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2008 Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup DH/4X Race Series Schedule

February 6, 2008 – Well the year 2008 is upon us and its time to ramp it up again as the first stop on the O-Cup DH schedule is only a few months away.

The 2008 Cycle Solutions Ontario Cup DH and 4X Race series presented by Commencal Bicycles will have some great new additions, including the following:

1. New Minime age group! Now those turning 13 by Dec 31 2008 can race DH in Ontario. Also to help these younger riders get into the sport I will be reducing their fees to $25 when pre-registered online.

2. Streamlined online registration. The OCA will have all Ontario Cups registering at their site www.ontariocycling.org. So please go there to pre-register for both practice and race days.

3. DH Commissaire course, March 29-30, $75. Become a MTB commissaire at this 2 day course and then come and help out at races, hey you even get paid! www.ontariocycling.org for more information

4. MTB coaching courses. In order to keep our sport going strong and begin to develop talented riders we need more coaches. We will be holding a Level 1 coaching course hopefully in March, keep your eyes on www.sirbikealotracing.com for more information.

5. Sirbikealot Racing plans to introduce Ontario’s first skills clinics in 2008, they will be designed to help riders of all abilities. Costs will be kept to a minimum to help allow anyone be a part of this great initiative. Keep your eyes peeled for dates!

6. Sirbikealot Racing negotiated lower 1 day licence fees. They will be $10 when you pre-register at www.ontariocycling.org or $20 at the race. Only one 1-day licence can be used per year per rider.

7. The TBA DH venues will be announced soon as we are shuffling dates with a prospective new venue.

8. 4X Series is a go! I am awaiting some developments on a possible new 4X venue and will release the dates asap.

– May 3/4 — DH #1 – Kelso
– June 14/15 – DH #2 – TBA
– June 28/29 – DH #3 – TBA
– July 19/20 – DH #4 – Camp Fortune
– Aug 16/17 – DH #5 – TBA
– Sept 13/14 — Provincial Championships – Camp Fortune

A million thanks to our amazing sponsors, be sure to support them:
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