie Bruneau  (BMX La Tuque QC)
6. Ali Gingras  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC)
7. Audrey Lord  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
Laurence Vincent  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)

11 ans F / 11 yrs old W (7 Riders)
1. Kyla Kelln  (Alberta AB)
2. Allyson Leclerc  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
3. Alexandrine Trottier  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
4. Keltie Monaghan  (Edmonton BMX AB)
5. Félicia Lévesque  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
6. Andréa Grandchamp  (BMX de Crabtree QC)
Laurie Marceau  (BMX La Tuque QC)

12 ans F / 12 yrs old W (5 Riders)
1. Cayleigh Van Staalduinen  (St-Albert BMX AB)
2. Maryanne Roy  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
3. Alyzée Bruneau  (BMX La Tuque QC)
4. Selena Masso-Lussier  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
Mariane Pominville  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)

14 ans F / 14 yrs old W (6 Riders)
1. Brianne Vanderkuip  (Alberta AB)
2. Marilou Cypihottremblay  (Équipe Québec/Cycle-Max QC)
3. Mégane Bélanger  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
4. Hannah Simms  (Team HardwoodCycling and Ski club ON)
5. Véronique Carrière  (BMX Gatineau QC)
Vicky Carrière  (BMX Gatineau QC)

17 ans F / 17 yrs old W (7 Riders)
1. Erin Kinnie  (Ridge Meadows BC)
2. Taylor Trach  (Milton BMX ON)
3. Malaina Huffman  (Ontario ON)
4. Caitlyn Duncanson  (Alberta AB)
5. Carine Annecou  (BMX de Québec QC)
6. Cassidy Monaghan  (Park Cycle Racing AB)
Christine Schiavone  (Ontario ON)

5-6 ans H / 5-6 yrs old M (13 Riders)
1. Nicolas Ruel  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
2. Samuel J. Carson  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
3. Edouard Lachance  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC)
4. Samuel Bergerchouinard  (BMX de Crabtree QC)
5. Léo Paquet  (BMX de Québec QC)
6. Logan Webb  (Stony Plain BMX AB)
7. Jack Johnson  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
8. Dereck Hamel  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
Maxime De Lutio  (BMX de Québec QC)
Émile Ouellet  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
Noa Vaillancourt  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
Maverick Hawey  (BMX de Québec QC)
Zackary Brulotte  (BMX de Québec QC)

7 ans H / 7 yrs old M (13 Riders)
1. Sebastian Webb  (Stony Plain BMX AB)
2. Dylan Tremel  (Calgary BMX AB)
3. Joey Bond-Déry  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
4. Frederic Gagnon  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
5. Zack Philibert  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC)
6. Étienne Dextradeur  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
7. Nataniel Degrace  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
8. Médéric Berteau  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
Nathan Bedard  (BMX de Québec QC)
Thomas Nepveu  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
Benjamin Trudel  (BMX de Québec QC)
Logan Croisetière  (BMX La Tuque QC)
Benjamin Lortie  (BMX de Québec QC)

8 ans H / 8 yrs old M (15 Riders)
1. Jeremie Vincent  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
2. Anthony Gentile  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
3. Mathys Tougas  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
4. Mathys Tremblay  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
5. Lennox Croisetiere  (BMX La Tuque QC)
6. Mathis Bedard  (BMX de Québec QC)
7. Frédéric Charland  (BMX La Tuque QC)
8. Mathis Pominville  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
Xavier Maltais  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
Kody Irvin  (Saugeen-Shores ON)
Xavier Duchesneau  (BMX La Tuque QC)
Jonathan Bistodeau  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
Jason Lachance  (BMX de Québec QC)
Andrew Moisan  (BMX La Tuque QC)
Alexis Tremblay  (BMX de Québec QC)

9 ans H / 9 yrs old M (15 Riders)
1. Vincent Mathys  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
2. Michael Lalonde  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
3. Benjamin Gagnon  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
4. Edouard Brisebois  (BMX de Crabtree QC)
5. Francis Girard  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
6. Mattis Bergerchouinard  (BMX de Crabtree QC)
7. Thomas Perreault  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
8. Raphael John Pereto  (Club Vélo-Cross Ste-Martine QC)
Louis-Victor Marcoux  (BMX de Québec QC)
Nathan Ménard  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
Cédric Marceau  (BMX La Tuque QC)
Vincent Gagnonlamarche  (BMX de Québec QC)
Nathan Hawey  (BMX de Québec QC)
Olivier Paquet  (BMX de Québec QC)
Louis-Martin Bouchard  (BMX de Québec QC)

10 ans H / 10 yrs old M (18 Riders)
1. James Hedgcock  (Ontario ON) 1st 0,000
2. Samuel Dextradeur  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 1st 0,000
3. Malik Bruneau  (BMX La Tuque QC) 1st 0,000
4. Maxime Beaulac  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 2nd 0,000
5. Mikaël Serres  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 3rd 0,000
6. Tristan Dion  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 3rd 0,000
7. Brendan Vanderkuip  (Alberta AB) 2nd 0,000
8. Connor Murphy  (Alberta AB) 2nd 0,000
Alexis Trudel  (BMX de Québec QC) 4th 0,000
5. Alexandre Rathé  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 3rd 0,000
6. Loic Champoux  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 4th 0,000
6. Tommy Coulombe  (BMX de Québec QC) 5th 0,000
7. Nicolas Boies  (BMX de Québec QC) 4th 0,000
7. Maxym Martin  (BMX Gatineau QC) 5th 0,000
8. Jordan Proulx  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 5th 0,000
8. Kevin Lemieux  (BMX Gatineau QC) 6th 0,000
Nicolas Bougie  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
Ben Nelson  (Alberta AB)

11 ans H / 11 yrs old M (19 Riders)
1. Benjamin Ouellette  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC) 1st 0,000
2. Vincent Lortie  (BMX de Québec QC) 1st 0,000
3. Félix Maltais  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 2nd
4. Samuel Villeneuve  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 3rd
5. Xavier Landry  (BMX de Québec QC) 3rd 0,000
6. Félix Girard  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 5th
7. Jérémy Gagnon  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 2nd 0,000
8. Tristan Gagnon  (BMX de Québec QC) 2nd 0,000
Isaac Hawey  (BMX de Québec QC) 3rd 0,000
5. Kyle Bonneau  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC) 5th 0,000
6. Louis Gagnon  (BMX de Québec QC) 4th
6. Guillaume Bergeron  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 4th 0,000
7. Frédéric Gauthier  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 1st
7. Antoine Guilbert  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 5th 0,000
8. Jeremy Masse  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 4th 0,000
8. Justin Rodrigue  (BMX de Québec QC) 6th 0,000
William Brisebois  (BMX de Crabtree QC) 6th
Samuel Rioux  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 6th 0,000

12 ans H /12 yrs old M (17 Riders)
1. Josh Samells  (Milton BMX ON) 1st 0,000
2. Kevin Lampron  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 1st 0,000
3. Jacob Duncanson  (Alberta AB) 4th 0,000
4. David Pelletier  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 2nd 0,000
5. Guillaume Beaulac  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 1st 0,000
6. Noah Simms  (Team HardwoodCycling and Ski club ON) 3rd 0,000
7. Karl-Olivier Gagné  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 2nd 0,000
8. Cédrik Tremblay  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 3rd 0,000
Alex Beaudoin  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 2nd 0,000
5. Raphael Gentile  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 4th 0,000
6. Jeremy Bistodeau  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 3rd 0,000
6. Ysmaël Tougas  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 5th 0,000
7. Louis-Charles Morissette  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 4th 0,000
7. Gabriel Leclerc  (BMX de Québec QC) 5th 0,000
Jesse Gourrand  (Indépendant-BMX QC) 6th 0,000
Nicolas La Roche  (BMX de Crabtree QC) 5th 0,000
Tristan Couture  (BMX de Québec QC) CR:8

13 ans H /13 yrs old M (17 Riders)
1. Grant Stevens  (Saugeen-Shores ON) 1st 0,000
2. Raphael Ouellet  (BMX Bromont QC) 1st 0,000
3. Philippe Bougie  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 2nd 0,000
4. Dylan Bonneau  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC) 2nd 0,000
5. Olivier Lessard  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC) 1st 0,000
6. Olivier Desmeules  (BMX de Québec QC) 2nd 0,000
7. Félix Brault  (Club Vélo-Cross Ste-Martine QC) 3rd 0,000
8. Jeremy Trudeau  (BMX Gatineau QC) 4th 0,000
Samuel Bellemare  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC) 3rd 0,000
Gabriel Lalande  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 4th 0,000
Jordan Bibeau  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 5th 0,000
Jérémy Lord  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC) 4th 0,000
Matthew Houle  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 3rd 0,000
Vincent Truchon  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 5th 0,000
Dominic Marquis  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 6th 0,000
Louis-Philippe Naud  (BMX de Québec QC) 5th 0,000
Samuel Bourque  (BMX de Québec QC)

14 ans H / 14 yrs old M (19 Riders)
1. Chase Kelln  (Alberta AB) 1st
2. Gaby Malenfant  (Équipe Québec/St-Charles QC) 2nd
3. Alex Wright  (KBMX ON) 3rd
4. Pol-Émil Doucet  (Équipe Québec/Pointedu-Lac QC) CR:9
5. Philippe Cummings  (BMX de Québec QC) 2nd
6. Raphaël Joyal  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 1st
7. David Boivin  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 1st
8. Anthony Laforme  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC) 3rd
Alexis Lapointe  (BMX Gatineau QC) 3rd
Anthony Morin  (BMX de Québec QC) 6th
Kevin Beauvolsk  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 2nd
Alex Lamy  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC) 4th
Mathieu Boucher  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 5th
Vianney Lévesque  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 4th
Marc-André Gauvreau  (Cycle-Max Racing QC) 4th
Adam Houle  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC) 5th
Nicolas Masso-Lussier  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC) 5th
Samuel Hébert  (Indépendant-BMX QC) 6th
Tommy Fecteau  (BMX de Québec QC) 6th

15 ans H / 15 yrs old M (2  Riders)
1. Tanner Vandenhoven  (Alberta AB)
2. Braden Wood  (KBMX ON)
3. Thomas Gagnon  (BMX de Québec QC)
4. Laurent Dumais  (BMX de Québec QC)
5. Alexandre Roy  (Équipe Québec/Pointedu-Lac QC)
6. Charles Étienne La Roche  (BMX de Crabtree QC)
7. Jordan Dagenais  (BMX de Québec QC)
8. Karl-Olivier Courchesne  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
Liam Clarey  (KBMX ON)
Cédric Dion  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
Dominic Gaccioli  (Alberta AB)
Ray Fenwick  (Edmonton BMX AB)

16 ans H / 16 yrs old M (2  Riders)
1. Brandon Beauvolsk  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
2. Travis Trach  (Milton BMX ON)
3. Callum Schaus  (Team Ontario ON)
4. William Morin  (BMX de Québec QC)
5. Frédérick La Roche  (BMX de Crabtree QC)
6. Brock Cruess  (Ontario ON)
Marc-Antoine Hardy Belleau  (BMX de Québec QC)

25-29 ans H / 25-29 yrs old M (4 Riders)
1. Giovanni Cobian  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
2. Brett Coulson  (Saugeen-Shores ON)
3. William Roger  (BMX de Québec QC)
Maxime Delorme  (BMX Gatineau QC)

30 et plus H / 30 and over M (8 Riders)
1. André Lord  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
2. Martin Plante  (BMX de Québec QC)
3. Hugo Lavoie  (BMX de Québec QC)
4. Chris Kopinak  (Ontario ON)
5. Denis Degrace  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
6. Paul Schiavone  (Ontario ON)
Martin Lortie  (BMX de Québec QC)
Gary Quill  (Ontario ON)

Elite – Junior femme/women (6Riders)
1. Paige Zarazun  (British Columbia BC)
2. Amanda Landers  (British Columbia BC)
3. Marilou Brault  (Équipe Québec/Ste-Martine QC)
4. Camille Tremblay  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
5. Laurence Gingras  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
Rachel Tremblay  (Indépendant-BMX QC)

Elite – Junior hommes/men (13 Riders)
1. Calvin Mcrae  (St-Albert BMX AB)
2. James Palmer  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
3. Corey Walsh  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
4. Francis Lamy  (BMX Cap de la Madeleine QC)
5. Alejandro Londono  (Équipe Québec/Cycle-Max QC)
6. Cody Basiuk  (Alberta AB)
7. Thierry Ouimet-Arbour  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
8. Jeffrey Lévesque  (BMX de Québec QC)
Louis Chartrain  (Alberta AB)
Cody Guerin  (Ontario ON)
Carter Huffman  (Ontario ON)
Frédéric Lévesque  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
Nicolas Londono  (Équipe Québec/Cycle-Max QC)

Elite – Senio femme/women (7 Riders)
1. Sabrina Millman  (Alberta AB)
2. Sarah Biron  (Équipe Québec/Pointedu-Lac QC)
3. Anne Laplante  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
4. Makara Martin  (Calgary BMX AB)
5. Amelia Walsh  (Ontario ON)
6. Alexane Couture  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
Micayla Gatto  (British Columbia BC)

Elite – Senior hommes/men (13 Riders)
1. Tory Nyhaug  (British Columbia BC)
2. James Brown  (Alberta AB)
3. Connor Mccormack  (British Columbia BC)
4. Mischa Partridge  (British Columbia BC)
5. Damian Bissett  (Alberta AB)
6. Michael Beaudoin  (Team Fly Intense QC)
7. Thomas Donnelly  (British Columbia BC)
8. Mitchell Warken  (Woodlands BMX AB)
Brandon Kerik  (Alberta AB)
Patrick Dionne  (BMX La Tuque QC)
Vincent Gingras  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
Ryan Wright  (Team Ontario ON)
Jean-Francois Charlebois  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)

Masters hommes/men (5 Riders)
1. Yannick Vincent  (BMX Bromont QC)
2. Michel Perkins  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
3. Hédi Bassoussi  (BMX Gatineau QC)
Stéphane Bouchard  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
Dany Morin  (BMX de Québec QC)

Crusier   F/W 30-34 (6 Riders)
1. Caroline Milot  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
2. Danielle Bernardifisher  (Milton BMX ON)
3. Sandra Duchesne  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
4. Christine Schiavone  (Ontario ON)
5. Nathalie Larin  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
Nathalie Sylvain  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)

Crusier   H/M 15-16 (2 Riders)
1. Félix Pelletier  (BMX St-Charlesde-Drummond QC)
2. Ben Nelson  (Alberta AB)

Crusier   H/M 30-34 (4 Riders)
1. Michel Perkins  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
2. Vincent Lapointe  (BMX de Beauport QC)
3. André Lord  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
Dominic Picotte  (Indépendant-BMX QC)

Crusier   H/M 35-39 (5 Riders)
1. Christian Lemelin  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
2. Richard Lemieux  (BMX Gatineau QC)
3. Louis Bruneau  (BMX La Tuque QC)
4. Jamie Edmunsdon  (Milton BMX ON)
Luc Ouellette  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)

Crusier  H/M 40-44 (10 Riders)
1. Dany Morin  (BMX de Québec QC)
2. Craig Johnson  (Cycle-Max Racing QC)
3. Philippe Bouchard  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
4. Greg Van Der Linde  (Alberta AB)
5. Martin Plante  (BMX de Québec QC)
6. Serge Lalande  (Indépendant-BMX QC)
7. Martin Tougas  (BMX Haut-Richelieu QC)
Jean-Luc Bellemare  (BMX Pointedu-Lac QC)
Paul Schiavone  (Ontario ON)


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