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2008 UCI Track Worlds – Day 1 Flash

March 26, 2008 (Manchester, UK) – Jenning Huizenga (Ned) qualified first in the men’s Individual Pursuit with Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain) in second pointing to a showdown between Huizenga and Wiggins for gold tonight. Wiggin’s entourage has apparently been saying that he wants to ride a world or very near world record time in the finals, 4:11-4:12, but that’s a lot of time to take off. Alexei Markov (Russian Federation) in third rides Kiwi Hayden Roulston for bronze. Roulston continues an amazing comback given two years ago he retired with a heart problem. Today’s qualifier was fast with the top seven riders under 4:20, which in past years would have pretty much guaranteed a medal.



1. Jenning Huizenga (Netherlands) 4.16.34
2. Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain) 4.17.02
3. Alexei Markov (Russian Federation) 4.18.24
4. Hayden Roulston (New Zealand) 4.18.33
5. Bradley McGee (Australia) 4.20.43
6. David O’Loughlin (Ireland) 4.20.91
7. Luke Roberts (Australia) 4.21.89
8. Taylor Phinney (United States Of America) 4.22.36
9. Antonio Tauler Llull (Spain) 4.22.65
10. Volodymyr Dyudya (Ukraine) 4.22.73
11. Alexander Serov (Russian Federation) 4.22.74
12. Dominique Cornu (Belgium) 4.22.79
13. Sergi Escobar Roure (Spain) 4.24.13
14. Jens Mouris (Netherlands) 4.24.48
15. Marc Ryan (New Zealand) 4.24.78
16. Robert Bartko (Germany) 4.25.14
17. Phillip Thuaux (Australia) 4.26.43
18. Vitaliy Popkov (Ukraine) 4.27.04
19. Sun Jae Jang (Korea) 4.28.40
20. Carlos Eduardo Alzate Escobar (Colombia) 4.29.94
21. Jairo Perez Suarez (Colombia) 4.33.50
22. Dominique Stark (Switzerland) 4.36.39

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