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2008 Taipei International Cycle Show Report

March 16, 2008 (Taipei, Taiwan) – The 21st Taipei International Cycle Show on from March 13-16 in Taipei held its closing ceremonies on Sunday This show was co-sponsored by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’Association (TBEA). Both the magnitude for this year’s show and the number of buyers attending reached record levels. In addition, the number of exhibitors also expanded with 24% growth over 2007.

Amidst these record-breaking levels, there were over 86,000 visitors from local or overseas markets attending the show, with 4,640 buyers from abroad, which represented approximately 17.8% growth over last year. The top five foreign buyers were from Japan, US, South Korea, Germany and Mainland China respectively with major growth from countries in the Middle East, East Europe, Southeast Asia and Central and South America as well.

With the significant increase in buyers at this year’s event, many participating manufacturers were inquiring about reserving space at next year’s show in advance. This triggered many foreign manufacturers from Europe, US and Australia, etc, to confirm next year’s exhibition schedules and to ensure they would not miss the show.

Halfords Group plc, the largest retailer for bicycles and associated parts in the UK, Trek US, Paul Lange, Monz of Germany, Marcario Llorente and BH Bikes of Spain, and Salko Bisiklet of Turkey in addition to the Association of European Two-Wheeler Parts’ and Accessories’ Industry (COLIPED) including dozens of major professional buyers, were all in attendance to participate and procure the high quality bicycles, and parts and accessories, manufactured with Taiwan’s R&D know how. Their presence exemplified the tremendous international influence of this show world wide.

This exhibition was held at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall for the first time. At the opening day ceremonies, dignitaries gathered from international organizations, sponsors, representatives from over 30 countries, government organizations and nearly 400 domestic and foreign media representatives. Taiwan president Chen Shui-bien delivered a keynote speech and toured the exhibition indicating his approval and praises for the excellent planning of the Nangang Exhibition Hall and the innovative R&D spirit personifying the Taiwanese bicycle industry.

Exhibitors were pleased with the new facility and services at TWTC Nangang and impressed with WLAN access throughout the facility. TAITRA executed great planning at targeting traffic routes in and out of the exhibition facility. Through aggressive promotions prior the start of exhibition, followed with shuttle buses with nearly non-stop scheduling and clear route maps for guidance and parking arrangements, visitors were able to access exhibition locations efficiently and rapidly.

Many foreign buyers expressed their satisfaction in regard to the considerate arrangements and planning by the sponsor, and gave high marks for the well-planned traffic routes which were said to be better than most bicycle shows held in Europe and America.

Internationally renowned manufacturers like Giant Bicycles with its Clip folding bike, the Maestro Trance X0, etc, was a focus for many foreign buyers. Ideal’s competitively priced “Gocycle” addressed the needs of environmental concerns and energy saving demands. And the extremely light and completely cushioned bicycle, Ninety Six, from Merida also drew a lot of attention.

Parts and accessories manufacturers like KMC’s tank-chain, super light chain impressed buyers from Europe and US. SPF’s Time Trial Frame from the Kinesis Industry Co., Ltd also left indelible impressions with foreign buyers. The newly developed Hollowed Braking Side Rim design by Alex Global Technology was also on display for international buyers who commended the technology at the show. CSK manufactured bicycles with magnificent inlaid diamonds.

This year’s show also emphasized energy saving trends. Many large domestic manufacturers aggressively involved themselves with the developments of electric bicycle to create new business opportunities for the industry.

Michel Hass from Tradewinds BV, Holland, expressed support for the product lines at the show. His company maintains close relationships with many Taiwan manufacturers and is expected to increase their orders. Peter Beswick from Clarence St Cyclery in Australia commented on the professional level of the show and the high-end products exhibited.

Show sponsors offered a variety of activities, including the “Taipei Int’l Bicycle and LEV Forum”, which explored issues for the market status of global bicycle and electric motored bicycle, the bicycle industry trends and safety standards. The forum attracted nearly 300 buyers and manufacturers. Issues explored included the green trend, which has revolutionized bicycle design. For example, using bamboo to manufacture the frame of bicycle, would not only make the weight lighter and the act itself would thoroughly implement the environmental concerns. Other activities included the Tour de Taiwan with forums on bicycle trends and outdoor testing.

Along with the 12th IBDC award ceremony, the International Bicycle Trend Forum hosted by Cycling & Health Tech Industry R& D Center (CHC) also created inspiration for new market trends and new bicycle concepts.

Ralph Wiegmann, the general manager of iF, the International Forum Design GmbH said Taiwan’s design innovations were pivotal in the development of small and medium sized enterprises, and the driving force behind Taiwan’s excellent bicycle products.

In summary, the show was well received by local and foreign buyers as the products on display reflected the ongoing R&D which the Taiwanese bicycle industry continuously invests in to make products lighter and more creative. And Taipei International Cycle Show has always highlighted innovation while providing many unique services with the aim to elevate the quality of the exhibitions held here. The ultimate goal is to showcase bicycle products – “value of innovation and always be the trendsetter”.

The 2009 Taipei International Cycle Show is tentatively scheduled at March 17-20, 2009. We welcome all buyers and manufacturers to visit the show next year.

Please visit www.taipeicycle.com.tw for more information.

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