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2008 Raid International Eco EnduranceAventure Lower North Shore

February 26, 2008 (Orford, QC) – As part of its efforts to showcase its magnificent region, Tourism Lower North Shore is pleased to host the 2008 Raid International Eco EnduranceAventure Lower North Shore, which will take place from August 20 to 24. The 5th Raid International will welcome athletes from around the world on the road of the pioneers who first set foot on North American soil.

Teams of two will have to cross the region in 4 days and 3 nights on a multisport course of over 300 km, which will have them kayaking along inlets, passageways and rivers. They will also travel on foot along magnificent trekking and coastering courses, taking them to splendid waterfalls, white beaches and mountain observation points offering a fabulous view of the ocean and the coastline. The raid includes mountain biking on roads and pathways between villages and in the wilderness. Of course, there will be exciting climbing events and a few region-specific surprises to make this raid truly memorable. Finally, the warmth and welcome of the local people will surely leave the athletes and event staff with wonderful and lasting memories.

The raid is also an original way to promote the Lower North Shore region to lovers of the great outdoors and adventure tourism from all over the world. Promotion of the event will be supported by an internationally distributed television production about the region and the event.

A great way to showcase the Lower North Shore
Randy Jones, President of the Mayors’ Council of the Lower North Shore, is delighted to have the opportunity to host a raid in his region. “This will show that we can organise events during the summer and that we have more to offer than just great fishing,” said Mr. Jones. “This is a tremendous testament of the enormous potential of the Lower North Shore. This international event will pave the way for adventure tourism in our region.”

A fantastic region filled with adventure
“You can’t see it right away just looking at the maps, but everything is within reach,” said Daniel Poirier of Endurance Adventure, the organization responsible for the event. “The mountain is very close to the sea and rivers flow near great canyons and fjords. The Lower North Shore is an ideal place to hold an international raid. The people are very welcoming and excited about the project. The local geography is a critical success factor, but the region’s inhabitants is another. This project is the result of a collaboration between several regional organizations: TBCN, CLD BCN, the Lower North Shore Mayors’ Council, Emploi Québec and MDEIE.

For more information, e-mail organisation@enduranceaventure.com, or visit www.enduranceaventure.com.

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