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2007 Whemmys Enduro Results

September 23, 2007 (Hepworth, ON) — Here are the results from the 2007 Whemmys Enduro held today at the Sawmill Trails in Hepworth, ON and sponsored by Jolley’s Alternative Wheels, Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Dirt Rag Magazine and Baywest Toyota.

One Lap = 5.5 km

Team Category (Combined Team Age)

Under 50 Female
1st Dream Catchers (Abby Jones, Shania Squires, Jessie Stanish) 8 laps in 3:22:20

Under 50 Male
1st Six Wheels (Jeffrey Thomson, Avery Vreugdenhil–Beauclerc, Justin Zottl) 10 laps in 3:06:55
2nd Fast Foxes (Cody Campbell, Elwood Jones-Watkinson, Steve Nadjiwan) 8 laps in 3:20:10
3rd Nawash Warriors (Dakota Cutting, Kirk Jones, Wolf Squires) 8 laps in 3:26:00
4th Northern Drummers (Storm Sandy Johnston, Kaplie’l McDonald, Kristian Stanish) 6 laps in 3:23:30

50 — 100 Male
1st Late Entry (Greg Nicol, Brian Radbourne, Jeff Wardell) 12 laps in 3:10:40
2nd Spirits In The Sky (Andrew Debassige, BJ Paul, Murray Ense) 10 laps in 3:06:47

101 — 150 Male
1st Two Wheel Junkies (Dennis Dalton, Jamie Robinson, Jason Robinson) 11 laps in 3:07:00
2nd Well-Hung Doors (Didier Perin, Stu Manwell, Patrick Walsh) 10 laps in 3:01:27
3rd Broken Spokes (Ed deLaplante, Arunas Liskaukas, Mark McGee) 10 laps in 3:18:50

151+ Male
1st Two Freds with Mike (Mike Campbell, Fred Scheel, Fred Zottl) 11 laps in 3:04:20
2nd Improv3 (Fred Kozlo, Vic Michener, Jim Wadleigh) 10 laps in 3:19:11

Open Mixed
1st Team Thomson (Jane Thomson, Mack Thomson, Scott Thomson) 12 laps in 3:10:41
2nd Friends of the Cape (Joanne Cameron, Phillip Davies, Matthieu Pocard) 8 laps in 3:03:24
3rd Nawash Mi’ingens (John Cameron, CJ Hussin, Jack Nadjiwan) 8 laps in 3:08:10

Solo Category

Junior Male
1st Taylor Pieprzak Barrie, ON 11 laps in 3:07:48

Senior Male
1st Jason Rody Owen Sound, ON 12 laps in 3:08:25

Veteran Male
1st Doug Miller Durham, ON 10 laps in 3:12:58
2nd Sennen Yapp Collingwood, ON 10 laps in 3:21:19

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